16 thoughts on “Democrats Promoting Impeachment?

  1. They’re hoping to do this because they think they can rally the troops before an election ala like we did in Wisconsin for the Scott Walker recall. Don’t let the media fool you. That recall pissed the majority of this state off, and motivated people to go vote again. That said, the republicans are not dumb enough to do it before a midterm. If they’re going to try and impeach him it will be after the November mid-term election.

    • Two major positives for a President Biden is the media & progressives could not use the race card against any attacks and the media would escape from their Obama worship cocoon and scrutinize Biden’s actions/inactions much closer.

      Whether this is enough of a benefit vs Biden’s known incompetences is something to reflect on.

  2. After the disaster that the democrats will have in November, having a incumbent president Biden in ’16 might be a good idea and give them a good chance in that election.

    • We can see Obama is not wanted on the campaign trail this year. I suspect after two years with Senate in Republican control and bills actually getting thru BOTH houses, then waiting for Obama signature or veto, he’ll be in even worse shape.

  3. We’ve also ginned up international sentiment of US weakness and incompetence in international affairs due to Obama and his advisers, staff. I doubt anyone takes Bidden seriously internationally whatever the democrats might think, and it is pretty certain that Kerry is a moron given his bungling of the situation with Israel, certainly they do no, and those with a keen interest in US power (for or against) are certainly taking notice of all this.
    So, the US seems weaker, it seems there is a power vacuum. Those in power who oppose us have been mobilizing, gathering resources while there is a notable power vacuum. So what would happen if we impeached Obama? He wouldn’t step down willingly, he certainly wouldn’t resign like Nixon did. He would make the impeached drag out, he’d try to pull in the supreme court, he’d mobilize the disenfranchised to his defense. What was already a gaping maw of a power vacuum would become an outright chasm, because Obama’s focus, which was never very good about very much in the first place, will suddenly be entirely off of them. Not only his, but the entire mechanism of power.
    I don’t like him as a president, but I think an impeachment, which would merely lead to President Bidden, would cause too much trouble in the world to be worth the effort. That said, our next president has to be willing to use considerable force when the situation calls for any, just to break even in international affairs.

    • Is enough to make a sane person weep at what our country has become. What are we leaving for our children? I sobbed like a baby and apologized to my daughters when O was re elected. Because I knew that we were going to go further and further down the tubes.

  4. Yeah I think Obummer is much better than Biden. And that’s saying an awful awful lot. Shudder

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