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Like the rest of Team Kimberlin, The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ is a bad liar, but he’s does even worse as a prophet.

He was oh-so confident of his victory in the Circuit Court trial for the peace order issued against him.

Deep Brain Radio The answer to that question depends on what the judge decides when we ask for attorney fees.
8:13 PM – 12 Jun 13

Here’s what he was predicting last September and early October about the upcoming hearing on his petition to modify the peace order.
prophecy3Of course, I never took the stand during that hearing on the motion to modify because the judge dismissed the case before it was my turn to respond. TDPS’s™ case was so weak the judge saw no need to bother having to hear more.

TDPS™ kept up his harassment, so I filed for an extension of the peace order. TDPS™ didn’t think my paperwork was valid.

Of course, the paperwork was valid, and the peace order was extended.

So consider his track record when he says …BaghdadBlob20140105… or when he says this—wmsbroadcasting201407270020Z


88 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Don’t forget demented. Repeatedly adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s admitted dementia has admittedly addled his thinking to the point he has admitted his words/logic can’t be trusted by anyone, including himself.

      quantum mechanic Hoge v. dementia addled fool Schmalfeldt
      So difficult to figure out which one is more likely to understand the legal processes.

      honest, kind, thoughtful blogger Hoge v. well known liar, seething ball of hate Schmalfeldt
      So difficult to know whom to believe.

      family man with many friends Hoge v. repugnant, repeatedly adjudicated harasser, self-alienated Schmalfeldt whose own children want nothing to do with him.
      So difficult to know who is the victim here.

      CB enthusiast with many other hobbies Hoge v. kicked-off-KOS-for-publishing-his-anal-rape-fantasy, and fired from the examiner for his own behavior and attacks in the comment sections Schmalfeldt.
      So difficult to know who is the one obsessed and fixated.

      Oh, wait – no, it’s not difficult at all. It seems very, very clear. My money is on the honest, kind, quantum mechanic over the demented ball of hate every time.

  1. John, after Schmalfeldt’s comments about Micheal tonight on Twitter, I would be indebted if you took his will to live and break it over your knee.

    Thank you.

    • I wish I had read those remarks before giving BS the benefit of the doubt on his sincerity. He spent his final days basking in hate? If bs had any decency he would memory-hole those remarks.

    • Purdy much.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is a vile, vile creature.

      Just when you think the Blob cannot possibly sink any lower with his disgusting blatherings…


      • “Just when you think the Blob cannot possibly sink any lower with his disgusting blatherings… ”

        Cyber stalking, baby doxer, adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt manages to sink even lower. Bill Schmalfeldt consistently manages to shock the conscience of any decent person.

        I sincerely hope that someday proven liar Bill Schmalfeldt becomes self-aware and has to understand what a horrific monster he truly is. He deserves to suffer than knowledge.

    • Yes! What Neal N. Bob wrote!! Oh my goodness, yes!

      And at least please delete his post from the tribute thread, please. What came after from him shows it really doesn’t belong there, imo.

      • I agree completely!!! The Elkridge Horror’s post in Michael Malone’s tribute thread was one hundred percent self-serving as demonstrated by his subsequent comments.Decency and respect for Michael Malone absolutely mandate that Schmalfeldt’s hypocritical comment be removed forthwith as an affront to all humanity

      • Oh, Tao – well done. That is the perfect description of adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt – “an affront to all humanity.”

        Expect to see that phrase copied – a lot.

      • One more thought: If cyber-stalker, adjudicated harasser, affront to all humanity Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t issue the retractions and apologies Michael requested, then he proves his comment in the tribute thread was just another lie.

      • A hearty amen to both of your comments above, Jane.

        True to his decency and admirable character, our Gentle Host graciously allows a comment from the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt through moderation.

        True to his indecency and utter lack of character, the Blob vomits all over John’s kind and charitable act, and attempts to disparage the passing of a good and decent man.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is a hate-filled and soulless waste of human flesh and oxygen. Unlike Michael, when the Blob’s time on Earth expires… he will NOT be missed.

