212 thoughts on “Silurians?

  1. The new sanitary toilet or “Johnny-on-the-Spot” for Lady “Snitch” Schmalfeldt especially designed for her “Biggies” and Depends. It’s where she’ll be living after she loses her single-wide.

  2. Well whatever made the holes did it from inside out. The fact that tundra has started to claim the dirt around the edges of the holes says they didn’t “just” happen but have been there for quite a while undiscovered. Wonder what else the story can get wrong?

  3. So, a thread with a few gratuitous insults thrown in, and Willy is whining that John isn’t moderating his comments. For what, exactly, Willy?

    If there is a incident that better shows how hollow all of Willy’s legal claims are, I can’t think of one. As of my writing there are only 3 comments, 2 of which insult, to various degrees, BS. There is nothing here that is defamatory or otherwise illegal, just plain insults. THAT is what Willy doesn’t want, he doesn’t want to be insulted, and, worse yet, he wants the courts to protect him from being insulted, TWICE.

    It don’t work that way Willy.

    • Bottom line: Schmalfeldt seems to be demanding editorial control over this blog and its comments.

      • If William wishes not to be mocked, he should reconsider being such an awful human being. He might find it happens less.

        On a completely unrelated note, I am the only one that has wondered what the combination of mayonnaise and sulfur smells like?

      • This.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is in NO position to demand ANYthing of ANYone.

    • Hollow legal claims, you say?


      Yes, kids! Under ACME Law, opinion is protected speech, as long as you keep it to yourself.You can’t have an opinion that someone is deranged without a medical diagnosis, lickspittles! Because I’m gonna tell my Judge on you and she’s gonna tell your Mom and you’re gonna be in big trouble and where did I leave that mayonnaise!?

      That boy’s got a lot of derp in him.

  4. maybe it’s the molemen that John Quincy Adams was looking for. Pretty close to the right spot.

  5. Poor Willy, drawn to Hogewash like a (well fed and highly unaerodynamic) moth to a moth-zapper.


  6. Can’t blame him. An interesting post about sinkholes and you guys turn it into an “Insult Schmalfeldt Hour.” Not that he doesn’t deserve such things, but some of you guys are like a broken record.

    Mr. Hoge, loved the Doctor Who reference.

    • Interesting point. And what was it about my comment that John should have “moderated”?

      • Nothing.


        And, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is the LAST person on the face of the Earth qualified to judge or ridicule others’ ability to “control” themselves.

        Did the Blob “control” himself when he was asked repeatedly to leave the Stranahan family in peace? Did the Blob “control” himself when he was asked repeatedly to leave our Gentle Host alone, and cease all contact? Did the Blob “control” himself when he was placed under a Peace Order, and required BY LAW, to NOT contact our Gentle Host (yet continued to do so hundreds of times)? Has the Blob “controlled” himself, and abided by our Gentle Host’s requests regarding contact in the Copyright Infringement case/settlement?

        I could go on and on and on and on. Bottom line: Bwilly has insisted on injecting himself into others’ lives — in the most vile of ways — for years. He exhibits zero self-control when it comes to harassing, stalking, and threatening others. He has exhibited zero self-control when others have pleaded with him REPEATEDLY to simply LEAVE THEM ALONE.

        Forgive me if I have no sympathy for his demands (or, the requests of others) to leave him be. Firstly, Bwilly has no desire to be left alone. He craves the attention. He simply wants to CONTROL the attention he receives. Secondly, he deserves every bit of the attention he receives. He’s begged for it in the most lawless, negative and creepiest of ways.

        He can whine and bitch and moan and snivel all he would like. No laws have been broken. No threats have been made. If he cares not for insulting commentary concerning his current/past actions and behavior, he’s more than welcome to CONTROL HIMself, and stop rabidly visiting blogs which do not hold him in high regard.

      • Well, John Hoge “won’t” moderate the comment because John Hoge “shouldn’t” and “oughtn’t” moderate the comment. It is that simply.

        Legally, Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have a leg to stand on [If he keeps eating the twinkies he won’t have two legs that he can stand on either.] Insults are protected speech. His bloviating doesn’t alter the fact that this is the law.

        Then again, there is the law, and, there is justice. Some injustices are legal, and, some just acts are illegal. It should not be said that we are seeking the safe harbor of legality. Let me be clear. Bill Schmalfeldt is a disgusting and reprehensible human being who ought to be insulted incessantly in a very frank and pointed manner. Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions towards the Stranahans, and, others, has been so beyond that pale that he ought to excluded from decent society. [Low life scum, too, ought to exclude him from their company.] Bill Schmalfeldt ought to be exposed and criticized in every forum that he enters. To do any less would be a profound injustice to those he has victimized. It would also be a profound injustice to the rest of Parkinson’s sufferers whom he has tainted by seeking refuge from moral responsibility for his actions due to the illness.

