In Answer to Some Questions

A former amateur investigative reporter who is now trying to work the religion page has asked several questions over the last day. Here is my answer:

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

UPDATE—If an intrepid religious report knew his stuff and he wanted to question the bona fides of someone serving as a treasurer of a religious fund, he would allude to John 12:4-6. Of course, that would require a working knowledge of his subject matter.

95 thoughts on “In Answer to Some Questions

    • Nothing says “legitimacy” like repeatedly engaging in unfounded and unsupported accusations and lies, threatening subjects of your “investigative reporting” if they respond with “No comment.” and/or “Pound sand!” because the journamalist is a Deranged Cyberstalker with a sordid history of creepy harassment and disdain for truth, and writing one-sided stories completely lacking facts.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt should really mind his own business.

      Or, not. To anyone paying attention… the Blob’s choices and behaviors are most certainly that of a sociopathic madman who has been itching for a set of bracelets for a very looooong time now.

      • Cyberstalker, adjudicated harasser slapped with peace/restraining orders from multiple states, affront to humanity Bill Schmalfeldt uses the word “legitimate” a lot. I do no think it means what he thinks it means.

      • Bwilly is assuming that others wont know that Lemmen has told him repeatedly NOT to contact him in any way shape or form..

        you know kinda like Hoge has done, yet Bwilly just can’t help himself..


      • And where is this “story” of Biwwy’s going to be published? Or is he planning yet another e-book which will get slapped with DMCA and privacy issue concerns and hastily removed by the publishing platform, allowing him to scream about how victimized he is?

  1. Is that

    A) former amateur
    B) former investigative
    C) former reporter
    D) all of the above

    Seriously – was the Single-Wide Satan ever anything more in the “newz biz” than an uninformed, opinionated wind-up toy? One of those ugly little monkeys you flip the switch on, and it screeches and bangs its little cymbals until you’ve got a migraine and you back over it with a car?

    • I hear he got fired. A lot. He’ll deny it but he wrote about it himself. I guess that’s how he ended up a gov’t hack rewriting copy that someone else handed him. I can’t imagine having to work with that buffoon.


    BS’s response to Michael asking questions? Threats of filing peace orders and libel law suits, plus calling MM a liar. Oh, and this:

    “Here’s a thought. Get back to your knitting and MYOFB. OK? This is between ME and HOGE and KRENDLER and NONE OF YOU HAVE A FUCKING THING TO DO WITH IT.
    Got it? Good. Now STFU.” – Bill Schmalfeldt, 27 July 2014

    Maybe he should take his own advice.

    • Technically, Michael was asking questions in the blind. Now we all know that BS can’t stay away from anything that mentions his name, so effectively the questions were asked of BS. The funny thing is, that BS would swear up and down that he had answered all of Michael’s questions, then not be able to reiterate or reference a single one. In fact his responses were nothing but bloviation and misdirection. I wonder if he actually thinks that counts as an answer?

  3. John, his obsession with you is beyond creepy and disturbing. Did he google you to find this?
    The victim position he’s taken validates those calling him a demented stalker. This is the same sicko who said I should eat rat poison. Freak show on wheels.

    • That being the case, William, I have a question of my own.

      Does Brett let you smell his fingers?

      You do understand, don’t you, old boy? JOURNALISM!

    • Indeed, consider how he talks about BK, (who has never publicly admitted to any wrong doing, regardless of convictions that netted him a sentence of 50 yrs), and feels he should never have his criminal past brought up for any reason by anyone ever and is somehow a good and trustworthy person…

      and contrast that with how he talks about Lemmen, a man who has consistently owned up to his criminal past, doesn’t hide/deny it and has repeatedly stated his apologies and actively works towards redemption, and yet to Bwilly, he will always be a criminal, liar/grifter and should never ever be trusted ever again…

      out of the two I know who I’d donate to with no worries…


      • Yes. Let’s contrast, shall we? Because, as we all know… “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

        July 2, 2014
        “Waiting on a Ruling, Losing Muscle Mass”
        by: Journamalist Bill Schmalfeldt (emphasis mine)

