Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Over the last 24 hours, the Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ has been running off at the keyboard as he rants about the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright infringement lawsuit. In doing so, he has made a series of admissions against interest that demonstrate that there are material facts still disputed in the case. Those admissions destroy his grounds for seeking summary judgment.

He has the right to remain silent. He lacks the wisdom.

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  1. I’ve watched Willy tweet for a long time now, but I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen him like he’s been the past few days. One damaging admission after another as he tries his case on twitter in front of his 28 followers.

    I think Kimberlin’s troubles are getting to him.

    (reposted from the “Dead Air” thread, where it was posted in error)

  2. The Internet is dangerous. Because what you’re writing is text, it’s hard to fall back on “That’s not what I said/meant” when it comes up. Memory-holing blogs and twitter accounts just doesn’t do it when you’ve already made enemies, and they’re meticulously backing up the content you post online.

  3. Man being sued for copyright infringement Tweets this blog post 5 TIMES, without a link, in violation of the blog’s TOS and in violation of his promise to the court in a written pleading.

  4. How about a bit of speculation?

    What does it take to bring a man to place a bomb in the parking lot of a high school football game?

    Pride? Nah, that can’t be it. What kind of person would take pride in setting off a bomb around a bunch of kids?

    Envy? Envious of high school kids? What a miserable life it would take to be envious of kids living their lives. Normal people delight in seeing high school kids having fun. Although, someone who had never experienced a normal upbringing might be envious at seeing how normal people live.

    Lust? Could that be it? Could lust motivate a man to set off a bomb at a high school football game? How would setting off a bomb accomplish any goal related to lust?

    What does it take, or rather what is missing, that a person who does such a thing can feel no remorse, no thought about the lives he has destroyed, his sole motivation being his own enrichment and pleasure, to the detriment of all other people around him?

    Now… How could any decent human being call such a man his good friend?

    What does Brett Kimberlin have that controls Bill Schmalfeldt?

      • I wonder if he’ll ever figure out that “REAL law” has always trumped “SCHMALFELDT law” too, and that what he idiotically calls “HOGE law” is just a normal person’s reading of “REAL law”. Which is why what he calls “HOGE law” tends to be the winning side.

      • I give your initial quote the prized triple face palm!

        Oh, that poor, self-abusing fool. It’s painful to watch, but I can’t look away.

    • I have a theory about Kimberlin’s HS bomb; – that it was indirectly aimed at Barton’s daughter/s, for any or all of the following reasons: I have a feeling the younger was trying to get away from Kimberlin and have some kind of normal teenaged existance, with friends and interests in boys. The elder disliked him and knew things that made him look bad. He wanted to keep both Sandra and his real prey under his control. Making it too dangerous to go to teen events where rivals might be, encouraging Sandy to keep her mouth shut or leave town or keep the girls at home – to send a message he could get to them, or provide cover if he ever took revenge.

      FWIW, I think he worried most about the older daughter, the least under his power.

      • Its not always possible to make sense of a sociopath’s thought processes. Other than they always orient around self-centered views.

    • he seems to equate refusing to spell out his errors as proof that there aren’t any…

      well I for one prefer a judge point out his screw ups, carries more legal weight that way dont’cha know.


    • I enjoy the general tempo of things; Dumbass rants on and on and on and on about his complete and total crushing certainties while Hoge says nothing at all, until legal documents are filed in the only forum that counts and demolishes every edifice Dumbass has erected (chuckle*snort) with short sharp blows of logic, whereupon Dumbass goes dark, retrenches and re-emerges to begin the cycle anew.

    • Continuing to lie and manipulate doesn’t signal redemption either.

      Does anyone have a link to where Brett Kimberlin apologized to his victims? Or where he took responsibility for his acts? Yeah, didn’t think so.

      Apparently “redemption” means tolerating a lonely no-life, at least to one who has alienated himself from decent people; even banned from KOS.

    • apparently in bwilly’s reality, ignoring/denying/out right lying about your criminal past (like BK has done/continues to do)= redemption and there fore no matter how shady/skeevy/suspicious your ongoing actions are you shouldn’t be judged guilty (even with a constantly growing pile of evidence that you ARE) due to your past…

      on the other hand, owning up to your criminal past, not ignoring it or demanding others ignore it, apologizing and paying restitution along with actually doing your time in prison (like Lemmen has) =/= redemption and there fore no matter how up front, honest, and above board you are with your ongoing actions you should always be judged as guilty (even with NO proof to suggest such) because of your past….

      and on a side note…
      one paragraph by our esteemed host and bwilly starts dancing like a trained monkey….he really should seek help for that.


