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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin haz sad because a mean bunch of bloggers mock him on the Interwebz. Here’s part of his whining in his recent letter to Judge Hazel.ECF 165 topof2TDPK knows full well that court filings are public documents and that they can be published. That’s why he put Aaron Walker’s personal information in a filing in the Kimberlin v. Allen lawsuit as a way of doxing Aaron.

Of course, I publish what TDPK files, and, of course, I mock it. There’s no way that I’m going to let Brett Kimberlin hide any of his shenanigans in these vexatious nuisances lawsuits, and I mock his filings because they are risible.

As for “threatening doom” or “pretending to be the Court,” TDPK is reading more into what I write than what I actually have written. Personally, I believe the facts and the law are on my side in both the state and federal cases. That means I expect to win. If that’s a threat of doom, so be it. However, I know that any time one goes to court, the unexpected can happen. I can’t (and won’t) predict what the Court will ultimately do.

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76 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • If we had a real investigative reporter—wait don’t we have two self proclaimed investigative reporters following this?–they would be asking questions about:

        Where does the convicted felon get the money to pay the postage for all of his court mailing? I mean he claims to only make $19,000 a year, the postage for just his SAC is around $367.40, that is more than his $365.38 a week salary. Is he using his employers money to pay for the postage?

        Is he recording all of his mileage to and from the post office and the court in order to reimburse his employer for his personal use of his employer provided car, or so they can list it as inputed income on his w-2.

        Is he taking vacation days or no pay on days he is in court? Is he doing all of his research on his employer’s dime or after hours?

        A real investigative reporter would be on this story like fleas on a hound.

  1. I am racking my brain to figure out what anyone has done to pretend they are the court. Or does he think somehow i am not allowed to draw conclusions based on evidence?

    His brain does not work properly in all respects, I think.

    • Yes,

      There are significant differences between posting here and court.

      Here you don’t have to swear to veracity of your claims. In court you do.

      Here you may lie with impunity. In court that’s perjury.

      Here you can photoshop exhibits. In court you can’t.

      Here you can be an assclown if you wish. In court you must act with decorum.

      Here you can post anything. In court it must be germane.

      Here you can argue the interests of third parties. In court you cannot.

      Wait! What are the differences between here and court?

    • And, isn’t holding a mock trial a legitimate way to prepare for a trial?

      It would be no different than the military “war gaming” a proposed course of action.

    • Don’t spend too much time trying to figure this one out. He is a liar. He made it up just like he made up the other allegations of daily butt-hurt he believes is inflicted on him. You could try to twist how people talk about what the court should do as somehow being misconstrued in some way, but why try and make excuses or rationalize what is very clearly just a blatantly false statement made by a convicted perjurer.

      • This:

        Beginning at the bottom of p. 316 in Citizen K, Mark Singer writes:

        Sifting through this heap of mendacity , I asked myself whether Kimberlin lies for sport or whether an assortment of small lies coalesced into a gang of tar babies that encircled him. When I first heard about Pacific and Buckley, they amounted to an interesting brick in my wall; their role in Kimberlin’s life never rose to a sinister level. Ultimately, they signified his willingness to stay wedded to a falsehood despite black-and-white evidence to the contrary. My metaphor metamorphosed. The Pacific-Buckley factoid—the news report of their arrest, along with Kimberlin’s claim of their perjury to frame him for same—was no longer a constructive brick but one of many blond turns in a labyrinth of misinformation.

    • Need I say it?

      Purposeful lying is purposeful.

      BS does not believe his own BS. (Unlike our President. Not the dead one, the real live POTUS. He said it. Google it. )

      He says things not because they are true or untrue, but to further his malevolent intentions. How many times has BK used BS in his cases now? BS is a virtual suicide bomber, with nothing to lose. He goes in to make everything related to him seem petty and undignified (you have to admit, he is very good at that!). So that someone not terribly involved or interested looks briefly and says oh look dumbasses in an Internet flame war and then they move on.

      That there is something real underneath is obscured by all the BS.

    • Sounds to me like the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin may be confusing the postings of you and John with the Blog(s)/Twitterfeed(s) of his “excellent” friend — the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

      Nobody enjoys playing Blog/Twitter Court more than Baghdad Blob.

  2. As for threatening doom, I do predict that by mid-august we will be able to say that as a matter of law it is not defamation to call Brett Kimberlin a pedophile. I suppose for him that is a doom-like event, but sucks on him for having invited it. don’t bring a case unless you can win.

    • Heh. Now that would be funny. Brett Kimberlin initiating a lawsuit that results in revealing evidence that he is indeed a pedophile.

      • A lawsuit that was intended to vindicate his reputation might very well end in destroying it.

      • and in response to BSB, yeah, remember how much it harmed BS’ reputation when we could say he was an “adjudicated harasser?” Same problem for Brett if we win this.

        He should seriously go to court and admit he is defamation proof. Then he could claim we won based on that alone. At least stop the hemorrhaging.

      • The thing about “he should” statements is that they build in an assumption about what his current goal is. Given the events of the last month or so, it may have changed.

      • Meh, at this point, #1; I don’t even think he’s lying. I’ve begun to believe that bill actually (mis)interprets these things as part of his narcissistic persecution complex that he has expanded to (or learned from) the tiny terrorist.

      • Gus, except that he’s been doing this since the OBN days to my knowledge, which predates his involvement with BK. He attributes Aaron’s comment to Hoge, then in his latest cartoon, claims that Hoge said it.