        “I think yesterday was a worse day for Brett than he wants to let on. He’s always been the one to downplay the significance of setbacks. I admire his spirit and his willingness, WITH HIS PAST, to go head-to-head with these people who seem to think they have a free license to LIBEL someone JUST BECAUSE OF HIS CRIMINAL RECORD. Truth is an ultimate defense to libel, but what these clowns are saying and have said is not true. IF OUR SYSTEM OF REHABILITATION MEANS ANYTHING, THEN EX-CONS SHOULD HAVE THE FULL RIGHT TO BE ALLOWED TO REASSIMILATE INTO SOCIETY. But the Hogeists don’t think Brett has crawled sufficiently for them.”

        July 28, 2014
        “As Foretold in Revelations?”
        by: “Investigative Reporter” Bill Schmalfeldt (parenthetic commentary mine)

        “Paul Lemmen — Purtend Genruhl. Fraud. Con Artist.”

        (Crawl, Paul. Crawl.)

        “Christian Hyman is just the sort of person Lemmen’s Parole Officer (Proof of the existence of Paul Lemmen’s Parole Officer?) has ordered him to steer clear of. (Proof of Paul Lemmen being ordered to steer clear of Christian Hyman?)”

        July 29, 2014
        “Wolves Among Sheep”
        by: Libeler Bill Schmalfeldt

        “Well it seems pretty clear that it is a scam.”

        “From: bschmalfeldt [email address redacted by Grace]


        Now, he [Paul Lemmen] seems to be setting up a new scam with the assistance of William John Joseph Hoge III of Westminster, MD.


        These men are actively engaged in soliciting money for this apparent scam.”

        Let’s review, shall we?

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt insists…


        … FOR his “excellent” friend — sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin — who has NEVER owned up to his criminal past, files suit(s) against those who dare to write of his past crimes, and TO THIS DAY refuses to make good on a judgment owed to the widow of the man whose legs he blew off.

        BUT, NOT FOR PAUL LEMMEN — who repeatedly and consistently owns up to his criminal past, has attempted to make his past sins right, has nearly served all of his debt to society, and who through faith and due diligence seeks redemption and eternal forgiveness via the Redeeming Blood and Grace of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

        What’s that the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt had to say about LIBEL again? Oh, yeah…


        It sure sounds like the Blob, Bunny Boy, Pet Willy Fergie, Harada (and, the rest of Team Kimberlin) sure don’t think Paul Lemmen has crawled sufficiently for them. How else to explain all of the scam accusations with no proof? LIBEL, anyone?


        And, BTW — Would the Blob equally admire Paul Lemmen’s spirit and willingness to go head-to-head against those who accuse him of perpetuating a scam if/when Mr. Lemmen decides to stand up against this LIBEL?

        What about someone without a criminal record? Would the Blob equally admire William John Joseph Hoge III’s spirit and willingness to go head-to-head against those who accuse him of perpetuating a scam if/when Mr. Hoge decides to stand up against this LIBEL?

        Hypocrisy. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.
        Liar. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.
        Fake Journalist. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.
        Phony Investigative Reporter. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.
        Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.

        Sociopath. Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • Wow Grace!

        So according to Bbill (not gonna give him credit as person anymore); reporting on past actions of someone still on parole for those actions, including bombing, forgery, drug smuggling etc., all on the public record, is libelous, but stating unequivocally that someone is committing a fraud, with no proof in context, that’s just reportage?

        Can I haz a facepalm to go with my runon?

    • I guess these are settlement negotiations? More exhibits for ADR and peace orders. Try as I might, I cannot find any legal purpose in those communications. Plus, the “ball” comment undercuts the victim narrative, I’d say.

    • Actually, haven’t there been attempts to wean Bill off of this blog? Haven’t those resulted in epic Schmeldtdowns? Doesn’t Bill usually raise the provocation to eleven?

      Show of hands, who’d rather talk about anything other than the blob? Who’d rather we discussed the progress of the frivilous lawsuits launched by his most excellent friend, the convicted perjurer, bomber, maimer, forger and drug runner?

