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I have been aware of the transaction receipt shown below since 1 February, 2014.
BK EDVA ECF 1-2The receipt will likely be entered into evidence in a coming court proceeding. Because I may be called as a witness, I have been asked by the counsel for one of the parties not to discuss publicly the facts I am aware of relating to the receipt until after that court proceeding.

19 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. So Kimberlin tried to surreptitiously go court shopping in another state (Registration of Foreign Judgement) and used a JTMP check to pay for it, probably to keep his name out of searchable court records. Apparently it didn’t work but it does show what a little dishonest sneak he is.

  2. This will mandate a historic megaton Schmalfeldtian Feldtdown including, but not limited to:

    1. Personal ex-partery to every judge involved in every case involving all who are allied with TDPK.
    2. Unsolicited email to our gracious host.
    3. Unsolicited email to our gracious host’s spouse.
    4. Accusations of terrorism.
    5. !!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!!
    6. Biggies!!!!

  3. Hmm. Maybe I’m gaining a little faith in the Justice system again. It certainly has been a positive day, to say the least, for those opposing team Kimberlin..

  4. “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased. I have news that I am sitting on until early next week. It is not good news for Hoge and his co-defendants. (I’ll tell you this much. I won’t say if it’s the state case, the RICO case, or both. Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation.)
    And I can’t fucking WAIT until I can write about it without risking the outcome.
    And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.
    Remember where you read it.
    Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.” – BS, Feb. 7, 2014

    I’m still waiting for the “reporting” from members of Team K on the latest events.

    • Apparently, the story did not survive Bill Schmalfeldt “sitting on it.” Not many things would!

      • That’s why we need a searchable database of all of Willy’s scribblings. It would be fun to post every instance where he had “special information” that he was releasing soon that would be “devastating”. My God, for a while there it was weekly.

        • That’s one of the principal differences between Team Kimberlin and us good guys. They are dealing in brass knuckle reputation management. We are engaged in defending ourselves from their lawfare. A win for them is an imagined PR victory. A win for us is having a case thrown out on summary judgment or, if necessary, a favorable verdict at trial.

          We have all sorts of “special information” too, but we don’t intend to let it out until it helps us win on our terms. Some of it will have to wait for the right moment. Some of it may not come out until after the current legal wrangling is over. Some of it may never come out because it may not be necessary, and revealing it could embarrass third parties needlessly.

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