      • I understand your point, gmhowell, but if a vote were to be taken, I’d vote against fouling up Michael’s thread with even more of adjudicated harasser and affront to humanity Bill Schmalfeldt’s filth. Repeatedly.

        • I agree with Jane. It’s bad enough that that two-legged vermin touched Michael in life. It would be almost pornographic to join them in light of his death.

  2. I don’t look at twitter, but I would not be at all surprised if BS is gloating over Michael’s death. That is the kind of person BS is, namely trailer trash. Nor will I be surprised if BS sues Michael’s estate. I suspect that just threatening to take money from a grieving widow and two orphans would be enough to give BS one or more orgasms. Fortunately, he will find that he must sue in Alabama, a forum far less corrupt than Maryland.

    • He was not gloating. He is however, an asshole.

      “Everyone else, if you are capable of such abstract thought, think of what Michael’s death means. He spent his final days basking in hate.You caused this decent man to spend the last weeks of his life to look for ways to hurt me, to trap me in some contrivance, to use my words against me, for your own purposes. And now he is dead. Did you kill him? If so, there’s one under your belt.It was a hatred that he did not develop on his own. The Hogeists helped him develop a good old fashioned Nazi-like hate..”

      Yes. Bill Schmalfeldt is a scumbag of the highest order. May you rot in Hell, you miserable bastard.

      • Since no one here killed him, I would suggest that our consciences are completely clear. This is in sharp contrast to Bill Schmalfeldt who on one hand demands sympathy and deference because he has entered his final illness, while on the other hand abused and harassed Michael Malone during his final illness.

        The complete lack of self-awareness of Bill Schmalfeldt is stunning. He seems to possess no conscience. At this point, from his perspective, it is just as well that he does not. If he had a conscience, he would have to come to grips with the magnitude of his crimes.

      • He really is a demented piece of shyte. Unlike Blob, Michael had an actual life with numerous worthy and satisfying pursuits. Also unlike Blob, Michael was not gripped with hate, rather he looked upon Blob with remarkable compassion right up until the time Blob proved to him beyond a reasonable doubt that such brotherly love was futile.

        Stop projecting, Blob. You’re not worthy of hate. You’re too insignificant to hate. You’re too incompetent to hate. If you aspired to be so evil as to be a Nazi, you’d be lucky to wind up a Sgt. Schultz (though without the snappy uniform.) You’re merely entertainment to those of us who can’t be bothered to pity you. Michael bothered, because unlike you, he was not a hateful, flailing spaz.

        Now get back to work.

      • These posts caused an image to flash in my mind: Cyber-stalker and repeatedly adjudicated harasser, slapped with restraining/peace orders from multiple states, Bill Schmalfeldt, at the Pearly Gates, reviewing his life, words, and actions.

        Imagine the stuttering fool trying to claim, “But, but, but they forced me to do it! But, but, but they started it!” etc. And him trying to explain how a baby started anything. How a woman who’d likely never heard of him forced him to photoshop her in a field of one his own fixations, male genitalia.

        “But, but, but journalism!!eleventy!!” to excuse threatening a woman who’d never heard of him with the loss of her children. Etc. etc. etc.

      • I see that’s a tweet of Bill’s from this morning. I thought he said he would be going dark until after the meeting on the 14th, at which point he promised gloating (on his part that is).

      • I formally declare an Anathema for Heresy upon William Schmalfeldt. He is thus precluded from Christian worship, attendance upon the Sacraments save the Sacrament of Reconciliation to confess his sin and heretical acts that bring disfavor upon him and all believers. Any ordained Priest may lift this Anathema upon proper confession and adequate penance assigned and completed. Absolution depends on true reformation and public rejection (and apology for) previous actions.
        This Anathema shall exist perpetually until lifted and absolved by an ordained Priest of either the Eastern or Western Church.