    • p.s. Is that a new twitter handle? I thought Bill only had WMSradio…? Like ever and/or always; that he never changed names, oh sure handles, but not @ names. Why that would imply something nefarious if he were changing @ names, wouldn’t it?

    • p.p.s. Why would the status of this blog, with or without bill as subject matter, be of any relevance to his counterclaim? He really thinks this is tattle time with a third grade teacher, doesn’t he?

  4. I find it hilarious that Cabin Boy thinks you wouldn’t have a blog without him. The truth is, he wouldn’t have a Twitter feed without you, Willie would have zero friends, and Bunny Boy would have no fake causes to bitch about.

    • Indeed, we may not comment as much, but I’m sure Hoge’s page views wouldn’t drop a bit…

      • Good lawd, there’s a Cabin Boy in full meltdown on the Twitterz! Was the store out of fro-yo? Did the cable go out? Did the dogs finally run away? What can possibly merit 75+ tweets in one hour???
        LOL What a tool.

  5. Gus Bailey wrote: “So according to Bbill (not gonna give him credit as person anymore); reporting on past actions of someone still on parole for those actions, including bombing, forgery, drug smuggling etc., all on the public record, is libelous, but stating unequivocally that someone is committing a fraud, with no proof in context, that’s just reportage?”

    You got it.

    The Blob’s lack of self-awareness, lack of honesty and fairness in reporting, lack of legal acumen, lack of integrity, etc. is downright astounding.

    And, to think this is the very same creature who regales himself as a kind and decent man who has lived a life of strong, moral character. How he manages to wake up every morning and look himself in the mirror is beyond me.


      • LOL! Sowwy.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt can definitely be a heartburn-inducing sideshow.

      • Grace, just wanted to say, what you posted earlier contrasting Bill’s own statements regardling BK and Lemmen was EXACTLY the point I was trying to make, but you did it SO MUCH BETTER!!!

        can’t up ding it enough!!


  6. If anybody lurking is wondering about how Willy would handle being ignored, one need only look at a collection of tweets he posted back in March, I believe, aimed at Stacy McCain. Someone has the image file, and has posted it a lot recently. If you were to look at his whole timeline that day, nobody is mentioning him at all, and there was nothing on this blog about him. At one point he tweets something like “It’s sure is a slow day today”, then a little later, he launches into those vile, homophobic tweets toward McCain. Now McCain hadn’t tweeted or written anything about Willy in weeks, so this was totally unprovoked. He just couldn’t go a day without conflict.

    The sign of a truly deranged mind.

  7. How big of a coward does one have to be to delete very nearly EVERYTHING he’s ever posted on the internet?

    • How big of a coward does one have to be to try to delete very nearly EVERYTHING he’s ever posted on the internet?

      FIFY, the internetz are 4ever!!!eleven!!!

    • And as if on cue, Willy proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is incapable of telling the truth. In a moderated post here he states:

      “That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it Perry? But then, you’re not that sharp. Have you checked to see if I’ve deleted EVERYTHING EVER POSTED?”

      When anybody can plainly see I said:

      “delete very nearly EVERYTHING he’s ever posted on the internet?”

      Why would Hoge take you up on any wager when it is so apparent how dishonest you really are?

      • Come to think of it, didn’t his best buddy Kimberlin get into a lot of trouble doing exactly the same thing (truncating a quote)?

    • considering how delusional he is, he’d find something completely unrelated to him to point to and cry VICTORY!!..

      after all this is the same mook who said he was going private till Aug 14 and didn’t last a full day before he was public again…


    • Of course.

      “That galaxy is big and fat, just like me. You’re using that to harass me! I WIN!!!”

      Willy, you are a pathological liar. How can someone make a deal with someone incapable of telling the truth or keeping their word (remember “I’lll be back as an open account after the ADR hearing.”?) How long did that last?

  8. Willy, you don’t tell us what to do.

    But we DO tell you when to dance, NOW DANCE, MONKEY!

    • I do wonder how many comments he’d screen cap and just how nasty he’d get trying to egg a response if we did….

