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The Cabin Boy™ sez—rnusa201407291203ZI’ve got a copy of the original as well. Not only that, maintains backups of previous versions of a post. So it will be very easy to spot any alterations made by someone with a history of forgery.

32 thoughts on “Documenting Online Posts

  1. Bill actually believes the info posted was accurate. Just when I thought he couldn’t possibly be more idiotic, he surprises me.

  2. I recall a certain group putting their FB page into admin mode at least five times for the sole purpose of goating Seaman Slurper into bragging and high fiving with his unfaithful band of fellow idiots. Worked every time. Kinda like him believing his spouse was faithful…..repeatedly.

    Same thing Paul did. Again, Inspector Jiggles was as transparent as a window. He reacts exactly as you wish him to. He is a puppet. A big, fat, dumb, puppet.

    • *gasp* You mean people from Wisconsin would actually whispering in his ear give him bad info and both watch him run with it and make a fool of himself like the shark cover of Mad magazine? No…….. they would never ever do that. *bawahahaha* (he’s yet to fully understood all of that which is funny). Yep he would gloat for days. “I DID IT” “I DID IT” “IT’S BEEN EXTINGUISHED” “I took it” “It’s all Mine” . Then BLAM! Everything would magically reappear. DM was and is the master at driven him crazy.

    • He believed he was talking to you on Twitter the other day. He jumped in with both feet and swallowed that sock puppet’s story hook, line, and sinker.

  3. 1416 Wellesbury Lane. There is no Wellesbury Lane in Huntsville, AL. Made it up.

    Phone number 256-555-2455. Good luck tracking down that local 555 exchange. Made it up.

    Social Security Number 422-51-2890. Surprisingly, this number was actually issued, but not to Michael Malone. It was issued when Malone was in his early thirties. Dunno about you, but I got my SSN in my teens.

    Criminal record? Made it up.

    FICO score? I have pay to get a look at MINE! You think I’m going to find his? Made it up.

    Did he ride a Harley? I sure hope so, because he seemed to be that kind of guy. But I don’t know. Call this one an educated guess.

    Did he owe money on it? God only knows. Made it up.

    $1.7 million life insurance policy? That would be a bittersweet windfall, but as I imagine Michael, he was a responsible guy who took the right steps to take care of his loved ones. Made it up.

    $128K mortgage? I have no idea. Made it up.

    The lesson here, Hogeist Lickspittle Morons, is that if you wanna make the monkey dance, you have to make him think he’s actually going to get the banana before you spray him with the firehose.

    /firehose off

    • Same guy that stated he doesn’t delete tweets and its not his style, only to discover, “Oh wait, I have an app that does that. Why do you guys care?”

    • Yep. And, the d0xing of the baby was simply one of the Blob’s more recent, disgusting acts. This is the same guy who:

      Calls places of employment trying to get people fired;

      Calls Alphabet Agencies accusing others of child endangerment and abuse with ZERO proof;

      Repeatedly accuses a man of prostituting his wife;

      Posts an address — complete with a picture of the home — on the heels of a social-media call to rape someone’s wife;

      Writes gruesome, nasty, hate-filled “satire/parodies” about wives and children;

      Calls women across the country based on a pseudonym someone uses on a blog;

      Composes and shares a detailed fantasy about anal sex/rape;

      Composes and shares a fantasy in which an attorney and a Deputy District attorney are assaulted and/or murdered;

      Photoshops faces onto vile, pornographic images;

      Creates homosexual animation involving bloggers;

      Repeatedly uses homosexual references and slurs to insult others;

      Repeatedly engages in libel while accusing others of committing crimes;

      Constantly excuses, justifies, and/or ignores: forgeries, perjury, domestic terrorism, defaulting on judgments, child pornography crimes, d0xing, harassment, stalking, spousal abuse, lawfare, etc., committed by himself and/or his “excellent” friends — members of Team Kimberlin.

      And, that’s merely off the top of my head. FAR from a complete list of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s sociopathic behavior.

      And, now he’s attempting to take the moral high ground. *pfft* Unfortunately for the Blob, his lies cannot compete with the truth… per always.

      What a sick and deranged and abusive monster.

  4. I’m still waiting for him to put up the “original” and “changed” post side by side & show where ANYTHING was changed OTHER than MM’s name…

    I’m sure it’ll be up up soon..


    • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has had over 24 hours to prove that Paul Krendler is an evil, evil bastard who d0xes dead dudes, and sets their widows up for harassment, stalking, and identity theft… but, he won’t… because he can’t.

      Maybe it’s simply a Photoshop glitch on his end. Heh.

      I’d wager the Blob’s excuse (read: lie) for not posting the “unchanged original” will be due to the fact he would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever post such information. *eyeroll*

      Mr. If-It’s-On-The-Internet-I’m-Free-To-Post-It-And-Share-It-Even-For-The-Purpose-Of-Stalking-Harassment-And-Intimidation-In-Direct-Opposition-To-Most-States’-Cyberstalking/Cyberharassment-Laws plays by an entirely different set of rules… tis good for me, but not for thee.

      Because… Journamalism!!1!!1! Investigative Reporting!!1!!1! ELEVENTY!!1!!1!

      Oh, and the fact the “unchanged original” will not support the Blob’s bogus accusations because he’s a big, fat, lying liar. So, there’s that… again.

    • I think we can wait until 1:30 EDT. Should be enough time. Don’t you agree, Rain? Then we’ll have to start calling, let’s see; the IRS, VA, FBI, CTVW, KKK? Any ideas? We’d hate to have to call those people, but it’s for the good of the country, don’t ya know?

  5. Question: why does BS use an email address in his wife’s name? I don’t know about anyone else, but if I received rude emails from someone claiming to be a reporter, let’s call him Sam, I’d wonder why he uses an email in the name of Gladys.

  6. So why does he think he is going to get all the commenter’s IP addresses? To what purpose other than, as he says, to “find out who is who.”? What judge would even sign off on that? He is really that stupid?

    • Frankie, I think that last question would make a really great blog post title. Would love the various ways everyone could say … YES.

      • Yup, yep, sure is, no doubt, you betcha, in a nutshell (that one is especially apropos), sure looks like it from here…

        The list goes on and on.

    • *sigh*

      Hasn’t he been told mine are and

      Try that first one, CBBS; you might be surprised at how close that address is to your machine…

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