    • Well, Cousin Bill should understand he is not well liked, primarily because of his obnoxious and pernicious behavior.

      If he doesn’t like what we say, he’s welcome to modify his behavior, stop inserting himself into issues that are none of his concern, and stop reading the comments.

      IOW, go away, Cousin Bill!

      [He’s heard that more than a few times in his life…]

      • Just, for the love of God, don’t mention childhood wrestling! It puts endless depraved thoughts into William’s sad little head.

        There is therapy for that, you know.

    • Not sinkholes! Interdimensional gateways!!! Don’t you follow the THEMIS reports?! Don’t you realize that Hoge is tampering with the very fabric of the universe??! This is just him showing off what his foolish Russian competitors did when they crossed the streams!

      • Exactly, Roy.

        Ignoring the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt does NOT work. One simply needs to ask any one of the numerous persons he has preyed upon. He simply ratchets up his disgusting behavior, and either resorts to harassing his former victims, or he finds new victims to abuse.

        Good and decent people should not hesitate to repeatedly expose the harassment, stalking, threats, and abuse the Blob has left in his wake (and, continues to engage in), and do as much as is legally available and possible to prevent this sociopath from racking up more-and-more victims.

        IMNSHO — Bullies should never be ignored, nor allowed to continue to abuse innocents with THEIR lack of self-control, and THEIR refusal to moderate THEIR horrific behavior and actions.

  7. Silurians wouldn’t have left a hole that big and noticeable, they usually “tidy” up after themselves..

    Mongolian Death worms however….not so much


  8. In response to what should be moderated in this thread, Mr. Bill comes up with yet a new, innovative legal strategy:


    And he continues to “explain”:

    RADIO NIXON @RadioNixonUSA · 27s

    I intend to prove that Hoge is a purveyor in “hate crack” and that if he didn’t allow people to post hate-filled comments, they’d desert him

    Well then, we have that new crime Mr. Bill has now discovered. “Being a purveyor of ‘hate crack'”.

    Now he’s inventing new laws he can charge John with. Can Willy get any more absurd?

    • If there’s a God, please let William use the phrase “hate crack” in court filings. If he could do it in a sentence where he misspells his own name again, all the better.

    • Unfortunately he probably will get more and more absurd. It’s a shame that someone should waste their lives on this, providing fodder for the popcorn and jujyfruit eating masses. But clowns have to be clowns. Sigh!

    • Anybody know the street value of a kilo of “Hate Crack”?
      ‘Cuz, see I know a guy, he knows this guy, and that guy can Totally set us up real easy. Knowhaddeyemean?

      • Might wanna ask the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt to make an inquiry for ya.

        From what I understand, Bwilly is “excellent” friends with a certain individual who may know a thing or two about drugs and drug deals.


    • 1) bill explains to Hizzonor that he is a laughingstock and a major boost to a mild mannered blog that reports on lawsuits about shutuppery and posts pretty pictures of space pr0n.
      2) ????
      3) King of the world!!!

      Unless #2 is alien intervention, I’m guessing bill’s plan has a hole in it.

  9. Poor Bill can’t even figure out what “hate crack” means, so he has to pretend it’s a “metaphor”, yet he can’t say exactly what it’s a metaphor for!

    • I think he resents the amusement we derive from his childlike interpretation of the law. He knows that we see him as an institutionalized idiot trying to use a universal remote to show his precious cartoons. As is universally true of idiots, this enrages William to no end.

      Try as he might, he can’t intimidate or coerce us to do his bidding, so he has to have a public pouting session and invent “hate” where it doesn’t exist.

      Contempt, on the other hand, is a different story. And one that I’m sure his sweetheart the judge might explain to him, perhaps even with pictures.

    • So sad, you can’t control yourself, and Hoge refuses to do what Bill says. And Bill can’t put a name to the crime he’s alleging is being committed.


  10. “Hate crack.” This from the guy who tosses out homophobic slurs and calls women c*unts.

    The stupid is strong with this one.

    • Fatboi continues to amaze us all with his moronic statements. I definitely agree with you, Sammy.

  11. Can I be the only one that doesn’t see the sweet, sweet irony of William writing under a huge banner of Richard Nixon and whinging about how he doesn’t like the things that are written about him? Please tell me I’m not.

    • I honestly didn’t appreciate the insult to Nixon (the original deceased one, not the pseudo-deceased one in Florida who I’m sure bill thinks he’s mocking).