      • His reputation is already destroyed. He’s been called out for what he is in major national publications, let alone his own authorized biography. To the extent his weaseling and self promotional lies depend upon him obscuring his bad acts and vicious character, he has acted foolishly and desperately to preserve his delusions/scammery. He’s not entitled to the whitewash and everyone ought to know all about his crimes and his lies, and he should never be permitted to try to capitalize on his past or trade on being some sort of martyr.

  3. As for mockery, I am absolutely not under any obligation to take Brett or his dumb suit any more seriously than it deserves to be. in fact, I don’t even have to take *Brett* as seriously as anyone else. As for the case, I will obey all orders, etc. but I will continue to mock Brett for even filing the silly thing and sucking so bad at carrying it forward. Mind you, no lawyer can salvage that steaming piece of crap, but a competent liar would lie more competently.

  4. This case IS for entertainment, Diddler. And TWO! MILLION! DOLLARS! Or maybe a vexatious litigant declaration.

    If you don’t want people mocking you, don’t be so damned mockable. You can’t possibly be libeled, but you can be mocked each and every one of the rest of your degenerate days. If I were you I’d get myself out of the spotlight. But then, if you were me, you wouldn’t be in this homemade pickle.

  5. Cousin Bill squeals like a piggy:

    “They can’t control themselves, and Hoge refuses to moderate.”

    The real problem isn’t that Hoge refuses to moderate (which he does), or that we can’t control ourselves (which we do).

    The REAL problem is that Cousin Bill can’t control us, and that frustrates him no end.

    So, sniff our collective taints, Cousin Bill, because we’re NEVER going to knuckle under to a bully!

    • “The REAL problem is that Cousin Bill can’t control us, and that frustrates him no end.” This trait could be applied to a couple members of the Team K.

    • Maybe that’s how he gets those prodigious numbers of tweets out. He has a whole collection of prewritten messages, and all he has to do is chose one, copy, paste, enter. It’s not like there’s a massive difference between most of his meltdowns.

    • If you go back three years to Operation Burn Notice, he has a few shticks that he recycles again, and again, and again.

    • And, projection. Gobs and gobs of projection.

      “Hoge Admits ‘Hogewash’ Doesn’t Meet ‘Daily Newsletter’ Requirements”
      July 31, 2014
      by: #Can’tMakeThisStuffUp Bill Schmalfeldt

      “You know that feeling you get when you say or write something that you really shouldn’t have said or written because it disproves everything you’ve said up to this point?”

      No, really. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt just posted that on his sad excuse for a blog.

      I’d wager the Blob is VERY, VERY familiar with that feeling.


    • Heh. How apt! “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of lies.” KJV John 8:44

  6. I’ve commented along these lines before (and I remain a non-expert in Maryland law), but when I read Schmalfeldt’s tweets threatening to add people to his counterclaims if they talk about him, I can’t help thinking of Maryland Criminal Statute 3-701(b):

    (b) A person may not obtain, attempt to obtain, or conspire to obtain money, property, labor, services, or anything of value from another person with the person’s consent, if the consent is induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened:
    (1) force or violence;
    (2) economic injury; or
    (3) destruction, concealment, removal, confiscation, or possession of any immigration or government identification document with intent to harm the immigration status of another person.

    There is a question as to whether abstaining from comments is a “service” or “thing of value”, but I think it is fairly clear that a lawsuit represents a threat of economic injury.

    Also, I can’t help wondering precisely what test his neurologist would give him to prove that he is deranged. given that I don’t understand it to be a clinical term. This is so clearly a statement of opinion, and a well-supported one given WMS’s writings and behavior, that I don’t imagine a claim for libel on it would not survive a motion to dismiss. Dementia is a clinical condition, but given that he has admitted to the early stages of dementia in previous writings, I can’t see how this is an untrue statement. Given his repeated attempts to dox his perceived enemies and the successful peace orders against him for online harassment, cyberstalker seems like a well-supported description of his behavior. I know everyone here gets this, but I couldn’t take one more tweet about how a conviction or medical diagnosis is necessary before someone could use one of these terms without libeling him. And I know he’ll read it, given his obsession with this site.

  7. Tallman I know is some kind of editor of the MD Gazette, which had an article about a BK relative that he inserted himself into and made himself part of the story, which drew comment.

  8. Wayne Kirwin is the Howard county prosecutor Aaron wrote to, because of the waving off of crimes – and the “stay out of Maryland” responses he got when he tried to do something about Brett Kimberlin’s and whatsits harassment and/or stalking.

      • Wasn’t Kirwin the guy BS was attempting to pass off as something more than a PR flack not too long ago?

        Or, am I thinking of someone else?

      • You mean the man who draws a salary from the public, but, won’t answer questions from the public? If he is paid by the public, then, he should act to further the interests of the public. I understand the ASA wanted to stone-wall all inquiries. If Mr Kirwin were his campaign manager his stone-walling would be merely serving the interest of his client. But, he wasn’t a campaign worker. He was a public employee with specified duties. The inquires made to him seem well within those specified duties. If he willfully refused to do his duty to further the political interests of the ASA it reeks of corruption. If the ASA wanted a “public affairs officer” who functioned as his campaign spokesman then he should have simply hired him as campaign worker and paid him from his campaign funds.

        As much as I would love to see you question him under oath, and, perhaps, receive answers to our questions, what relevance does he have to the remaining counts?

  9. He had to subpoena his “expert witness”? Bad sign for Kimby. At best now all he’s got is a reluctant fact witness.

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