      • Thank you Rain. I know the readers here understand evn if the actively distrust/dislike/disbelieve me. I accept that as a rightful consequence of my past actions. Healthy distrust is a good thing and I do not seek individual approval of what I do. I post my activities so that my life may be an open book, devoid of deception and providing accountability.
        As I have stated, my Mission and Church are on hold, not ruled out and cancelled. I bide my time and devote my time to study in my choice of undergraduate degree programs, Christian Social Work. This will make me more effective in my chosen Mission to serve the unchurched and discarded of our society. Please pray for me, a sinner.

    • While there might very well be a thing called “redemption” it would utter irrelevant to any discussion of Brett Kimberlin. Brett Kimberlin’s actions were those of a sociopath in the past, and continue to be the actions of a sociopath today. Nor, has Bill Schmalfeldt every articulated a valid reason to believe that Brett Kimberlin has ever “redeemed” himself. The best Bill Schmalfeldt can do is to claim that Brett Kimberlin shares Bill Schmalfeldt’s political beliefs. Whether that assertion, if true, is a mitigating factor, or a reason to further condemn Brett Kimberlin could be debated at length. What cannot be debated is the fact that every political belief has some followers that are evil, or who have committed heinous acts. Politics simply is not a moral blank check.

      • I’m sure there are plenty of other decent people and blogs around who share Bill Schmalfeldt’s political beliefs, but for some reason Bill sticks with being associated with a man who set off a bomb at a high school football game. That can’t simply be because of similar political beliefs.

        What does Brett Kimberlin have on Bill Schmalfeldt that keeps Schmalfeldt in the Kimberlin cult?

      • That’s easy enough: a willingness to give Bill Schmalfeldt some semblance of relevance. The Examiner fired Bill Schmalfeldt repeatedly. The Daily Kos banned him. The list of places in which Bill Schmalfeldt is not welcome is quite long. Brett Kimberlin, apparently, made him editor of BreitbartUnmasked. Apparently, Bill Schmalfeldt finds it better to rule in Hell, than stand idly in Hell.

      • So Bill Schmalfeldt feels some type of prestige by being Brett Kimberlin’s boy? Man, that’s really sad.

      • When totting up his list of disassociation’s don’t leave out the NPF asking him very nicely “we always appreciate everyone raising awareness of this disease and helping to fund the fight against it but could you please do it while standing way over there and not mention our name while doing it?”

    • Attempting to become a partisan dirty tricks agent, selling illegal drugs and arranging felonious harassment of one’s political opponents is the opposite of redemption.

    • Redemption requires admitting what you’ve done, owning your actions — how recently did Kimberlin deny in court his “Speedway Bomber” title?

    • “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”
      – (2 Corinthians 5:17, NIV)
      Brett hasn’t hit on the only solution yet. Still too invested in deception and self-serving lies. If he would accept Christ and begin the life-long program of redemption by first admitting to himself his crimes and sins, confessing them to God and asking for and accepting His forgiveness through the Salvation of Jesus’ expiatory act on the cross, confessing publicly his crimes and sins, accepting whatever consequences come. That is the only way Brett could ever be redeemed. The passage of time is not redemptive. The passage of time does not reduce consequences. The passage of time only hardens the unconfessed sinners heart.

  5. If Bill Schmalfeldt has questions about redemption he should seek out Paul Lemmen for advice. Paul knows what it takes. It’s easier than Bill imagines. It begins with the first step…

    • Thank you for your kind comment Charles. Redemption is an everyday, lifelong commitment. The first step is the hardest: admitting to yourself that you are a sinner and are in need of redemption. The second is easier: asking God’s forgiveness. Step three is uncomfortable but it becomes easier through God’s grace: publicly confess your crimes and sins and publicly accept responsibility and the consequences of those actions, and so on. Each step is easier because of the truth of the previous step and the grace of God. If any element is missing, that step is not completed and redemption has not progressed. Any failure in truth, any failure in acceptance, redemption is affected.
      Personally, I do not think Brett is capable of even considering redemption because of his sociopathy. Bill is incapable because he does not know truth as his spiritual father is the father of lies and any truth that is put forth is done so in a so corrupted and twisted way as to no longer be truth but manipulation to deceive.
      I will continue to pray for both of these men if for no other reason than that they were created by God in His image and as such are deserving of prayer.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt could start by apologizing to that poor woman in Wisconsin whom he threated with the loss of her children if she didn’t submit to his will.

        • Just the tip of the iceberg. He cannot apologize with any sincerity because he believes he did no wrong. Remember, step one is always the hardest: admitting your crimes and sins to yourself. Nothing else can happen until that first step i actually and sincerely made.

      • Brett Kimberlin might not find it so easy to, “publicly confess your crimes and sins and publicly accept responsibility,” because the statute of limitations might not have expired.

        • In redemption, you don’t consider that because true redemption accepts the consequences of your acts. If that involves returning to prison, so be it. Redemption deferred to avoid the consequences is not true redemption.