        +Father Paul Lemmen

      • Paul is not a Roman Catholic bishop, and most definitely not BS’s ecclesiastical superior. In the Eastern Orthodox churches, of which BS is NOT a member, a bishop must be consulted and give his imprimatur prior to declaring someone anathema due to serious and recurring heresies, not just bad behavior. As I said, since BS is not a member of an Eastern Orhodox church, any such declaration would be pointless. Declarations of anathema and/or excommunication are not done on blog comment threads. If this was a joke, I have to say that, in my view, it fell flat.

      • A Reader #1: I pronounced the Anathema in my office as a Bishop of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as in it’s meaning as described in the Nicaea-Constantinople Creed and in the published Constitution and Canons of the Independent American Orthodox Church.
        Anathema pronouncements are to be published for the faithful to see and know. Bill claims Roman Catholicism as his denomination. Anathema crosses denominational bounds and there is long history of Catholic and Orthodox Churches pronouncing Anathema on members of other like Churches and notorious believers and non-believers based on their actions. For a very long time, an automatic Anathema was incurred by any Roman Catholic who converted to any Orthodox Church and the liturgies of reception were update to absolve converts from any Anathema against them for conversion. Entire Orthodox Churches have been Anathematized by Rome as well as by other National and Autocephalous Churches. I pronounced his Anathema during my privately celebrated Divine Liturgy this morning as well as included Bill in the prayers for mercy and repentance. He will stay there until the Anathema is lifted.
        Much more simply stated: the Church is the totality of believers in Christ Jesus. Heresy against the truth of God’s Word is a serious affair and all in positions of pastoral responsibility must act proactively to root out heresy.

    • While there may very well be residents in trailer parks that watch Jerry Springer, or, have fallen into a mass hysteria concerning alien abductions, it is totally unfair to compare them to Bill Schmalfeldt. These are relatively benign foibles. Doxing, threatening and harassing innocent people are not. Nor, was threatening a women with the loss of her children if she didn’t submit to his will. Nor, was threatening to deport the woman who filed criminal charges against the middle-aged man who raped her repeatedly when she was fifteen. Nor, was his decision to invite that same predator into his own park.

  3. I also find it interesting that Bill is announcing that the fight is making him stronger.

    I thought this whole thing was hastening his death? Didn’t he tell us about how his neurologist and his wife were trying to convince him to drop it all so it wouldn’t kill him?

      • I am gasping because that’s so hubristic and pompous that I have laughed myself into an asthma attack!

    • The Elkridge Horror has no more feeling for Michael Malone and his untimely death than he would if he stepped on a small bug and ground it under his shoe. He is totally without any feeling for his fellow man except to gloat over their misfortunes. If there is no one readily available for him to inflict his cruelty upon, such as a completely innocent dentist in Johnstown, PA, he then inflicts it upon himself by loudly and proudly proclaiming to all that he was cuckolded repeatedly by his ex-wife even to the point of claiming that some of his children were fathered by someone else. His hatred for his fellow man knows no bounds. It is clear to me that while the Horror hates himself immensely, he hates the entire world for simply existing. I suspect that a trained psychiatrist specializing in serious mental diseases and their manifestations would diagnose the Elkridge Horror as a sadistically inclined psychopath along the lines of Hermann Goering or Josef Stalin. In my opinion, the Horror is absolute evil incarnate.

    • He made comments and claims in his legal filings that Hoge’s law fare was killing him. I’m sure last night’s posts were unnoticed by John. And Bill may be reading them again in the future.

  4. Like others, I was encouraged that BS had posted his condolences here, and that WJJH had let it him do so. I want this psychodrama fully resolved for the sake of the parties actually involved, including BS.

    Eventually, I went over to BS’s Twitter feed, and found BS complaining about not having been allowed to post a second comment, blaming others, and managing to turn Mike Malone’s death into something about BS. There was no gratitude for WJJH’s classy move of allowing the one comment, and an outright distortion of the overwhelming majority of the comments left here. Everything must be about BS, including this event, and so he made it about himself. To say that I am both shocked at the death of a good man and repelled by BS’s behavior is an understatement.

