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I support Israel in its existential battles with enemies dedicated to its destruction. Israel is the only country in the region that is recognizable as a democratic state. It is at war with totalitarian thugs. In such a struggle, I support the democracy against the thugs.

Some folks seem to favor Hamas. Over at the Justice Through Music Project website, they’re headlining a video by Op-Critical called My Eyes.

In 2010, JTMP teamed up with musical-activist band Op-Critical and made the music video “My Eyes” criticizing the use of disproportionate force the Israeli Defense Force always uses against innocent Palestinian civilians. Four years later in 2014, the video still is relevant and needs to be reposted in light of the hundreds of civilians recently being killed by the IDF in the Gaza Strip. … Watch “My Eyes” below, and contact the Israeli embassy in DC and tell them to stop responding with such disproportionate military force in civilian areas.

If you can stomach the singing, you can watch the music video on YouTube.

Hamas has brought about the situation in Gaza. I’ve been amazed by the restraint the Israelis have shown. If I were going to call their embassy, it would be to offer my support.

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  1. Why aren’t I surprise that the internet cyber-harassing crowd is in full lock step with Hamas. Even the progressive “Jewish” stalker @NicoleBonnet1 who call anyone who mentions that she is Jewish an anti-Semitic has not made one post about the Gaza conflict except to make it about her (she claims she has family in the IDF)

    Funny how most of her stalking buds are the REAL anti-Semites repeating Hamas propaganda.

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    Amen John, I also stand with Israel. Deceptively calling thugs who routinely fire rockets into Israel without regard for where they will impact, (disproportionately endangering civilians and especially children) from inside schools and hospitals. Israel is the eqivalent of the nerdy kid in school who routinely gets punched in the face by bullies. When the nerd simply cannot take it any longer and punches back, breaking the bullies nose, that bully always goes whining and crying to teacher, blaming the nerd for everything, the bullies actions to predicate the situation ignored amidst the hoopla and noise … (and yes, I did watch the “Hudsucker Proxy” last evening)

  3. What bothers me is that for months there were no calls on Hamas to stop trying to kill people. Firing dozens of Rockets a day, from Schools and Hospitals, these people need to be hunted down house by house dragged into the street, arrested and put on trial publically and for all the world to see these monsters that force children to dig tunnels and carry explosives

  4. Why am I not surprised the JTMP supports HAMAS, well anyone who has a base level of injustice on every level – builds bombs, has underage sex, has no compulsions about inflicting harm on others, they are kindred spirits

  5. “I support the democracy against the thugs.”

    I agree.

    It strikes me that those who don’t are always talking about the supposedly “disproportionate force” that Israel uses, but they never seem to respond to the allegation that the Palestinian casualties are largely due to a lack of bomb shelters and the fact that Hamas chooses to fire rockets from schools and other concentrations of civilians.

    “Gaza’s tyrants have plenty of money and material to build shelters. And they have built plenty of them. They’re just not for the people of Gaza.

    “. . . lowering casualties isn’t part of Hamas’s action plan that is predicated on sacrificing as many of their own people as possible in order to generate foreign sympathy. Instead, they cower behind the civilians, shooting missiles next to schools, storing ammunition in mosques . . . .”


    I’m not saying that the allegation is necessarily true just because some opinion piece says it. I am saying that if multiple well-respected people keep saying it and the other side has no response, I can only assume that it is true.

  6. And they’re pushing the “disproportionate force” lie.

    1) the only part of the laws of war that can be stretched that way comes from a treaty I don’t think the Israelis accepted — the US didn’t ratify it, either — because it grants terrorists the same status as uniformed soldiers

    2) the actual section says the force used has to be reasonable given the military goals, but the left interprets it in a way that suggests the two sides should use the same weapons and never apply a technical or logistical advantage

    3) that section and its misinterpretation were pushed by the Soviets, and you’ll notice the people repeating it didn’t seem upset at Russian operatives shooting down a civilian airliner

  7. I have a friend who posts Hamas propaganda on a regular basis. I pointed out that Hamas is using UN schools and clinics to hide and fire their rockets from and pointed him to the article quoting the UN folks saying Hamas has done this. His response was to say the UN always lies and the pictures were probably Photoshopped.

    None are so blind that will not see.

    • A UN “clinic” had explosives built into the walls. How that happened without the UN knowing must be a miracle…

      • Lots of miracles happen in the UN – another miracle is the lack of the MSM relieving all the calls for Israel to be destroyed in the hallowed chambers of peace at 1 UN Plaza, NY NY

  8. Suffice it to say that I agree with your position wholeheartedly. Any further discussion by me would be damaging to my patience this early in the morning.

  9. Scratch the whole Kimberlin deal anywhere and below the surface it’s politics. He’s a bad person, sure, but politics, left politics in particular, are at the toxic heart of it.

  10. The vacuity of holding the position that one is allowed to respond with force, but that force must be proportianate, is astounding to me.
    If you can justify the use of force then do not put restrictions upon that use. Use any and all means to accomplish the goal regardless of what the other side is capable of doing.

    If you are not going to fight to win, you have already lost.

  11. Agreed. I support Israel. Here is a simple way to express it: If the “Palestinians” laid down their arms, there would be peace. If the Israeli’s laid down their arms, they’d be slaughtered.

    So who is civilized, and who is the savage?

  12. Oh, look. Israel’s enemies managed to restrain themselves for all of 2.5 hours before going back on the attack.

  13. I pray for Israel and for the innocent human shields in Gaza. May Israel make their point quickly and decisively in order to make their county as safe add it can be from those who would crush it.

  14. Wow. A sawed-off terrorist supporting terrorists.

    Who’da thunk? /sarc

    And, would someone kindly tell that little freak — HE. CAN’T. SING!

    Horrific. Absolutely horrific.

    • Anyone else notice how the sawed-off terrorist managed to make that entire, just-horrendous video ALL about him? Yeah. His heart’s in the right place. *eyeroll*

      Oh. And, his last name is misspelled in the credits.


    • The youtube video made my dog go nuts on my computer and me; started barking and growling until I stopped it…then he was fine. Something wrong with that video!

  15. smh I can’t understand how any decent person could look at the facts and come out supporting Hamas.

    Israel could nuke Gaza if it was anything like it’s being smeared.

    The truth is just so clear, so evident, even with the spin evil people try to put on it, I do not understand how anyone not truly evil doesn’t see it.

    I stand with Israel.

  16. I’ve been reading this blog for months (if not years? I followed one of the links from Aaron’s blog early in the Kimberlin Affair) and this is the first time I’ve actually gone as far as making a comment.

    I don’t stand with Hamas: they are using the tactics of terror to try to make political gains and I believe that their constitution still calls for the destruction of Israel. Being British, the troubles with the IRA mean that I know about terrorist activity.

    However, I also can’t condone Israel’s conduct: even before the military offensive, they treat Gaza as a giant prison camp, preventing free entry and exit; they have been illegally occupying territory for years. I don’t seem to be able to express why I feel that their use of force is more than necessary: I think it’s to do with the hundreds of people who have been killed.

    Britain didn’t solve the problem with the IRA by killing them all. Sending the British army into Northern Ireland caused more problems than solutions, and some of what was done by the government was illegal and unethical. Trying to kill all of Hamas won’t solve the problems, the actions that the Israeli Defence Forces are taking now are only instilling hatred in a new generation who will want to do whatever they can to defeat the people who bomb their homes and work into rubble.

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