Another Rube Self-Identifies

HuffPo has a piece quoting Barney Frank as saying:

But frankly, he should never have said as much as he did, that if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. That wasn’t true. And you shouldn’t lie to people. And they just lied to people.

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19 thoughts on “Another Rube Self-Identifies

  1. Well, it’s safe for Barney to say that now. I’m sure he knew it from the beginning. I certainly did, but the folks with rose colored glasses glued to their faces, who will always vote for the guy or gal with the (D) after their name, no matter their criminal record, just couldn’t believe that the President wouldn’t be telling the truth.

    Not only do all the villages have their idiots, many are made up entirely of idiots.

      • I think pretty much everyone in DC knew it was a lie. But the folks who thought Obama was going to pay for all their needs out of his “stash”, wanted to believe him on this too. And then the folks who think that (R) after your name means that you hate anyone who isn’t a rich WASP had to believe him too, or their entire world view would collapse.

        Back in ’09 I was warning everyone I knew that the ACA was going to destroy health care and employment as we knew it, and to a man/woman they told me I was over-reacting and that “no-one would ever do that”. This is one of those times when “I told you so” doesn’t give too much comfort, though it does make it easier to get family to help out on the bills. Given that my job loss and my husband’s cut in hours can both be directly attributed to that monstrosity and my family all voted for it, I have no issues playing on their guilt.

      • They’re all saying that now. Like rats from a sinking ship. I think they see how much of a complete disaster this is turning out to be and they don’t want to be the last one standing up for it.

  2. The elites always think they know better… they are better… and their good intentions should count. They knew what it would cost both in terms of $ and jobs. They didn’t care. They and their pals were exempted.

    • I just wish the voters who thought that way, and who are high enough up the economic scale to be insulated had thought the ramifications all the way through. And I think more than a few are finding they aren’t anywhere near as insulted as they thought they would be.

      • “insulated”, not insulted. Though we should all be insulting them too for what they’ve done to this country and it’s economy.

    • “They and their pals were exempted.”

      Describing that attitude as “I’ve got mine, (bleep) you” cuts out all the verbal and emotional camouflage used to hide the ugly reality from themselves and others. Just think of that phrase anytime you hear someone advocating a position that screws over ordinary people and (entirely by coincidence, no ulterior motives, honest) benefits the person or group advocating it.

      • it’s always classic projection with the liberal mindset (which was 100% behind pushing the ACA to be passed).
        I’ve heard that “I’ve got mine, (censored) you” is said by liberals to be the mindset of conservatives so many times, yet it is the “liberal” policies that allow those already entrenched (whether it’s corporations, big oil, big pharm, big gov) to stay where they are and continue to “profit” at the expense of the little man, small business, the middle class, not conservative polices…

  3. wow, the man (and I use the term loosely) who repeatedly LIED about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s solvency is actually quoted as saying you shouldn’t lie…

    now I know pretty much ever one in Washington is a hypocrite but DAMN!!


  4. Obama lied about a ton of things in his campaign. His stance on gay marriage, his stance on gun control, his self-professed Christianity, and his stance on the Import-Export Bank are just three examples. Of course, pretty much everyone knew he was lying, and his supporters were just fine with that — he was lying to the rubes, saying the things that he had to say to get elected.

    What’s got Frank’s panties in a knot is that he now knows that Obama lied to HIM. And, worse, Frank fell for it.

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