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  1. And right on cue “petitioner” can barley speak. What an astonishing coincidence. This gets posted and suddenly he can barley talk.

    Dance monkey, dance!

  2. I read this post after I recorded what I recorded. I am going to say this as politely as I can. [redacted] you, Hoge. [redacted] you and your little parade of hate-addled minions. I am thrilled that my progressive neurological disorder has given you so much pleasure over the years, you festering [redacted]. You made it worse before it needed to be, Hoge. And the law is going to make you pay for that. Now, any one else want to join Frankie the Human [redacted] and claim I’m faking?

    • Not faking it; milking it.
      Probably not fair since Mr. Hoge would be nuts to let you back in his “house”, but Imma post this anyway.
      Oh and full of manure.

      • And his idiotic radio nonsense will be back by Friday, most likely called “Lozenge Radio.”

        Am I saying that William’s faking Parkinson’s? I am not. But he does have a terminal case of Drama Queen Syndrome.

        Also, I don’t think he comment was lawful contact for the purpose of settlement negotiations, do you?

    • Not faking, just using it to your advantage.

      Remember when someone brought up the inconsistency of you having “advanced Parkinson’s” and your ability to tweet so prodigiously, and you told everyone you were using voice recognition? Then you showed up on a youtube video proving you had almost normal manual dexterity?

      That’s only one of many documented examples. We rememeber.

      You lie about everything. So we have no reason to believe your latest downturn is anything more than an appeal to pity.

      You have nobody to blame but yourself.

    • Dearest Bill, please point out exactly where I said you were faking. If you can’t I’ll be expecting a formal apology from you by end of business today for your libel. Tick Tock Bwilly, better get to apologizing….

      • Wait a minute! Bill Schmalfeldt claimed that he had such severe Parkinson’s Disease that he could no longer type, and, had to rely on VRS.

        Personally, given the rate at which Bill Schmalfeldt tweets, I find it highly likely that Bill Schmalfeldt was in fact typing those tweets. So, yes, I am strongly suspicious that Bill Schmalfeldt is claiming to suffer a level of disability greater than that he currently is actually experiencing. I am not denying he suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, or that it is a progressive disease that will eventually claim his life, [if the twinkees don’t do so first.] Those are merely strawmen claims Bill Schmalfeldt issues to deflect attention from his apparent mendacity concerning his illness.

    • The comment and the “time line” reminds me of the old saying:
      “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

      • Miney, those are some good words for Fatboi…I don’t think morons have the capacity to think but it is worth a try…

    • I hereby confess that I used to believe that he was faking it. I now have to state clearly and unequivocally that I believe he truly and most sincerely suffers from WVOPD (Wildly Variable and Opportunistic Parkinsons Disease).

    • Isn’t this the same Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt who was claiming waaaaaay back in March of 2013 that he was unable to SPEAK ON THE TELEPHONE because of his Parkinson’s Disease progression?

      Why, yes. Yes, it is. *yawn*


      BTW — The video is no longer embedded within the blog post. I’d guess it’s no longer available courtesy of The Memory-Hole Whisperer. *smh*

      • Didn’t see this before I posted up above. Yes, he claimed that several times last year, and he memory-holed a bunch of videos a few weeks ago.

    • Wee William, by your daily activities you misrepresent your disorder. Your threats are as flaccid as your lack of virility to carry them out. Do you remember the reward that you offered my geolocation? How did that turn out? That should give you a hint as to how this will turn out. Wee William, do the words monkey and football ring a bell? I bet your impotence as a human being led you to become a deranged cyberstalker. Your tweets illustrate this fact on a daily basis. So when this doesn’t go your way, will you be on your deathbed again? Does a priest need to be in attendance at court to deliver last rites when your failure becomes apparent? I’m looking forward to servery mocking your dying shtick once again.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt’s affliction of using far-reaching rationalization rears it ugly head quite often.

    Here’s another example of Bill Schmalfeldt’s habit of twisting an actual situation into a whale of a lie:

    Schmalfeldt’s version:
    1) Hoge filed over 300 bogus charges against Schmalfeldt.
    2) County attorney threw out the charges because they were bogus.