      • I’d be perfectly willing to find out. Indeed, I believe I could bear up under the burden of not watching the monkey dance.

    • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt knows he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of legally shutting down this blog, nor holding commenters on this blog legally responsible in any way, shape, or form for non-libelous statements he simply doesn’t like to read (and, btw, no one is forcing him to read).

      So, he’s taking a different tack by attempting to play “Let’s Make A Deal,” and drooling all over his Twitter timeline that WE need HIM. *pfft*

      I, for one, will cease making comments about Bwilly on Hogewash! if/when: (1) The Gentle Host of this blog requests that I stop; (2) Our Gentle Host opts to stop blogging at Hogewash!, and shuts down this blog on his own accord; or, (3) When I damn well feel like it.

      Drool on, Blob.

  9. Here’s a good idea
    Bwilly, why don’t you take your own challenge? go 48 hour without tweeting,tweeting screencapped comments, commenting anywhere, or blogging about Hoge or us lickspittles.

    Think you’re up to it? Cause I sure don’t.

    With out this blog and the commenters to interact with you’d have no one paying attention to you and you gotta have that attention don’t you?
    Do you have the self control? Well?? DO YOU???

    I think NOT.

    Prove me wrong Twinkie, just go two whole days (48 hours) with no tweet about Hoge or any lickspittle, no blog piece about either, no screen capped comments with a lame attempt at pithy response.

    I dare you to do it, wanna know why?? CAUSE YOU CAN’T!

    Go head, starting Wed morning 8am EST till Fri morning 8am EST.
    Prove you can control yourself.
    Prove you life, your blog and your twitter feed doesn’t revolve around Hoge, Hogewash or the “lickspittles”


    • Heh. Heh. Nicely played, Rain.

      And, thank you for your kind words regarding my outlining of Bwilly’s blinding hypocrisy.

      Pathetic is he.

      • Yes he is…and it’s not about Hoge “stopping the hate”, it’s about Bwilly trying to control a blog that IS NOT HIS.
        Not gonna happen, and there is no reason for it to.

        Anyone can scroll back thru Hogewash and see our esteemed host blogs on a lot of other topics besides Bwilly and BK, but look thru Bwilly’s twitter feed and blog (if you have an online hazmat suit to protect yourself) and you’ll see all he has tweeted/blogged is hate for Hoge and Lickspittles.
        He goes on and on about us “hating” but he’s the real hater. Just look at what he writes, well if you can see it BEFORE he deletes it that is.
        THAT is real hate, what Bwilly peddles every darn day, cause he has NOTHING else…

        actually quite sad when you think about it…


      • There was an interesting post on Ebola, and no comments referenced Biwwy. So he had to try to make the post about him over on Twitter.


      • Grace and Rain: I feel sorrow for Bill, leading a sad, empty life, devoid of anything but hatred. This self-hate he projects upon others whom he knows are better people all around (even a former criminal like me who has accepted responsibility for his actions, something Bill is incapable of) and that is the origin of his hatred. His ‘faith’ in Christianity is not quite as developed as his emontional maturity is stuck at about that of a toddler (a major reason all of his relationships have failed). Thus he hates God as being unfair and since he has to project his self-hate, he attacks those who have strong belief and mature faith in God. He really is a pathetic example of how low our modern world has become, he really is the “modern man” and as such is deserving of pity and prayer. I forgive him his trespasses against me but that does not absolve him of the consequences of those acts and words. Just as I have accepted the consequences of my acts (and those consequences are wide and for the remainder of my life) Bill needs to firstly understand his transgressions (very difficult for an emotionally arrested person to even see their actions in a non-justified, adult fashion) then accepting them as wrong (sinful) and finally to accept responsibility and the consequences. As I said, Bill is incapable of any of this due to his self-hate, probably as a result of very poor parenting and defective early family life as well as emotional traumas repeatedly inflict in his pre-teen years. We should all pray for Bill. every day.

    • Why isn’t Willy taking you up on your challenge?

      What’s he hiding?

      Is he really that weak?

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