8 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. Has the National Bloggers Club filed a motion to dismiss in this case? I know that some of the other defendants have, but I don’t recall seeing one from the Club.

    • “Well, he’s no Hoge, but Mr. Levy can sure write!”

      And I couldn’t have written it better myself!

      Joking aside, Levy is trying to get the court to, in essence, reverse itself. That is not, as a general rule, easy to do, and it will be a good sign of this judge’s temperament if Levy is successful.

  2. Kimberlin should not have been able to get away with characterizing Ace’s attempt to preserve her anonymity as evasion. I don’t think Kimberlin is going to get away with much anymore.

  3. Shorter Levy:

    Judge, you really don’t know what you are doing here, do you?

    Pointing out that the Judge has undertaken action that has never been done anywhere by anyone might be effective. But then again, he might just turn around and say “forget Brodie, this is Hazel!”

    This is the danger of being a conservative today. I know it is unpopular to point out the partisanship, but does anyone think an anonymous blogger named Space of Aids who pointed out on her blog that a conservative activist had a criminal past would have the veil of anonymity pierced this way?

    This is why they think that they can get away with this stuff – because they can. Hey, winger, don’t want to be harassed by a liberal? Don’t come to Maryland, then! Someone referred to what I call air cover for BK as having a strong form argument and a weak form argument. I think this is even less than the weak form argument. It is simply that fellow travelers travel together. No enemies to the left.

    And yes, this judicial tyranny can be appealed, as AW has proved. But it also shows that it must be appealed. That is a pretty substantial burden to place on conservatives, that you have to go to appeal in order to get to a judge who follows the law.

    BK and his clown car full of troglodytes do not worry about that. BS is able to do much worse without concern that he might be held accountable. For example, BK can get you fired, and then BS can say “well who can believe you you are unemployed and disgraced!” BK can sue you for RICO and BS can call you a RICO racketeer. BK can sue you for defamation, and BS can call you a defamer.

    That is the way the playing field rests. The judges all around do not seem to mind inconveniencing the defendants who all, oddly enough, are conservatives. So what does it matter that they get dragged through this process for a year or more? Don’t want to get harassed in a Maryland court? Don’t come to Maryland. Don’t even write about someone in Maryland.

    And this is the source of my Eeyore. Yes, the judge in the RICO case wrote BK a sternly worded letter. That this is supposed to be a reason to rejoice is the problem.

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