    What really happened:
    1) Hoge reported violations of a peace order to the county attorney.
    2) County attorney examined the report, determined that violations had indeed occurred.
    3) County attorney filed over 300 charges against Schmalfeldt.
    4) During mediation, Hoge agreed that the county attorney could drop the charges if Schmalfeldt followed a mediation agreement.
    5) County attorney dropped the charges.
    6) Schmalfeldt immediately violated the mediation agreement.

    Schmalfeldt can lie all he wants on the internet (sort of), but that’s not going to help him in any court of law. Why does he even bother? Doesn’t he have an actual life to live which requires that he get up from his computer and do something productive?

  4. The idea that the ADA requires the government to allow criminals to commit crimes is creative – in a comedy sort of way …

  5. Hehe. Hahaha. Hehehehah ahaaaaa! Bwahahahahah! Snort! Hoooohooohooo! Hehehe! Gasp! Snort! Wheeze! Bwahahahahahaaaaahahaaaaaaaa! Hoo boy that’s a good one.


  6. The Lady Schmalfeldt gets a slight summer cold and DOOM!!! The Lady Schmalfeldt no longer has her “diaphragm” voice and immediately DOOM!! What a blessing that we will never again hear her say. “and I will visit there ANY TIME I WANT!”

    Diagnosis: Too many hot dogs slathered with mayonnaise sucked to the Elkridge Horror’s cavernous maw inside that dark, dank, humid, warm, sweaty-palmed place while murmuring sweet nothings to her fishing equipment and imagining fun times most foul indeed. “Oh sweet, dear bobbers, I’ve got you in so deep!”

    Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom

    • Be the [redacted], Bill. Be the [redacted]!

      RADIO NIXON @RadioNixonUSA · 10s

      #NowPlaying on Radio Nixon, The Things We Do For Love – 10cc http://wms-db.com

      Replied to 0 times

      RADIO NIXON @RadioNixonUSA · 1m

      No more Mr. Nice Guy. [Extracted from moderated post]

      …..and that’s all she wrote!!

  7. Let’s show him the humanity he has failed to show others, sure its a lost cause because since 2011 online he has been blaming Republicans for his disease in his responses in a thread where PROGRESSIVES on a HARD LEFT blog were telling him to basically go away.

    He didn’t get the msg that no one right or left wants anything to do with him

    But he is suffering and his voice is gone so is his ability to seek contrition from others, that opportunity to turn back from the course of action has passed except in writing now

    He needs to stop this and stop blaming others for what no one can stop a disease that has no cure.

    • one day (hopefully soon) a Judge will point out to Bwilly that mockery is NOT a criminal offense, nor an actionable civil tort…


    • No, no. Remember, somehow our daily chuckle sessions are a khinspiricy to boost the hits for Hogewash!.
      Now, I just checked and there are no ads on this page. In fact the bleg jar isn’t on here. This is not Mr. Hoge’s place of business per se; so basically, we’re all just sitting around in Mr. Hoge’s virtual living room and some of us are commenting on how dumb bill is. Now, Mr. Hoge likes his living room rug, so he won’t let bill come in; since he kept (metaphorically) pooping on it. But being a virtual living room, the walls are somewhat thin, and bill likes to press his ear against the wall just to hear someone — ANYONE talking about him. Of course bill being the lowlife scuz and deranged cyberstalker that he is, he takes plain old dismissive commentary about him and interprets that as HATE in the elevetith degree. Being a delusional excuse of a man, he pounds on the (virtual) door and demands that Mr. Hoge tell his guests to hush up and stop telling each other the truth about what they know about bill’s behaviour. Aaaand, since not a day goes by that bill doesn’t do something loud, noxious and amazingly dumb; there’s a regular cornucopia of stupid stuff for us to chat about when things get slow in the space pr0n or Kimberlin discussions. Soooo, there’s very often a conversation that demonstrates the very points we regularly make about the deranged cyberstalker and adjudicated harrasser bill m. schmalfeldt. Viola’! The recipe for a good blog: comment fodder that renews itself on a regular basis.

      Funny thing is; his (self admitted) dementia is apparently so bad, that he thinks there’s a crime in a group of people discussing among themselves the depravity of a deranged cyberstalker. But he never has shown how that’s harrassment, or defamation or any other tort.

