No, It’s Not Just an Eastern Concept


Don’t be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption. But he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Let us not be weary in doing good, for we will reap in due season, if we don’t give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let’s do what is good toward all men, and especially toward those who are of the household of the faith.

—Galatians 6:7 … 10

20 thoughts on “No, It’s Not Just an Eastern Concept

  1. Someday, I hope very soon, Bill will discover that Karma is quite real, and she can be a real b***h.

  2. For Biwwy’s sake I rather hope my pagan friends who follow the Rule of Three have it right…..

  3. You will find in due course, Elkridge Horror, that karma is a very real concept indeed. It is your destiny for you are Legion and you are many.

    Soon you will be riding the dragon on high.

  4. I believe there was an episode of a so called comedy a few years back on tv with an episode titled, “Spit, is the devil’s Lube.” When referring to Shaky Bill, it seems apropos!

  5. Bill, your “dream” career as a writer has been an absolute failure, with zero accomplishments or even anything to look back on and be semi proud of. Your two failed marriages were spent in the constant humiliation of being cuckold by BOTH of your wives. You have Parkinson’s and since you have no friends and your own family wants nothing to do with you, you will die a slow and painful death alone, with no one to help you. You’ve never had any success in anything you’ve done. You’re broke and forced to live in a single wide where you’re tortured, all day, every day by a computer. I’d say your life is a perfect example of the existence of karma.

    • Joe,

      He’s harmed a lot of people, but realize the depth of his misery, there is still a chance that he can stop doing what he is doing, what his wives did to him had little or nothing to do with what he did to others.

      He needs to stop and we all need to not be hardened by his and his elk’s behavior until we cannot tell ourselves apart from him

      I have to constantly stop from writing things in anger and disgust – he brings out the worst in me and at times I have to realize that this was his intent

  6. and now that Bwilly has locked down his Twitter, again, (prolly to delete the last few days of insanity hoping the judge doesnt see it…) after all, the ADR is in 2 wks and won’t that be interesting…


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