      • I don’t believe it’s an insult as much as it is a tribute to the 37th president’s odder personality quirks, which William unknowingly personifies.

        Shorter Watergate; Nixon believed he was beset by hated enemies that wrote terrible things that offended his dignity and manhood. His response not only destroyed his presidency and disgraced him in the eyes of history, it made his supposed enemies not only virtuous, but rich.

        See where I’m going there?

    • Kyle, please don’t mention “Plumbers” around our dear Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt. He might get it into his head to hire Cubans to do untoward things.

      However, i suspect they don’t accept payment in footlongs and mayonnaise, and his wrasslin’ days are done.

      Yet ANOTHER Nixon analogy! Even though he wasn’t, Richard the 37th felt politically impotent due to his inability to carry Congress. Schmalfeldt is just impotent.

      Not only is this fun, it’s educational!

      • I heard he visited a clinic for his particular problem last year. It’s supposed to be the best clinic in the world for this and the grounds are gorgeous as it’s ideally located on the shores of Lake Flacid.

  12. Whoops, I meant to say, “Can I be the only one that sees the sweet…”

    I do get excitable sometimes, and my fingers can’t keep up.


    Kneel and Boob

  13. The thing about BS is that . . . .*THUNK*! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Sorry, I fell asleep there for a moment out of sheer boredom.

  14. Another insight into Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt …

    You’ll notice that he constantly refers to Judge Hollander as a “Clinton appointee,” as if justice is partisan and determined by a litigant’s voter registration.

    Listen to the real Nixon tapes. You’ll hear a lot of that.

    The way William’s personifying Nixon without realizing it, he’ll be calling us all “Jew cocksuckers” in no time.

    • On the other hand, Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt is smart enough to destroy the evidence on a weekly basis. It appears that he learned ONE thing from his spiritual father.

      • I thought the covef-up was worse than the cri…
        OMG! I just realized. Hoge is actually demonstrating that he know’s the location of the memory holes!

        All ur internetz ar belong to us~!!!!

      • That’s not smart when you’re involved in litigation or even anticipating litigation. It is construed as evidence of guilt.

  15. “Consciousness of guilt” I believe is the American term of art, although I could be wrong.

    Now I can alternate nicknames for William. I can use Oliver Wendell Jones or Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt.

    I do so love being me!

  16. ThehellwithhatecrackIpreferhateMETH!!!!!!!!!!!NnnnnothingisbetterthanthebuzzfromHHHHHATEMETH!!!!!WOOOHOO!!!!!!!ofcourseIkeepblowingupmysinglewidebrewingitupbutwhenitisgooditisGOODyaknowwhadImeanandIknowyoudoWOOOHOOO!!!!!IneedmemoreofthatHATEMETHsobacktothekitchenhopethedogsareout……..

  17. https://twitter.com/RadioNixonUSA/status/494540357183348737

    And there’s the persecution complex Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt shares with his spiritual father.

    Will there be a crazy letter going out to mommy .. I mean, Judge Sirica … Hollander today, William.

    If so, do spell check. Being a paranoid, semi-literate slob with a penchant for tearing up court papers in public is a high enough hurdle to overcome.

      • I’d not even heard of “hate crack” before yesterday, Perry. But I’m a simple foreigner. Your sophisticated American designer drugs confuse and frighten me. One would have assumed that the regular varieties of crack and heroin were enough. But I’ve always been told that Americans are a “go big or go home” people.

        However, the one American drug that has flooded the market is stupidity, and I’ve watched Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt tying off for that one for at least two years.

        One one hand, he’s too brain-shaken to engage in JOURNALISM, anymore. But on the other, he’s OLIVER WENDELL JONES, ready, willing and able to prove that Scopes was wrong and that all that is well and good in the world comes from the tender loins of Brett Kimberlin, and all that is evil and putrid descends from the “purse” (whatever that means) of WJJJ HOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, the !!ELEVENTY!!

        Although, I suspect that’s further projection on William’s part, since his own genitals have been merely decorative for years and, by his own admission, simply inadequate before that.

    • “They don’t say what.” — The Blob

      0.o Really? Truly?

      No one. Not one person. Not one “Hogeist.” Not one “Lickspittle.” Not one commenter. Not one comment. Not one blogger. Not one blog post. Not one tweep. Not one tweet. Not one Attorney. Not one Law Enforcement Officer. Not one Judge. Not one Peace Order. Not one Peace Order Extension. Not one Restraining Order. Not one Copyright Infringement Lawsuit.


      … has identified ONE, SINGLE THING the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is GUILTY of doing.

      Wow. Just wow.

      • Besides which, it is fully incumbent on Oliver Wendell Jones to actually prove something, which he really hasn’t. If he could prove “libel most foul,” I imagine that it would be his duty to point out specific instances of same and demand a correction, which he refuses to do because he’s just smarter than everyone else.

