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I write about what interests me. This blog has traffic to the extent that what interests me is interesting to others.This Week's Top 8Here are the hits on Hogewash! for the last week. Just under 60% of the incoming traffic was to the Home page. The top four pages that had direct incoming traffic were all about the various lawsuits filed by The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. Fifth place was taken by the obituary for Michael Malone. The top story about the Cabin Boy™ wound up in sixth place with a smidgen over 2% of the site’s traffic.

The recurring features—Hogeman, Internet Astronomer; AYPWIP; Quote of the Day; Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign; and Blognet—all have solid followings, and I’ll keep doing them as long as they interest me. One of these days, I might bring back Blogsmoke.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has stopped by. Also, thank you to everyone who has hit the Tip Jar, used the Amazon link on the Home page, or bought stuff from The Hogewash Store.

69 thoughts on “The Contents of This Blog

  1. Five minutes left…..

    I haven’t been this excited since the last time Bill died. (well, almost)


    Three thoughts on this.

    1. He would never leave Twitter and his two imaginary friends there, or his blog. He’d just get another sock account and continue on like always, right Matthew Littlefeldt? He has no concept of honor or honesty so making a deal with him is worthless since he’s proven he can’t be trusted.

    2. All he really wants is to have something to run into court with to “Prove” that our host can delete any mention or reference to him. In other words all he wants is ammunition he thinks he can use.

    3. This blog has gone for days not mentioning or referring to him. Commenters have not mentioned or referred to him. Twitter users have not mentioned or referred to him. His response? After several days he lets loose with a hate screed worthy of the Klan Grand Dragon.

    So Bill? Stick it up your tuckus. You know you are playing games. We know you are playing games. You and we both know you are a lying, dishonorable jackass. So go find another hobby other than stalking this blog or trying to dox people that simply disagree with you. In other words, get a life.

    • how many times has Bwilly (claimed he was going to) quit Twitter? Quit his blog?? 4, ..5.., a dozen??
      Why should anyone take his word that he’ll “quit forever” when just earlier this week he claimed he was going private till Aug 14th and that didn’t even last a whole day??
      He’s full of it as usual, he’s anxiously awaiting some one to post something he copy and paste claiming it is “libel” for his LOLcountersuit (that’s still gonna get thrown out no matter how he tries to “juice” it up)…

      stupid is as stupid does, and lying liars gotta lie..


    • Me too! It’s a learning experience just reading those posts, I agree. Knowing so little about astronomy, at this point I’ve got no comments but if I keep reading them, maybe I’ll pick up enough to one day have some questions. 🙂

    • Yup. Space is enormously interesting but space is neither funny nor stupid. Space does not beclown itself. Space cannot be made to dance like a monkey. Space isn’t into the butt stuff. Space is not a righteous conqueror of evil while simultaneously being an enraged, crippled victim on the brink of death. In fact, the only thing space has in common with the Cabin Boy is enormity.

  3. Sorry, Bill, I don’t make deals with, nor accept challenges from, misogynistic, bigoted, homophobic harassers such as yourself.

    Take your “clock” and shove it.

  4. This is NOT a hate site. Sometimes it is a “wow, that guy has really gone off his meds” site. In other news, apparently you can download an app to automatically increase the irrational vitriol on your twitter feed and web site, and eventually the same app then shuts down your web presence, automatically deleting the crazy. Days later it signs you up under a new name, and the clock starts over. Cool.

  5. “If Bill Schmalfeldt wishes to stand down and abide by the terms of the peace order, I will have no personal motivation for continuing to waste pixels on him. If he gets out of the business of attacking my friends, I will have no reason to come to their aid against him. If he gets out of the business of supporting Team Kimberlin, I will have no reason to mention him in connection with my writing about them.

    The choice is his.”

    John Hoge
    “The Very First Time”
    Hogewash! — 14 August 2013

    Sounds simple enough. We all make choices.

    Deranged Cyberstalkers and Adjudicated Harassers just appear to be very bad at making good ones.

    Bwilly is in no position to issue choices, commands, ultimatums, or threats to anyone.


    • But without us, he has nothing, literally nothing, not even a thought… and he proves it every. single. day.

  6. I like Johnny Dollar the best (even in the originals) but would vote for episodes four times as long, but one fourth as often.

    If I had a say.

    Which I don’t.

    In any event, I could see the concept working for various targets. Joe Friday bringing Lois Lerner to justice. Matt Dillon investigating who was giving her orders. Johnny following the money trail.

    All it requires is for your current muses to stop being so gosh darned inspiring.

    • “four times as long, but one fourth as often”

      For one season the original “Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar” ran daily 15-minute episodes, with one work week making up a single storyline. They’re some of the most popular (most popular actor; longer time to tell a story made for more in-depth stories), so Hoge appears to be duplicating them.

      In spirit, if not timing.

  7. Jane wrote: “20:01 One second after eight – WOW! You’re good! No wonder you keep winning the internet, Grace. hahahaha”


    The blathering blister makes it far too easy. Who the heck does he think he is issuing edicts to a blog he has no control over?

    His hubris is mind numbing. *smh*

    Furthermore, it appears Bwilly truly has NO issues with “hate” and “name calling” and “insults” — as one, simple glance at his Twitter timeline and/or blog is all the convincing one needs to know HE delights in all of it a great, great deal.

    Again… Hypocrite. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.

  8. BS has stolen – yes, I am using the exact same word he uses when others post material from his blog – this entire post, and many of the comments. He is being sued for doing this.

    In his blog post, he engages in what I call Schmalfedltian sleight of hand – he claims or implies that something is true, when it is not, twisting the facts to suit his own ends. In this case, he claims that commenters couldn’t even go “one minute,” and basically, he won and everyone else failed. Except that there’s a big gaping hole here – he made an offer, and NO ONE ACCEPTED IT. The way he “reports” the story, however, suggests that an offer was accepted. There was no agreement, no meeting of the minds. He has imagined a scenario that simply doesn’t exist.

    • Reminder: BS promised the judge, in a pleading, that he would abide by this blog’s new terms of service. Those terms of service do not give him permission to use any material from Hogewash. Yes, court will be interesting, indeed.

      • What makes you think the court will do anything? They’ve done nothing to stop him or Kimberlin, so why will this make the difference?

      • I’m not saying the court will do anything. I am suggesting that the best way to discredit BS is to quote BS. Repeatedly. I am not going to go into more detail and risk educating him about where this may lead. I said “may” because you never know with litigation.

  9. You know, BS may “suck” as a person, but I doubt he sucks so much that he could create an internet singularity that could swallow this blog. I mean, he might implode, but he doesn’t have that much gravity to create a strong black hole despite his enormous.. ego…

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