    Mass today. Will pray for Mike and his family, plus many others.

  5. I have to remind myself to temper what I want to say to be mindful of the children – the yet to be adjudicated will be getting their due in due time so I am not letting loose but showing more restraint than I can handle most of the time

    Children will look for answers and I don’t want them to see anything more reposted here or anywhere that will increase their pain. They have nothing to be worried about, they have nothing to be ashamed of and they have nothing to find but a lot of love and affection WELL EARNED for their father.

    So Bill will always be Bill, and let Michael be Michael – we all know how that turns out. I’m sorry for people’s sense of loss, we deal with it in different ways, all good.

  6. From a comment above:

    ” I suspect that a trained psychiatrist specializing in serious mental diseases and their manifestations would diagnose the Elkridge Horror as a sadistically inclined psychopath along the lines of Hermann Goering or Josef Stalin. ”

    … or Brett Kimberlin.

  7. Mike Malone originally came to the story with a suspicion that Mr. Hoge was the bad guy. He opened his comments to Mr. Schmalfeldt, and even kept an open mind about who deserves blame in this kerfuffle. He came to the conclusion that many of us have.

    It’s too bad that a few bad actors ruin the internet for good folks like Mr. Malone. And Hoge, Walker, Stranahan et al. Rest in Peace Mr. Malone. Please get a new hobby Mr. Schmalfeldt. This one is not working out.

  8. Schmalfeldt wanted to be the subject of the day and he succeeded – I think this is the last comment I will ever bother to make about the guy because his existence is based upon my and others reacting to him on the net, no more.

    There’s nothing more he can say or do – he will be punished and the first of many is coming in about two weeks or so.

    he went private another stunt he cannot stay away BUT WE CAN.

    • He’s taken his twitter private because it’s probably time for the pre-legal action account dump and name change. Makes it ever so much easier to scream “I never ONCE did any such thing. PROVE it”

      • I believe I would draw an adverse inference from the spoliation of his twitter feed evidence.

  9. Imagine him sitting in his dingy single-wide. The place reeks of ass and feet. He, in his soiled and crud encrusted robe.
    The type of absolute loser that uses an electric cart in WalMart for no other reason than he is a lazy, fat, SLOB.
    Except THOSE slobs usually put on clothes and GET to WalMart.

  10. I know many here are suspicious (to say the least) of this author (and his handle appropriation) but this is worth a look, and contains several of cyberstalker, repeatedly adjudicated harasser, recipient of peace/restraining orders from multiple states, affront to humanity, Bill Schmalfeldt’s noxious tweets about Michael:

    “May You Rot In Hell For All Eternity

  11. I refuse to read whatsits comments, but I can imagine what they mostly contain. Self pity. Self absorption, gratuitous and inappropriate fixation on hurting other people for release of his own discomforts and general wallowing. How diseased and how lonely he must be.

    • They are alone, Michael is not, he left behind many people who will miss him very much. Theirs is a sad and lonely life, the only warmth they get is not from the heat of affection that radiates off of goodness but the white heat of intense cold that burns and stings as the feeling slowly leaves their souls.

      Pity, the price they are about to pay is inconsequential to the lifetime of regret over what has been done and cannot be undone.

      • I’m reminded of his faux Good Christian routine he has used several times, he keeps in his toolbox right next to the Harassment is Killing Me hammer. Now he’s got this little gem tucked away in the Malone atrocity “…if there is such a thing as heaven…”. Almost certainly not for you, not for you.

    • too bad for Bwilly, Michael’s blog is still up and anyone who chooses too can read thru his blogs concerning Bwilly and see that almost everything Bwilly has said in reference to what Michael blogged is just more of Bwilly’s Damn Lies.
      The ones he always trots out when the TRUTH about what he has done and said gets put out there where he, Bwilly, can’t control it, or cover it up.