        He’d also have to prove not only that we’re factually wrong, but (because he’s an award-winning journalist and all, and therefore a public figure under New York Times co v.Sullivan) that our falsehoods are malicious, instead of just properly mocking.

        Then, if John is, by some miracle, found liable, Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt would have to demonstrate what his reputation is actually worth on the fair market. That should be simply delightful to watch!

        John, I know that I’m new here, and I don’t have the right to ask you to anything for me, but if you could please not oppose the counterclaim and send me a transcript, you’ll find that I do an excellent impression of William’s voice!

        It’ll be FUN!

    • Where did anyone say he was “guilty” of anything? Bless his heart, is he making things up again? I heard he does that a lot. In my day we called it “lying”.

      • Yes. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt most certainly has a thing for LYING. However, in the Blob’s defense, commenters HAVE accused (backed up, of course, with proof and facts) him of being guilty of a plethora of wrongdoings.

        Bwilly’s quite simply, and quite blatantly, lying AGAIN when he claims, “Now the Hogeists are declaring me ‘guilty.’ Of something. They don’t say what. But whatever it is, I’m guilty. Because Hoge.”

        Debunking Blob’s Lie #1:
        “Hogeists” have clearly and repeatedly and SPECIFICALLY outlined the actions and behaviors the Blob is horribly guilty of; and,

        Debunking Blob’s Lie #2:
        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser is solely responsible for his own lawlessness and misdeeds. NOT Hoge. ONLY Bill Schmalfeldt.

        Some of his guilty behavior has been posted in this very thread. And, in case Bwilly needs his addled memory refreshed, a laundry list of JUST SOME of his horrid activities were posted yesterday in the “Documenting Online Posts” comment thread by yours truly:

        “Yep. And, the d0xing of the baby was simply one of the Blob’s more recent, disgusting acts. This is the same guy who:

        Calls places of employment trying to get people fired;

        Calls Alphabet Agencies accusing others of child endangerment and abuse with ZERO proof;

        Repeatedly accuses a man of prostituting his wife;

        Posts an address — complete with a picture of the home — on the heels of a social-media call to rape someone’s wife;

        Writes gruesome, nasty, hate-filled “satire/parodies” about wives and children;

        Calls women across the country based on a pseudonym someone uses on a blog;

        Composes and shares a detailed fantasy about anal sex/rape;

        Composes and shares a fantasy in which an attorney and a Deputy District attorney are assaulted and/or murdered;

        Photoshops faces onto vile, pornographic images;

        Creates homosexual animation involving bloggers;

        Repeatedly uses homosexual references and slurs to insult others;

        Repeatedly engages in libel while accusing others of committing crimes;

        Constantly excuses, justifies, and/or ignores: forgeries, perjury, domestic terrorism, defaulting on judgments, child pornography crimes, d0xing, harassment, stalking, spousal abuse, lawfare, etc., committed by himself and/or his “excellent” friends — members of Team Kimberlin.

        And, that’s merely off the top of my head. FAR from a complete list of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s sociopathic behavior.

        And, now he’s attempting to take the moral high ground. *pfft* Unfortunately for the Blob, his lies cannot compete with the truth… per always.

        What a sick and deranged and abusive monster.”

        GUILTY. Because… SCHMALFELDT.

      • Frankie, we have accused him rightly of guilty behaviour, especially in the attempted destruction of evidence realm. In this very thread! Then again, the whole context is about a legal term of art, specifically “Consciousness of Guilt”. I guess he could look it up, but where’s the fun in that?

  18. https://twitter.com/RadioNixonUSA/status/494549197514080256

    Didn’t someone once tell me that insulting litigants looks bad in front of the judge?

    And yet more of the anal fixation and general, around perversion that will be ever so helpful when it comes time to adjudicate the worth of William’s public reputation.

    On the other hand, he could be an ass-to-mouth man, especially when other gentlemen are in the mix. I should be fair.

    Is that why your first two wives left you, William? Wouldn’t they share?

    • https://twitter.com/RadioNixonUSA/status/494549197514080256

      I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. William Mathew Schmalfeldt can’t HELP but win now. A more placid, gentlemanly, staid figure you’re unlikely to find in all of Christendom. His character, it speaks volumes, crying, begging to be seen in the light that himself presents it!

      I’m SOLD, good sir! Can I just give you money now and write public hosannas to you until I die?

      It’s, as they call it, a “slam dunk!”

      • I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. William Mathew Schmalfeldt can’t HELP but win now. A more placid, gentlemanly, staid figure you’re unlikely to find in all of Christendom. His character, it speaks volumes, crying, begging to be seen in the light that himself presents it!

