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  1. Brett particularly hates references to “popcorn” most likely because it is a talisman of how we are not showing the appropriate level of fear and dread, and are optimistic that justice will prevail. I think a big part of the motivation for these lawsuits is to make Brett feel big and important. And right now he feels small and impotent.

      • These “nothing” posts are quite intriguing because we know you’re telling the truth and we’ll learn it (not!) soon enough. Experience has also taught that it’s got to be something very good/exciting/entertaining/vindicating/amazing/usually-part-of-the-legal-machinations for you to notify but keep quiet about it.

        Pins and needles with popcorn – who’d have ever thunk they’d go so well together? hahaha

  2. I’m triple posting this because I was remiss when Tulip responded to my query and want to make sure this reply is seen. Adding – I apologize it took me so long to reply, Tulip.

    Tulip – the news was so shocking, I forgot to thank you for bringing it. Your efforts are very much appreciated, thank you. I hope you’ll post more, on easier topics.

  3. Apparently, Lynn Thomas and Peter Malone have been declared served in the Maryland case by Judge Creighton who found service had been attempted by certified mail restricted delivery.

    What is going on here? Did Kimberlin send different packages by the rules? Or was this judge ignore the clear evidence of the receipt which showed the restricted delivery fee was not paid?

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