A thin layer of cold, dense material called the plasmasphere surrounds Earth. Researchers using data from THEMIS have found that material in the plasmasphere can help prevent particles from the sun crossing into near Earth space.plasmasphereThe THEMIS mission observed how dense particles normally near Earth in a layer of the uppermost atmosphere called the plasmasphere can send a plume up through space to help protect against incoming solar particles during certain space weather events.Themis_plumeImage Credits: NASA


3 thoughts on “A THEMIS Report

  1. Neat.

    Everytime I see “THEMIS” in a blog post heading, I initially expect something on TK. Glad to see some real stuff of lasting interest and importance to the world, rather than merely current amusement/exasperation.

  2. Interesting……is it an electrostatic or magnetic attraction that sends the plume towards the particles from the sun?

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