        I’m SOLD, good sir! Can I just give you money now and write public hosannas to you until I die?

        It’s, as they call it in your CIA, a “slam dunk!”

        However, I should note that even your disreputable friend, Kimberlin, doesn’t put on displays like this when he’s before the courts. Haven’t you wondered why, William?

        Maybe a MRI is in order. Just a thought.

    • Right on queue.

      Finger painting with poo.

      Things haven’t changed one whit since he was in diapers. The first time, that is…

      Bill, cousin o’ mine, you really should see a professional about that feces fascination. It ain’t right.

      “Matthew, get the hose, Bill’s done it again!!!”

      • I hope you take this the right way: I wish you were outed. I would live the big bucket of shut uppery that would head in Shakey’s direction.

        But I understand wholly why you don’t out yourself. I believe you said something before about the broader family dynamic. I get it. (FWIW, I also feel this way about Krendler)

      • No problem, gw. Totally understand.

        Hell, I wouldn’t be this “out” if I weren’t professionally certain that I can’t be doxed by anyone that doesn’t have NSA-grade resources…

        Working in the industry has certain…”benefits”, shall we say?

        Hi, Cousin Bill, ya big unlovable dope!


    The Russian sinkhole? Hoge’s fault.
    Hurricane Katrina? You guessed it, Hoge.
    Ebola? H-O-G-E.
    Al Qaeda? Hoge.
    Professor Moriarty? Actually, his real name is . . . HOGE!

  20. Hoge knows what Krendler likes! A nice, hot meal! http://t.co/EzPKigbMyH—
    RADIO NIXON (@RadioNixonUSA) July 30, 2014

    William, do you know who else was thought to suffer from cropophelia?

    Hitler. Just sayin’.

    Now, before you go running to mommy Judge Hollander with this, I want to make a few things clear.

    Hitler, as an Austrian housepainter, managed to wind up the Chancellor of Europe’s greatest power. From there, he managed to conquer the territory from the English Channel to the suburbs of Moscow.

    You made a poopy joke, while arguing that you aren’t fixated about anal contact between men.

    By almost any scoreboard, sir, you’re worse than Hitler.

  21. Willy, don’t you find it enlightening (everyone else, STOP GIGGLING!) that John is able to moderate his own blog, yet allows caricatures of himself that you would undoubtedly find INTOLERABLE! without the slightest embarrassment?

    Shouldn’t that be a lesson for you?


  22. William, if you promise to add me to your Six-Hundred-And-Sixty-Sixth Amended counterclaim, I promise that I’ll make even more fun of you.

    Because, as Father Paul of the First Church of Krendler reminds us “All we have …is fun! Want to have fun, William?

    But you’ve essentially destroyed your counter-claim today with a combination of arrogance, all -around arrogance and a very public display of your own perversion. Oh, and you’ve as much as admitted that you’re a liar by saying saying that you don’t delete tweets and only change feeds because you’re mentally ill.

    Not only are you a demonstrable idiot, my good lad, you’re a shit freak!

    Now, run along, and tell mommy Judge Hollander about that!,/em>

  23. I hope our host is screen-capping the Twitter timeline because it’s particularly disgusting today. Words like “taint” and “scrotum” used in an insulting fashion. But BS, who has often admitted that he is a very vulgar man, claims to be the victim. Frankly, I don’t want to post those tweets, but I’m mentioning it for the purpose of “exhibits.”

  24. “Most people have never had to deal with a deranged cyberstalker, and therefore have no idea what one obsessed kook can accomplish in terms of online harassment. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Schmalfeldt sent me more than 200 unsolicited harassing Twitter messages in the span of 48 hours, including threats to contact my wife.
    Thus the absurdity of Schmalfeldt claiming it is “defamatory” for me to describe him as “deranged.” His derangement is self-evident, and I have merely described it. When someone behaves in ways that are demonstrably crazy — and keep in mind that Schmalfeldt has been relentlessly harassing Lee Stranahan for months now — you don’t need an advanced degree in psychology, and are not at risk of being sued for libel, if you say they are daft, zany, bonkers, wacko, demented, warped, nuttier than squirrel farts and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.” – Robert Stacy McCain, http://theothermccain.com/2013/02/21/and-now-helpless-victim-bill-schmalfeldt-heroically-suffers-glorious-martyrdom/

  25. Flashback: BS tells Daily Kos readers that if they don’t like his stuff, they shouldn’t read it:
    “Please Stop Reading My Diaries. Thanks.
    This diary, short and sweet, is really dedicated to the six people who found no humor whatsoever, thank you, in the piece I wrote yesterday about how it’s the “butt stuff” that male homophobes find so scary about “teh gey”.
    It is not an apology.
    It’s a suggestion.
    Stop reading my stuff.”