    • But, but, but!!! Unca Biwwy assures us that “SCHMALFELDT law” and “REAL law” are the same thing, and always win over “HOGE law”!!! /dementia

      I’m not going to need any aerobic exercise today; between the laughter and the frequency of the face-palms, I think I’m getting quite enough sitting at my computer.

  6. “The Cabin Boy™ often trips over such fine points of law as he did when couldn’t understand that the Cassidy decision is about messages posted for general view as opposed to messages sent to a particular person. Judge Stansfield patiently explained that to Schmalfeldt on two occasions, and the Court of Appeals declined to hear his appeal, but he still doesn’t believe it.”

  7. Silence is the communion of a conscious soul with itself. If the soul attend for a moment to its own infinity, then and there is silence. She is audible to all men, at all times, in all places. – Henry David Thoreau

    Sorry if this is a double post.

  8. “The warning I want to give you is very specific, and it’s not an unusual warning for me to give. The battle line is drawn. He doesn’t want to hear from you, and that means no specific things addressed to him. If I was convinced that you had been put on notice and there were a course of conduct specifically addressed to him, I believe that that is something in the ordinary context of events that this statute would cover. Ah, I didn’t write the statute, but it’s constitutional up to this point, and it can circumscribe various freedoms that you might, in fact, have. Plus, it can also subject you ultimately, as it already has, to a criminal case where you may or may not win, I don’t know, [inaudible] look at the criminal case. I have it here. [inaudible] You’ve got to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” You may conclude that it is. Some people, ah, are willing to go to jail for their beliefs, but I see that as a risk in this, ah, ongoing exploration of Internet First Amendment rights. Just a thought to share with you. I’m not going to grant the Peace Order for the reason I stated, but you are on notice, and hopefully, ah, you’ll abide by the conditions that Mr. Hoge has imposed in terms of your contact with him, and, ah, continue your debate in a peaceful, civil, and legal manner.” Judge Rasinsky, a Carroll County Circuit Court judge, warning BS.

    • No. Judge Rasinsky did not issue the PO because BS claimed that he had no notice to cease contact.
      “The first was initially denied because Judge Rasinsky was not convinced that the Cabin Boy had proper notice to stop contacting me. The judge found that all the other elements were proven and warned Schmalfeldt to leave me alone or face the prospect of criminal charges.” Prevarication du jour, 5 Jan 2014

    • Ah yes, isn’t that the court date where bwilly claims that the judge “laughed Hoge out of court”??
      I do believe it is…..even though that transcript has been posted numerous times, bwilly still claims that…

      and he wonders why we don’t believe him


  9. “… what Judge Stansfield told Bill Schmalfeldt in court yesterday was this:
    3. There is no “journalism” exception to Maryland’s Harassment law.

    4. U.S. v. Cassidy deals with publications about someone. Hoge v. Schmalfeldt deals with communication directed to someone.”

  10. Same old, same old. Good advice from the Mighty Hoge:

    “I’m not sure of all the reasons folks aren’t engaging with Schmalfeldt on the issue, but here are some of the reasons I’ve heard:

    Why bother helping him improve his case?
    Don’t correct him. You want him to stick with a silly, losing argument.
    Why argue with him? He doesn’t want to hear a real legal opinion.
    It’s not fair to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
    Let him buy his legal advice from Acme.”

    • The other position is that Bill Schmalfeldt is so reflexively resistant to any criticism by any of the posters here that pointing out the deficiencies of his argument is more apt to have the effect of Bill Schmalfeldt steeling his resolve to stay the course.

    • Surely, one of those homes would be a more suitable habitat for Bill Schmalfeldt to reside, yet he remains firmly ensconced in his trailer. I wonder why that is?

      As to having the wives of his enemies, aside from the antediluvian sentiment expressed, the sad reality is those women probably would commit suicide before submitting to the will of Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • And, I would have no note that it was other men who had their way with Bill Schmalfeldt’s ex-wives, assuming his reports of being cuckolded were correct.

      • Here comes Schmallfeldt, he’s climbing in our windows, he’s snatching our people up, so hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your wives.


        (NOT suggesting he is a rapist, just a people snatcher, based on his interest in taking people’s wives)

    • “Comment hoarder”? Is that even (as Ace says) a thing?

      What it looks like is someone believes in being able to produce that wonderful thing, *evidence*, rather than just blathering on in the most unaware fashion possible.

      • Too late.

        Where do you think those scars in his head came from?

        (I never said he was particularly good at it)

    • that would be nice, bwilly subpoenaing “Tapeworm” for what reason? to bring to court all the nasty tweets and posts bwilly has made over the last year in reference to Hoge and “lickspittles” ?? the same tweets/posts bwilly has attempted to memory hole and then deny ever existed??

      yeah you run with that twinkie…


  11. Willy ran away.

    I very seldom say this but, good move Willy. You were really looking like a horse’s ass, I mean, more so than normal.

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