I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

One of the latest bits of BS coming out of the Democrats spin machine is that Ted Cruz is responsible for the House not voting on the Border Bill. They’re trying to paint Senator Cruz as unsympathetic to immigrants.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

18 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. The DDM (Democrat Delusion Machine) is in high gear lately. Scare-mongering their base with the impeachment tweets and direct mail fund-raising, the lies of the actual sponsors of the “Impeach Bush” effort 8 years ago and their multiple lies and Kabuki Theater staged protest by soi-disant “Pro-Immigration” activists (all paid shills). There is no truth in them. They are corrupt and spiritually dead or dying and are taking our nation down in their death-throes.

  2. A more relevant fact to me is that his father immigrated from Cuba while his mother was American born. They had moved to Canada for work when he was born there. So, he is an American due to his mother’s citizenship.

    • Its not an issue that he is an American Citizen, I also don’t think he will run for president or even be re-elected.

      Cruz has some disturbing personal history as an attorney that – due to legal barriers – hasn’t been exposed fully, but why a Texas based attorney was writing complex business structures in the Wyoming Valley of PA where one of the most insidious acts of horror on children took place and quite possibly shielded some of the participants – has not been fully exposed. Its quite clear he was not fully forth coming about the work he did for the main participant of the venture of jailing innocent children wholesale for profit.

      For someone as brilliant as Cruz to say he didn’t know – like with his Canadian Citizenship which has been brought up countless times before he ran for office – and the deceiving narratives he propagated about his work for Greg Abbot and in the campaign against Dewhurst – I question greatly his motives, so even though he says the right things in private he is to me, VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY.

      So before everyone flames up – read – deeply the real story of Cruz – but I will also say this – who isn’t, what politician on the national level is as pure as we think people are.

      Don’t trust ANYONE, especially those who claim purity – purity who efforts may have assisted those who were engaged in ruining forever 100’s of innocent children’s lives in PA for profit.

      I noticed that even after his client was indicted that he would not answer questions on the nature of their relationship. That’s all you need to know, whether you believe any of my narrative or not – find me a statement where Cruz during the trial lent any aide to the prosecution to end his clients horrible scheme, or even condemned it. – These are my opinions and are not statements of facts – facts are subject to adjudication and even then cannot be accepted most of the times by the losing party

  3. I read the same ‘ol problem was at work: not enough votes in the middle. Sure, Cruz and other conservatives couldn’t vote for the president’s plan, but the farther left wing of the Democratic Party wouldn’t back a smaller plan.

    And while the two sides won’t come together, I’m sure the president will a) give a speech b) sign an executive order. and c) work on his short game.

  4. http://www.tedcruz.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Cruz-Get-the-Facts.pdf

    Ted side of the story note the little part where a highly trained attorney running on the Solicter General of the State Of Texas – delayed filing is disclosure so people would not know he worked or Mericle, until realistically too late – also not that he thinks Mericle did nothing wrong –

    This is from Ted Cruz himself – now ask yourself – how do you take these statements when it was a fact that kids DIED or attempted suicide due to the actions of his client

  5. EPWJ, how about all that crud you gave attorneys at Patterico, claiming to know the law better than them? Or that crap you tried to feed people, claiming to know truck driver speed limits across the country better than me, a truck driver (only to have the editor of the First Street Journal shove the facts in your face as you turned tail and ran)? Have you finished counting the teeming masses of Joooooooooos in Iran yet?

    • John,

      You refuse to read – I can’t help that – read for yourself – the links are right there.

    • You need to post some links as facts of laws I claimed to know more than others to be even remotely credible.

    • John, if you want to argue about me this isn’t the forum, if you want to insult me personally – go ahead – I don’t care

  6. Can’t cure stupid. And some of these people are just as dumb as a box of rocks. Smh

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