    Today: BS keeps reading others’ stuff and tells them to “STFU.”

  26. https://twitter.com/RadioNixonUSA/status/494582681271689216

    First, it wouldn’t matter. Well out of your court’s jurisdiction. I’m not a U.S citizen or resident, so you have fun spending time, energy, money and energy that you don’t have, William. I could ignore it with impunity.

    Second, three quarters of the fun would be seeing you get out of your fat boy chair and making the effort. If you’re gonna cum’nget me, I do deserve a little fun, no?

    Third, good luck in presenting a claim upon which relief can be granted. Hint, being a thin-skinned cuckold doesn’t count.

    Fourth, prove where – in context – that anything I’ve ever said about you is factually wrong. That’s sort of important for Judge Hollander to have before she even thinks about trying to serve a foreign provider an order that she knows will be ignored.

    Fifth, do so that I did with actual malice.

    Also, that assumes that you get through what you should assume is an anonmyzer IP to prove what country I even live in. Even if that happens, your court orders will mean nothing because you’d be too stupid, lazy and poor to actually serve me,

    Do have a good day. And try not to choke on your own tongue, stupid.

    • Also, if my understanding of procedure is correct, you’re fresh out of amended counterclaims. Don’t you just get two? And I’m pretty sure that the one where you misspelled your OWN NAME was in the second one, right?

      But do keep making threats that you can’t carry out, pussy. It makes me smile.

    • He can’t point to anything. That’s why he came up with this “HATE CRACK” stupidity. You can be damned sure that if he did have anything remotely like libel against you, he post it as quickly as he posted Grace’s “Deranged Cyberstalker” bilge. Once she posted, he came back with a tweet in minutes. But that was all he had. Now he’ll just hide behind the “I’m saving it for the judge”.

      • In my case, it doesn’t matter. I’ve stayed away from actual libel because,

        A) it reflects badly on our host.
        B) It’s “not my style.”

      • Nor do I, but it’s no secret that our host is not shy about cleaning up things he deems to be a mess if the circumstances warrant. So, no, there is no “there” there. But, as “Reader” just pointed out, Willy does very regularly call John things like “thief”, “vexatious litigant”, “stalker”, etc. So he’s got that over his head.

  27. Willy, a PRO TIP: When all you’ve got left to argue is “I’m NOT a deranged cyberstalker, I’m just an Adjudicated Harasser”, you’ve lost the argument.

    • Good grief. Tis the same song-and-dance as when I referred to Bwilly as a “sociopath.”

      *yawn yawn yawn*


      (1) I will give you nothing. I don’t dance for you. However, based on your Twitter performance today — you evidently dance for me. Bravo, Blob.

      (2) I have not attempted to “diagnose” you as “deranged.” Based on your long history of harassment, stalking, and rabid, anti-social behavior, I am of the OPINION you are a Deranged Cyberstalker of the highest order.

      Now, put that in your Hate Crack pipe, and smoke it.

  28. it’s so sad that a man who is DYING!!1!! of PD has nothing better to do, nay is incapable of doing anything, other than spewing hate all day everyday on twitter and his own bleg…


  29. But if you insist, William, here it is Marshall Mellow of 1416 Wellesbury Lane, Huntsville AL, 35807, phone number 256-555-2455, Social Security Number 422-51-2890, clean criminal record except for 2 speeding tickets, 10 unpaid parking tickets and an expunged juvenile vandalism arrest, FICO score of 700, owed $1600 on his Harley, carried a $1.7 million life insurance policy and a $128K mortgage note

    I just DOXED myself, just like you accused Krendler of doing!

  30. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt SOOOO enjoys bringing family members into his deranged, cyberstalking, sweaty-palmed, happy place.


    The screeching and squawking would be epic if anyone had suggested the Blob’s poor, poor Mayo and Fro-Yo Deliverer must be chomping at the bit to suck on a tailpipe.

    Just can’t point it out enough…

    Hypocrite. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt. *smh*

    • He calls her a “lady judge” on his blog. All the “lady” judges and attorneys I’ve known would not be pleased by that description. Sort of like calling African-American Ali Akbar a “manservant.” Or Aaron’s Asian wife, a “mail order bride.” Hey, I’m sensing a theme here! Or Stacy McCain a “bukake boy.”

  31. Notice how quickly Willy jumped on Gracie, yet can’t even begin to come up with ANY other example of libel. Which, as he tells himself on twitter, is an everyday occurrence on this blog.

    And still, no evidence of all the libel against Mr. Hoge.

