Dead Air

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UPDATE—Perhaps the increase in comments is in some way related to the growth of traffic here at Hogewash!.

July, 2011—86 hits
July, 2012—30,914 hits (about 18,000 from my first Instalanche)
July, 2013—56,212 hits
July, 2014—174,853 hits

While it is true that most of comments over the past few months have been related to The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™, it appears that most of my readers aren’t particularly interested in him. Looking at my incoming stats, the vast majority of hits on this blog are not directed to posts that are about the Cabin Boy™ or contain comments about him.

38 thoughts on “Dead Air

  1. I guess Willy has never heard of the “Streisand Effect”.

    Willy, nobody likes a bully. But they really like seeing a bully get put in his place. And people REALLY don’t like creeps like Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and Bill Schmalfeldt. So they tune in to see the bullys get their comeuppance.

    Looking at the growth of this blog, imagine how many more people will realize what an awful human being you are next year!

  2. if “hate” sells so well, why doesnt bwilly have his own following on his blog and twitter?
    After all, he deals in “hate” daily, it’s all he ever seems to tweet/blog about, his hatred of our esteemed host and the commentors here at Hogewash….
    come to think of it, what was the last tweet/blog that didnt concern our host, Hogewash or various commentors??
    Obsessive much there twinkie??


      • Two minutes—coincidentally (or not) the typical cooking time for microwave popcorn.

        Hi, Brett!

      • Crack does normally come in very small packages. Biwwy needs to treat his Hate Crack™ the same way; right now he’s making it too easy for his readers to OD.

        I got to see a piece of crack once as part of the evidence in a trial where I was seated on the jury. We all marveled that such a tiny thing could send a man to jail for three years. 8(

  3. Your comment activity is a straw man argument in any event. Whether the discussion centers on Schmalfeldt, Kimberlin, NASA photography or other unrelated politics, the number of comments does not affirm or deny the validity of what is spoken of. Neither does it affirm or deny it’s legality. It’s just speech- free, open and vigorous, which the rats detest as daylight.

      • Indeed, he likes to harp on how the comments go “off-topic” a lot…as if that is some how criminal and Hoge is bound by some sort of “blogger law” to stop that from happening…


    • It’s typical Willy. John has written that he deletes obscene and grossly off-topic comments.

      Willy seems to have chosen the words “obscene” and “grossly” as one of the hills he willing to plant his flag to die on.

  4. Wow. What great growth. Pretty soon you could be sending Hogalanches. I think I’ve been treading maybe two years. Keep it up Mr. Hoge. (And you remain in my prayers )

  5. I think Blob’s utter inability to avoid this site is a testament to your blog-fu. How many of this month’s 175K hits are his?

    • If he was minding his own business, he wouldn’t have even noticed that comment, never mind responded to it.

      Of course, if he “minded his own business”, we wouldn’t be in a position to make comments like that in the first place.

      Деревни Элкридж по-прежнему имеет идиотом. (I think I’ve got this one right).

  6. I’ve watched Willy tweet for a long time now, but I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen him like he’s been the past few days. One damaging admission after another as he tries his case on twitter in front of his 28 followers.

    I think Kimberlin’s troubles are getting to him.

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