Prevarication Du Jour

rnusa201408011918ZOh, I’m lying, am I?

Here’s what I allege in paragraph 19 of my Amended Complaint.WJJH v WMS ECF 9-19WJJH v WMS ECF 39-19Here’s is how The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ answered that allegation. There’s no qualification. He made a flat-out denial of everything alleged in the paragraph. That means that he denied publishing the ebook and that he offered it for sale. That may not have been what he meant, but it is what he said.

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  1. Since we can read his mind, I say his response will be something like this:

    “I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!”

    Oh, don’t forget a power outage during Hurricane Sandy and a snowstorm.

  2. Right now Schmalfeldt is going over all his filings to see if he really screwed up. He did.

    • Yep. Once the utter stupidity of his response is laid out in a fashion a third grader can understand, he finally realizes how badly he screwed up, and then, somewhere deep down, something says to him; “hey, that might be the only place you screwed the pooch.”

      Now is the time when Willy panics.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt’s life would be much happier if he could take to heart the concept of forgiveness, both the asking of and the granting of. Most people of every walk of life use it as means to get past our human failings and move on.

    That’s my self-righteous sermon for the day. Now back to the mockery.

  4. Ha HA HA HA HA HA what an idiot. I keep saying one of these days Shaky will learn to keep his mouth shut but he’s obviously a VERY slow learner. Bill, you suck at life.

    • “…this particular blog post…” seems to be a pretty important bit in that one, don’t you think? It would take a real idiot to think that gave anyone the authorization to copy any/all blog posts and comments, or someone willfully ignorant.

      • True. Remembering IANAL, and in particular, IANAIPL, I seem to recall that the comments remain the intellectual property of the commenters and we have merely given Mr. Hoge license to reprint and reuse as he sees fit. I don’t know if the Mr. Hoge’s TOS for use for Hogwash posts would cover comments; since Mr. Hoge doesn’t own them, is he even able to give permission for their use if he is asked? I know that Amazon can’t, and therefore won’t, give permission to authors to use reader reviews on their book covers or websites; they insist that said authors need to contact the reviewers directly to get their permission. Which is yet another TOS that Biwwy refused to understand.

    • Oh my goodness – I suspect he’s going to go right past rage threats/intimidation attempts and straight into “Hoge’s killing me on purpose” without any stopover into his other stages; totally throwing off his pattern.

      • nah, he’ll hold off on “he’s KILLING ME!!11!!” till a few days before the ADR, then he’ll start tweeting how he can no longer do this or that and how much worse his symptoms have become, JUST in time to hobble in as pathetically as possible to the ADR…

        I’m sure all the tweets where-in he claimed he was fine and that the fight was strengthening him will come in real handy.


      • hahaha, you’re probably right – and no doubt our gracious host will be well prepared, as always.

  5. Cyberstalker, adjudicated harasser slapped with restraining/peace orders from multiple states, affront to humanity bill scmalfeldt is touting the legal advice he received from AVVO. Link to AVVO so you can see the replies for yourself. smh

    • The comment he received isn’t too far out if things were in line with the “facts” the Cabin Boy™ presented. The actual situation is not as Schmalfeldt has described. It’s almost as if he were trying to manufacture evidence.

      • Give me a moment – I’ve got the vapors – the great and powerful HOGE deigned to reply to me!! Bucket list complete! Breathe… breathe… deep breaths…

        No doubt, John. It’s clear when one can read the entire exchange that the lowlife/no-life is the same lying liar he’s always been. He only sees what he wants to see – no more, no less; and certainly never anything to contradict what he wants to believe.

      • Schmalfeldt was able to prod a legal advice website into giving him the answer he wanted to hear? Say it ain’t so! Rage!

      • You know Willy thinks he’s in trouble when he starts posting to “rent a lawyer” websites, and makes up the facts just to get an answer that makes him feel better.

  6. I wonder how many circuses have rejected the sick freak? Rejected by virtually all who’ve ever had contact with him, including his own children; alienated himself from the world by being disgusting, vile, and just beyond words an affront to humanity; he manages to go ever lower.

    Imagine taking pride, boasting about closing a church:


    I hope that goes on his tombstone – “took pride in closing a church.”

    • Except all he has done, in conjunction with BunnyBoy is to have a blog taken down until after March 1st. 2015, about six months away. I followed the request of my probation officer (who retires soon after my supervision ends on 29 Feb 2015) to make both of our lives easier, less paperwork for her and less harassment for me. She and her team-member that conducted the investigation both made it clear in plain statements that they understood that the reports were baseless attempts at harassment through false reporting. Of course if Billy or BunnyBoy want to see or read the results, they must file an FOIA request with the federal courts as the investigative report is not a public record as it did not result in a violation, revocation or prosecution. So I bide my time, making sure my incorpoartion forms are all correct, my IRS Form 1023 correctly filled out and filing in my days with my online coursework towards a degree in Christian Social Work. And snark … a guys gotta have a hobby!

  7. FRCP rule 8 requires that a party may admit, deny, or deny in part (the only relevant portions) a paragraph. A denial must “fairly respond to the substance of the allegation.”

    This is really just a rookie mistake, something the court would allow a pro se defendant to get away with. Even an experienced litigator would probably get away with it. Worst case you get the publication information in a request for admission.

      • That’s just dumb on his part.

        But I don’t think anything would come of it. Assuming this goes to trial (and it shouldn’t) you can submit requests for admission. If he denies the date of publication and sale, then you’ve got grounds for sanctions.

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