    • Notice how he attributes one of my comments to Gracie, after accusing me of accusing him of “criminal behavior” by saying how sad it is all he can do is spew hate..
      who knew spewing hate is now a criminal offense??

      sure you know who I am Bwilly…
      you just go right ahead and run with that, but better save up first.
      Kimberly’s already got a lawyer lined up and ready to bury your stupid ass just as soon as you attempt to go after her for my comments.

      stupid is as stupid does, and lying liars gotta lie…


    • Notice, too, how Bwilly has rabidly hyper-focused on JUST two words: Deranged and Cyberstalker — yet has COMPLETELY avoided addressing each-and-every item in the laundry list I posted above — clearly identifying and outlining what any sane and rational person would deem the behavior of a Deranged Cyberstalker.

    • No, it’s not provably true. By BS’s OWN RULES, Hoge has to have been convicted of the crimes BS accuses him of. There are no convictions.

    • where in that comment do I express publicly that he is “suffering from a mental illness”??
      he’s seeing things that aren’t there, IANAD but sounds like he just might be a bit delusional to me…


      • possibly both as his tweet was to Gracie but it’s my comment screencapped…unless he thinks we are the same person…


      • Bill admitted to mental illness about three weeks ago, when he was explaining why he deleted Twitter accounts that he didn’t actually delete. Once his meds were adjusted, all was right with the world … at least until this past weekend, when he said that he was taking his account private, only to start a brand new one.

        The perfectly sane are rather famous for needing meds, let alone having them adjusted.

    • As evidenced by Bwilly addressing Rain as Gracie.

      Memory? Reading comprehension? Rabid hate clouding his thinking and affecting his ability to correctly pound on the right keys?

  32. deranged


    having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind

    Synonyms balmy, barmy [chiefly British], bats, batty, bedlam, bonkers, brainsick, bughouse [slang], certifiable, crackbrained, cracked, crackers, crackpot, cranky [dialect], crazed, crazy, cuckoo, daffy, daft, demented

    That hole’s getting awfully deep Willy.

    Did you find any evidence of Mr. Hoge’s convictions on perjury, thievery, stalking, etc., etc. while you’re down there?

    • IANAL but almost daily sitting on a blog, constantly re-freshing in order to screen cap and screech about what others say on twitter, and threatening the commenters with lawsuits, may seem just a bit stalkerish to a judge/jury…

      Now this is the only time I’m going to say this Bwilly, you wanna cough up the $400 to drag me to court for some bullshit “libel/defamation” claim go right the fuck ahead, but this is your only warning. If you are stupid enough to use the incorrect info you got on my friend to try and go after me, be prepared to loose way more than just that filing fee.


    • Oh, goody! A smorgasbord of suitable adjectives.

      Wonder if anyone has ever been officially and clinically diagnosed as being bonkers, crackers, or cuckoo.



  34. And yet again, Bill shows he doesn’t understand the law. Mr. Hoge is not liable for anything anyone puts on here. You will be laughed out of court. And there is no libel or defamation. None. I’m not going to do your homework for you, Bill. You’ll have to figure out for yourself why you have nothing. Nothing.

    You’re as good an armchair lawyer as you are an investigative journalist.

  35. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Good know.

    Better for John and Paul Lemmen.

    Enjoy your evening, William.

    (drops mic)

  36. Willy, while your at it, how about a list of all of Hoge’s convictions of all the crimes you’ve accused him of.

    This is a big one Willy. It isn’t a commenter making a post on your blog, this is your own statement of facts. It isn’t going away.

  37. Lol! You really should have hired an attorney, Bill. By all means, go to court with your CDA Section 230. Go with your “blog as a weapon” argument.

    You. Will. Lose.

    Good night!

    • Another day of impressive impeachment by the Certified Adjudicated Serial HArasser and Wednesday School Of Journalism and Bus Pass office graduate

  38. A Reader gets the credit for chasing Willy away for noticing that he’s accused John of at least half a dozen crimes, which, by Willy’s rulz-of-the-innnertubez, is a death sentence.

    Well done Reader. I never thought he could move so fast.

  39. Well, he’s back, and back to the “hate crack” legal theory. I guess if there are enough “hate” comments in a blog post, it triggers some secret law that only he and the little terrorist know about.

  40. It seems like Willy has managed to really screw things up for himself today. His tweets are a horrid mess and he was deftly baited into restating some things about himself that were best left unsaid and will really bite him on the ass in the near future. And then he completely flushes his “libel” argument down the toilet demanding proof of conviction as a means out of it, while there must be over a hundred tweets of his accusing John of all sorts of crimes. (We should make a list).