      Michael legacy was speaking his mind regardless of who was discomforted by it. No matter how Bwilly whines he was being “attacked” by Michael, his comments to Michael’s blogs and questions shows the truth.
      Who threatened to sue for harassment, defamation, & libel when their bs was questioned?? Who attempted to dox the other on twitter?? Who repeatedly called the other nasty belittling names while commenting on the other’s blog??
      It wasn’t Michael, and the proof of all that behavior is still there on his blog for ANYONE who wants to see how the real William Schmalfeldt acts when he’s not playing the “poor ol’ crippled me , they’re Killing ME!!1! I’m DYING!!1!!!” schtick, to his “friends”

      Michael was a great guy and had a great blog, and no matter what accusations Bwilly makes about his last month of blogging, I can say this, Michael spoke the truth regardless of what others thought, and Bwilly could learn a lot from his example.


    • But, but, but….! Bill never, ever changes twitter handles! He told us so himself!

      /pretend disbelief

      I’m actually surprised that he kept tweeting on that one handle with no breaks for as long as he did.

      • I’d make sure that a copy of that was brought to the meeting on the 14th. It will certainly show that one party is there in bad faith.

      • Now that he’s taken his twitter feed(s?) private, how will he ever let us know how stupid we are all being in our reaction to his post?

        (best said while holding the back of one’s hand to one’s forehead and seriously overacting)

      • Oh, you “dim girls” just don’t get it, apparently.

        UPDATE: Proving once again that there is no concept so simple that the DIMWITS AT HOGEWASH can’t misunderstand…

        Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.30.09 PM

        You poor, stupid people. This is largely the same information I sent via Snail Mail to Hoge yesterday, by e-mail to him and the judge earlier today, and to Hoge tonight.

        Now, which part of this demonstrates “bad faith”? My unwillingness to roll over and let Hoge win because he WANNA? Am I demonstrating “bad faith” by FIGHTING BACK AGAINST A VINDICTIVE, VEXATIOUS, CRAZY OLD MAN who is SUING WITHOUT STANDING TO SUE? Is that the kind of bad faith you Dimwits are talking about?

        Here’s a thought. Get back to your knitting and MYOFB. OK? This is between ME and HOGE and KRENDLER and NONE OF YOU HAVE A FUCKING THING TO DO WITH IT.

        Got it? Good. Now STFU.

        To riff on his “musician” pal: the shutuppery continues…

      • We’re “journalists.” We have a right to know and to talk about. Because, journamalism.

  12. oh noes, he has disabled right-clicking! however will I be able to save his rantings for future disproval actions when he tries to memory hole pages, which he never ever does cross his heart an d hope to die, and I did so want to save that because I don’t think I have ever seen a steamier pile of lies and obfuscations in one place before and I watched the Anita Hill testimony way back when.

    • Disable all scripting. You should be doing that when you visit sites of questionable safety anyway. The Tor Browser has a NoScript button that makes it a matter of a single click.

  13. I only have one thing to say to schmalfeldt: “I don’t know how to @@@@@@@ KNIT!!! and you’re a cruel heartless bastard for bringing so hurtfully.”

  14. So let me get this straight.. he’s now just going to rant in private twitter? Trying to decide if I should feel punished or, perhaps cheated. I click on a lot of ads and I have a right to see what he’s saying!! *Oh the humanity….

  15. “Then I will ask the judge to consider bringing charges against you for Fraud on the Copyright Office by attempting to place YOUR COPYRIGHT on MY MATERIAL, NASA’S PUBLIC DOMAIN MATERIAL, AND THE WORK OF THE ESO AND ESA THAT YOU DO NOT OWN.”

    And this is why they shall always remember him as Oliver Wendell Jones. He knows that judges can bring charges because he saw it on an episode of Law & Order once.

    Every time I believe that I know just what an idiot William is, he surprises me.

    • He’s had it explained to him multiple times that Form G/DN doesn’t work that way and no copyright was claimed on anything that didn’t belong to Hoge. Some people just don’t (can’t?) learn.

      • Ixnay, its a brilliant legal move by Cabin Boy. Absolutely brilliant! Sure to completely awe the magistrate judge …. 😉

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