    • “The Third Circuit Court of the State of Maryland hereby decrees that William D. Schmalfeldt knock it the hell off with spamming the court. And we meeeean it!”

    • Mr. Nice Guy runs the place. Mr. Irrelevant Blowhard is the guy annoying judges with ex-parte nonsense. The court is not your Mom, Blob, and they’re not The Bobber either.

    • Alternatively:

      1) Bill Schmalfeldt flies into a rage.
      2) BS writes something foul and objectionable.
      3) Hoge (or a “lickspittle!”) posts something BS wrote.
      4) BS flies into a rage.

      It’s a circular process. It wouldn’t do any good to ignore him, is the saddest part.

      • Step 3 is fully interchangeable with a step “Everyon everywhere fails to notice the BS post”.

        I could show graphically how this works if I knew how to draw Feldt charts.

  8. Somebody (with a LOT of time on their hands) needs to put up a searchable file of all of Willy’s old tweets, going back to the beginning. That way, when he tweets “IT ENDS NOW” or “NO MORE MR. NICE GUY”, you can search it and repost every other instance he said exactly the same thing, with no result.

  9. Does this open up his medical records and subject his physicians to depositions for the lawsuit? I understand that details would certainly be sealed.

    • IANAL, but it is my understanding that for a claim of “Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress” to stand, the person claiming they have been distressed has to prove that said distress has provably affected their physical and/or mental health. Which does indeed involve medical exams. And I believe the person accused of doing the inflicting gets to have a doctor of their choice examine the plaintiff, and the plaintiff has to pay the bills.

      Of course the fact that Bill was tweeting only a few days ago that the fight was making him stronger might make that just a wee bit hard for him to prove. 😉

      • I’m sure that Mr. Jones Esq. will find something he thinks can be twisted to make it stand alone.

        We’ll definitely need some new bingo cards then.

  10. Psst Bwilly. Your favorite ally (Harada) called it ‘mocking’ … not defamation or libel. Might want to talk to her about that. You know, get your conspiracy act together.

    • certain people seem to think other blog owners somehow have a legal responsibility to prevent commentors from mocking other people’s stupidity thru moderation…

      I wonder why that is….


    • Well, in her defense, she is dumb as a rock. Yesterday (check her tl) she posted “Hate Crime” legislation as proof that Willy’s “hate crack” was an actual crime.

      • ah, yes…the liberal idea that because you think someone “hates” then they are guilty of “hate crime”, completely ignoring the FACT that a criminal act has to take place first…

        mind you considering that Bwilly’s hate for Hoge and other BK “enemeies”, seem to be behind all his attacks against Hoge etc, accusations of a hate crime more correctly describes him and his behaviour than anyone here IMHO….

      • She also misuses the word “infer.” Where have I seen that before? The Harada person is a handler.

  11. Neal N. Bob wrote: “And his idiotic radio nonsense will be back by Friday, most likely called ‘Lozenge Radio.'”


    If Blob’s throat didn’t need a lozenge before — it certainly needs one now — courtesy of that hellacious cough he ground into his microphone.

    Is he suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or tuberculosis? Good grief.

  12. There was a guy from a trailer park
    Who came down with ailments at opportune times
    And if on such timing you should happen to remark

    • I think this is a literal Munchausens by Internet. Whereby the actual Internet and it’s content causes the disease. We are gonna need a new entry for the DSMV by jove!

      But how truly sad it would be to find out that he really is pulling a Munchausens on everyone. It is certainly the weirdest case of it I’ve seen (and I’ve seen them going back to that Casey girl) by a long shot.

  13. I will say one thing about William, he is right about hate for him driving hits.

    I know a lot about blogging. So, when youngsters come to me looking for advice, I always tell them the same thing; “Find an anonymous blowhard from Maryland and mock him. It’ll be even better if he’s crippled. And stupid.”

    Needless to say, when they follow my advice, money starts raining out of the sky and strange women throw themselves at those bloggers. Hasn’t failed yet.

    It’s nice to be a mentor to young people.

  14. The bluster is pure Principal Richard Vernon:

    That’s the last time, Bender. That the last time you ever make me look bad in front of those kids, you hear me? I make $31,000 a year and I have a home and I’m not about to throw it all away on some punk like you. But someday when you’re outta here and you’ve forgotten all about this place and they’ve forgotten all about you, and you’re wrapped up in your own pathetic life, I’m gonna be there. That’s right. And I’m gonna kick the living s&$#@ out of you.