    He is now screwed. Either he gives up on the “deranged stalker” BS (which has no bite to it anyway) or he starts listing all of Hoge’s convictions.

    All in all a dismal day for a dismal person.

    • Like taking candy from a big, fat baby.

      The worst thing that could happen to the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is if he were to find himself in front of a jury.

      Bwilly is truly his own worst enemy. *smh*

      • He will go into full blown PD victim mode. Wheelchair. Some nervous tics and spasms. Some vocal impairment. A truly Oscar worthy performance that could conceivably work on a jury.

      • I think all that would be needed is some of Bill’s videos plus his own tweets and posts about how his doctor and his wife have been telling him to drop everything (and we can show that when he ignores the “Hogeists” 99% of us ignore him) or else it will kill him. Since he hasn’t dropped it, and I doubt that Gail is forcing him to read this blog, he has obviously chosen to make himself ill.

      • If I were having to deal with this, I’d also point out how Michael J Fox stopped taking his meds before some appearances to make his symptoms look worse and garner more sympathy for the cause, a move which upset many people, even those who support embryonic stem cell research for PD. I’m sure the jury would find the idea of someone exaggerating his symptoms for sympathy somewhat less sympathetic

  41. Let’s see, Richard Milhous Schmalfeldt admits that he hasn’t been a journalist in some time, because he can’t remember “details.”

    That should come in handy in the many (for the are legion) Kimberlin trials. Those communications should now be open to either discovery, or appeal thereof.

    Admits JUST NOW that he shouldn’t be practicing journalism, but just last night was “investigating” Lemmen’s church, and accusing John of crimes in relation to it. IF the church is above board, the named officers now have a beautiful, irrefutable libel claim against William.

    Seems to me that there isn’t a journalistic shield here for William to hide behind. It also shreds any protection that he might claim to have in his counterclaim, since all of that occurred after he admitted that he’s not quite right in the head.

    John, by winning the Internet tonight, I think you owe us all a great big drink!

    • John Hoge, international bad-guy and internet puppet-master. All he had to do was start a thread based on a big-ass hole in Russia, and it would trigger our subliminal memories to launch into an orgy of Billorrhea.

      Damn he’s sneaky.

    • He really can’t tell hate from mockery. We mock him because of what he writes and does. Posting a pic and address of an innocent families home after one of his “friends” tells people to go rape the wife? There is no word strong enough for that evil. But we are the haters. Photoshopping an innocent woman onto a huge cactus penis because…well, because he hates people and will try to hurt them by trying to humiliate their innocent wives never mind that he got the totally wrong people and earned yet another restraining order. But we are the haters. Calling some random woman a whore, slut etc because again he mistakenly identified someone he hates are her boyfriend? Perfectly OK with Master William. But we are the haters. Threatening some woman with having her kids taken away if she didn’t answer questions that were none of his business? Again, no problem for the man with no morals. But we are the haters.

      Bill’s problem is that he can somehow block out all rational human thought and decency to do and write the things he does and can’t figure out why decent folks might dislike him for it. Remember how he tried to out the woman who disagreed with his foul anal rape screed on KOS. His hate knows no ideological bounds. He hates the left, right, and middle. He hates. Period. He doesn’t seen to be happy unless he has someone to hate. I really don’t think it matters who it is. Anyone who disagrees with the Almighty Schmalfeldt is a target.

      • All that hate will kill him eventually.

        I think Ken White described it perfectly:

        “Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.” – Ken White, Popehat

      • To all who inadvertently hit the wrong vote symbol. You can change your vote simply by pressing on the correct symbol and your vote will then change while simultaneously adjusting the totals correctly.

  42. I have read the “Time line” and the comments here. I have this to say someone needs to go and HIRE A LAWYER AND REMAIN SILENT, then do what the lawyer advices him to do. I am not talking to WJJ Hoge.

  43. A slight diversion from the discussion of Billy Boy, but that ‘hole’ is actually a very natural and common phenomenon in hilly permafrost regions. It is caused by groundwater beneath the permafrost layer pooling due to artesian pressure, causing the permafrost to buckle locally and forming an ice ‘cap’ over the artesian spring, said cap grows until it breaks the surface then, exposed to sunlight, melts and a large sinkhole is formed in that exact configuration.

    • Indeed. Hence, the Blob’s balled-up fists and stompy feet and renewed cries of DOOOOOM.

      Bwilly sure likes the dishing-it-out part of his sick games. Unfortunately for him, good and decent people done grew tired of his harassment and threats and lawless behavior long ago.

      Pushback, and punishment courtesy of the courts, are all he has to look forward to now. Not to mention, an utterly destroyed reputation — of which HE is solely to blame.

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