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    • Anyone who seeks anything but the total end of Hamas or any other entity whose charter calls for the annihilation of an entire people has a lot of stupid in them – and a lot of evil.

  1. I saw this earlier. The UN crying that Israel does not arm it’s enemies is brutal testimony of their collective intelligence.

  2. O.o
    wow the stupidity in that is way over the legal limit, even for the UN…

    I dont suppose it occured to the people who said that, that if Hamas would just STOP shooting missiles at Israel, neither they nor Isreal would need the Iron Dome in the first place…

    • I’ve been reading and here is what I have gathered.

      Iron Dome doesn’t work as well as Israel says it does. Israel only claims the ID works extremely well so that they can exaggerate the number of Hamas rockets they shoot down and justify the high Palestinian body count to Israeli death ratio. “If Iron Dome wasn’t intercepting 90% of Hamas’ rockets our civilian deaths would be much closer to the number of Palestinians we have killed.” Something like that.

      Of course, as has been noted, Hamas could just stop attacking Israel.


      • You are aware that Israel is not exaggerating the effectiveness of Iron Dome, as much as failing to emphasize the utter incompetence and failure to detonate rate of Palestinian rockets? Because Israel does not need anything but the indiscriminate rocket fire from civilian areas to justify retaliation.

        Your opponents’ lack of effectiveness is not a reason not to reciprocate!

      • Yeah. Honestly I have no idea if ID effectiveness is being exaggerated. I was just trying to point out that no matter what Israel does, they will be accused of war crimes. It may be that this is a point that is beyond my meager ability to articulate.

      • considering how many of Hamas’s rockets dont make it into Israel proper, the Iron Dome doesn’t have to be 100% to be effective…

        now if only the MSM would report on how much damage the HAMAS rockets have been & are doing to Gaza…(yeah right /sarc)

  3. The concept of moral equivalency is followed by those who are unwilling or unable to differentiate between right and wrong.

    The rational goes like this: One person attacks another person, who fights back. But
    violence is wrong, so they are both in the wrong.

    The result is often this: If the attacked victim does not fight back and is subsequently destroyed, the followers of moral equivalency wring their hands and lament the sadness of human existence.

    For leftists, moral equivalency is used to dismiss arguments against the control or extermination of other people. Leftists are merely fascist totalitarians by another name.

  4. hammas has a much better defense system available to it, cheaper to run, and 99.98% effective. It is called, stop attacking Israel. Upon successful deployment they would suffer no further losses as long as it remained active.

  5. The Palestinians already have a much more effective Iron Dome than the Israelis have. In fact it is 100% effective. To activate it all they have to do is stop launching missiles at Israel.

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