98 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kimberlin Ordered to Pay Sanction

  1. Finally!

    As BSB(?) said in the other thread, we need a new countdown clock. Somehow I suspect that BK never, ever expected something like this could happen.

  2. Wonderful news and hopefully will have impact down the line until all of the frivolous litigation is over, and the counter-claim(s) adjudicated favorably for the defendant(s).

    I don’t know about MD, but locally those orders are taken very, very seriously. One can’t ask for relief from the courts while thumbing one’s nose at the court. Seriously, if one tried to appeal an order they hadn’t complied with, the appeal would be thrown out for that reason.


    To be paid within 7 days.

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    Brett never filed an honest suit, from all the information I have seen (although I never looked very hard), and now his shenanigans are costing him money. I’m sure he didn’t expect anything like this out of his lawfare.

    • But that would open up so many more interesting legal questions. Hence, BK is probably quite likely to try it.

      • He’s already charged back as clerical/legal expenses IIRC to his charity. Or rather, named a rather high sum for those expenses. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out postage and paper &c are being charged to JMTP.

      • Onlooker, I’d need to see proof of that before I said it. I did note the astonishing “legal costs” to both JTMP and VRUS. But I haven’t seen actual proof.

      • So he has actually charged at least some of his fees to JTMP. As Dianna notes, some caution about proof is in order – even if the line item looks a little expense-heavy at JTMP, the breakdown of those expenses is not revealed. If this receipt is any indicator, some squirrely games with that might be going on. Given his lifetime of money-games, I think he’s done it, and will do it some more.

  5. “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine. ”

    Keep at it Mr. Hoge. You’re doing the world an enormous favor at the expense of your own time and effort. Thank you.

  6. It’s not fair that you guys are ganging up on him like that, because of the “parity of force” rules. Besides, it’s a war crime not to lend him your lawyers so they can fight both sides of the case.

    (that’s sarcasm steeped in current events outside US borders)

    • Any more court orders, and he might have to resume his import flying service, or simply fly the coop.

    • To think that we’ll all be denied his braggadocio and lovely cartoons until as late as tomorrow afternoon.

      However will we muddle through? Will we be able to make it without the hate crack to which William has us so addicted? Will we shake and defecate ourselves uncontrollably? Maybe we’ll just die.

      Dealers of hate crack are like that. They refuse to be taken for granted!

      • You’re very clearly an eternal optimist, Neal N. Bob, but c’mon… “tomorrow afternoon”? Really? You can’t possibly believe he’ll be quiet that long. hahahaha

  7. But, but … I thought they were winning? Bill Schmalfeldt told me so and everything!

    I guess I really can’t believe everything I read from William. Maybe that’s why he’s hiding.

    • Whoever is in possession of Baghdad Blob’s meme declaring Team Kimberlin is “Winning,” I, for one, would appreciate seeing it posted in this comment thread.


    • Let me quote myself:
      “If we had a real investigative reporter—wait don’t we have two self proclaimed investigative reporters following this?–they would be asking questions about:

      Where does the convicted felon get the money to pay the postage for all of his court mailing? I mean he claims to only make $19,000 a year, the postage for just his SAC is around $367.40, that is more than his $365.38 a week salary. Is he using his employers money to pay for the postage?

      Is he recording all of his mileage to and from the post office and the court in order to reimburse his employer for his personal use of his employer provided car, or so they can list it as inputed income on his w-2.

      Is he taking vacation days or no pay on days he is in court? Is he doing all of his research on his employer’s dime or after hours?

      A real investigative reporter would be on this story like fleas on a hound.”

  8. This doesn’t strike me as an isolated incident, i.e. Brett pays and things continue as before, but what exactly does this order do to the rest of the case?

  9. Bwilly protected his tweets A) To memory hole all the crap he has said in the past week regarding his legal problems before he goes to ADR. You know he has to appear “pure” and all. I mean nobody would have screen capped all his outlandish statements or anything right? B) Bwilly has a long history as Brett Kimberin’s PR flack and is now turning tail and running because he can’t defend the numerous lies he has told in support of his Master.

    Congrats John. I hope the rest of Brett Kimberlin’s (perjurer, domestic terrorist, drug dealer, arms dealer, suspected murderer and alleged diddler) case falls apart sooner rather then later.

  10. He’s baaa-aack. And because he can’t spin it in a way that helps his very good friend, he brings up something totally unrelated.

    The sanctions against Brett… does that mean Hoge somehow invented a time machine to go back and fix his fatal error in his copyright case?
    10:41 AM – 1 Aug 2014

    • Bat guano has more logic than Biwwy’s tweets. And it’s a hell of lot more use, as I understand it makes fantastic fertilizer.

      • flash backs of CASSIDY!!1!11!!
        remember how he trumpeted that over and over ad nausem as how he was going to beat the PO?

        good times /sarc


      • No, LG, don’t you remember? This blog only FOCUSes on bill. It’s befuddling that a Team Kimberlin post should rival a “laugh at bill” post.

        Granted, bill provides fodder daily, and is an easy mark; but I’d daresay that Kimberlin news, good or bad, is easily more interesting to most of us. I guess that’s because Kimberlin, albeit a convicted perjuror, bomber, drug smuggler and a gun runner, and creepy pedo type; is actually more interesting. Creepy and disgusting, but interesting.

      • You have a point, Gus. Since Biwwy can only FOCUSâ„¢ on one thing on his blog, Hoge, he probably assumes that other blogs can only have one FOCUSâ„¢ too. And being the narcissistic SOB that he is, he can’t imagine that it might just possibly not be all about him.

    • Gobbeldygook. *eyeroll*

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is going to horribly disappoint his “excellent” friend if he doesn’t up his PR game, and at least take a stab at spinning this sanction as a win for his master — the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

      May judicial goodwill and justice continue to follow our Gentle Host.

    • This is my “surprised” avatar… hahaha
      Back begging for legal advice, huh? Now as a twofer to distract and to find out all of the ways in which he’s so wrong. hahahaha

    • Invent one? He’s got one on call.

      Besdies you’ve got your tenses all mixed up. The correct verb in this case is “will be going to have previously fixed”. I know you’re not very good with your tenses despite your awesome super editorial experience but this is temporal-variable grammar, you’re going to have to slow down so you can catch up.
      Tell you what, I’ll make you a special deal. Give me a pone and I’ll pre-edit all your dopey mon-chron grammar.

    • William, is your demonstrable ability to say hiding for more than seven hours an indication of your mental illness?

      Be careful answering that …

  11. This Bible verse always seems so appropriate for so many situations in this day and age:

    “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” John 8:44.

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  13. In other news, gang members and murderers pouring across the border – HOGE to blame!
    Hamas kidnaps IDF soldier – insiders point the finger at . . . HOGE.
    IRS and atheist groups collude – is it HOGE’s fault?

    • love how bwilly takes “at her request” and decides that means she violated his freedom of religion by forcing him to take it down…
      and ignores that HE (bwilly) is one of the asshats trying to waste her time…

    • bwilly labors under the delusion that it doesn’t matter if the judge sees it and decides it meets the requirements under law, there can be NO valid transfer unless HE HIMSELF SEES IT!!!1!!11!


    • If you intend for us to not know what you mean when you write it in public, are you just publicly masturbating for us?

      Oh, Don’t answer that. Please?

    • When Bill Schmalfeldt posts everyone here knows what he has written. That is everyone here sufficiently skilled in the grammar know exactly what thought he put to paper. He is too much of a nutter for us to know what “exactly” is going on in his head. The only people who could possibly have a fairly complete understanding of that are his fellow nutters, and, possibly, highly trained specialists such as FBI profilers.

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