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Paul Alan Levy writes about Brett Kimberlin’s Dilemma.

He may well be at the point that he is the one who needs to get out of the litigation as quickly as possible, lest he make matters worse for himself and his family.  Whether he has the self-restraint, and the good judgment, to seek that way out remains to be seen.

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7 thoughts on “Required Reading

  1. Good judgment? Kimberlin? He’s a selfish pig, vain, vicious, and as self-deceiving as he is dishonest in general. Whatever his wiles gain him he’s already lost everything.

  2. there really isn’t a good way out for BK at this point is there?
    He’s screwed, he may continue to deny that and attempt to drag this farce out as much as he can but he’s still screwed…


  3. Since nobody I’ve read has brought Kimberlin’s family into this. If he really cares, he should withdraw.

  4. Brett Kimberlin is responsible for all the harm done to his family, not least from his attempt to use them as shields for his own conduct and to hide behind.

  5. Having read the “letter” link in the article I know see why Kimberlin refused to provide copies to the pro se defendants: he grossly mischaracterized their statements hoping lawyers in the case were unfamiliar with the actual underlying statements. For instance, Aaron Walker’s statements about “corruption of blood” were statements against corruption of blood in general, and, against the corruption of Kimberlin’s blood in particular. Yes, Stacy McCain did “attack[] a reporter who reported on [Kimberlin’s daughter’s] music career.” But, he did not criticize the reporter for reporting on Kimberlin’s daughter’s music career. He criticized the reporter for taking Brett Kimberlin’s words about Brett Kimberlin at face value.

    I would suggest that Kimberlin’s letter to the court was nothing less than a fraud upon the court.

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