Follow the Money

The Washington Examiner reports that Sandra Fluke’s biggest campaign contributor in her run for the California State Senate is Sandra Fluke. While she has raised more total money than her competitor,

If you remove family donations and loans, Allen has raised $330,141. Removing the same from Fluke and she’s only raised $278,859.01.

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26 thoughts on “Follow the Money

    • I was thinking the same thing. She couldn’t afford the $10 a month for pills so wanted everyone else to pay for it. Now she seems to have pretty deep pockets. Don’t tell me a Dem LIED! Shocking!

    • this is hate speech against democrats and WOMENZE – the war on women!!!!eleventy!!!!

      All she was was a millionaire wife going to an IVY league schoolse and getting a humble law degree

      Dear Sandra, please please please, next time you decide to donate 150,000 plus to yourself thing of the 15,000 women you deprived of birth control

      Honestl, if I was Boehner, I would have her subpoenaed for lying to congress and proffer charges to the Attorney General like they wanted to do to all the oil guys years ago… (except they didn’t lie – democrats didn’t like what they said)

  1. I will join you and I will not stop until also Republicans quit forcing millionaire women to have to testify to congress that they need free birth control so they can fly first class to vacation destinations or run for office

    I wish it wasn’t soo cloudy though..

  2. On topic (yeah, where’s the fun in that); Fluke is yet another in a very long line of useful idiots. I would love to discuss first principles with her; except said conversation would, as usual, devolve into a laundry list of fallacious arguments ending in an approximation of Godwinian ad hominae about myself and my ancestors.

  3. Do you see what I mean!!!!!
    It’s a plague!!!
    Three comments in six minutes!!! (yeah I know, nothing like bill can punch out on an off day, but hey I’m’ trying!!! Where’s my gold star? FOCUS!

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