    • I do so hope he also included his blogs where-in he continues to use copy and comments from THIS blog even though the Hogewash TOS expressly denies him the right to for any purpose (that means he can’t claim Fair Use, regardless of what he thinks)


  15. Sooooo, JJJJJJohn, where the hell are you? You’ve bbbbbeen away for a lllllllllllllllong time nnnow and I’m kkkkinda lookin’ for somethin’, yyyya know?

    HHHHHHow about some of that cccccchoice, uh, “Hotel Charlie” for us.

    You know we’ll ppppppay. (insert BS insanely cackling here)

    CCCCCCome ON! I’m needin’ me some HATE!!!

  16. https://twitter.com/RadioNixonUSA/status/494996311003758594

    “OH, I can’t type because of my disease. I need to use voice recognition software.”

    “I never said I used VR software”.

    “I NEVER delete tweets”.

    “I didn’t report the Stranahans to the police”

    Shall we go on, liar?

    Nobody is saying your symptoms (sequellae?) are true or not. They are saying you are a proven liar.

    • So Willy makes a podcast yesterday, and throughout it he has a completely clear, strong voice.

      Today he no longer has a voice because of his disease.

      Uhhhhh, no Willy. I doesn’t work that way.

    • He’s so vile. He should be beyond embarrassed and ashamed at the way he behaves.

      Not buying the “Let’s all say a prayer tonight” crap. Have watched the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt in action for far too long.

      The Blob has not only REPEATEDLY stated he desires for our Gentle Host to suffer — but, has made it PERFECTLY clear he would take great joy in the suffering.

      Sick. Soulless. Freak.

  17. Bill? Honey? Snookums? It’s end of day in my little corner of the universe and you have not pointed out where I said you were faking your illness. You know what that means right cupcake? Yes indeed, it means you lied again. It means you libeled and defamed me. Yes sweetie, you callously hurt my feelings by blabbing to the two people you know on twitter that I said you faked your illness. Now you know I did no such thing. You admit as much by not pointing out where I said it by my arbitrarily set time. So by Schmalfeldt Rules, you now owe me. But being as I’m above the emotional maturity level of an 11 year old girl, I won’t act like you okay my little precious? I’ll chalk it up to old Bwilly just being the lying liar that he has always been. See how easy it is? Just let it gooooooooo. Take a deep breath. Easy you don’t inhale that footlong now. Deeeeeeep breath.

    • Also, I don’t remember suggesting that my character and reputation are worth millions of dollars. Or did I? I’m getting so forgetful in my dementia old age.

      You, rather ridiculously, do.

  18. This straight up says Cabin Boy thinks he should get a pass in harassing people, because he has PD. One has to wonder what additional criminal activity he feels he should be allowed due to his affliction. #facepalm

    • amazing every day he finds somehow to impeach himself further – incredible given the sheer volume that there is any new territory

    • Wonder what the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt would use as an excuse for his evil, anti-social behavior if he couldn’t conveniently whip out and play his Parkinson’s Disease card.

      I’d wager he’s going to work hard at earning himself an Oscar during mediation… the demented freak.

  19. Going WAY backs to the sheer obliviousness of his assertion, he STILL is babbling that he has a right to communicate to Hoge rather than about Hoge. Many here think BS is stupid. Oh no, he is much worse. Despite his intelligence, he deliberately repeats over and over again things so stupid that a rather slow 10 year old would recognize their stupidity. He insults his own intelligence. If he was cuckolded, it’s because no woman with any self-respect could possibly want even to risk perpetuating the genes of a man so self-debasing. Any man whatsoever would be a better choice in the gene pool.

    PS I notice that everyone credits his assertion that he has Parkinson’s. What evidence is there that he consistently tells the truth?

  20. He’s baaa-aack. And because he can’t spin it in a way that helps his very good friend, he brings up something totally unrelated.

    The sanctions against Brett… does that mean Hoge somehow invented a time machine to go back and fix his fatal error in his copyright case?
    10:41 AM – 1 Aug 2014

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