11 thoughts on “Michael Malone Update

  1. Malone struck me as a guy from the “Live each day as if it’s your last” school. Passionate, confident, smart, unaverse to the occasional risk. I hope it was fast and the pain was brief.

  2. Not surprising. Malone did write he was suffering from a deep vein thrombosis and this is a frequent outcome. May God bless and give succor to his wie, children and other family members is their time of grief. He shall be missed.

  3. Tis beyond sad. The grief felt by those who knew Michael far better than any of us must be immense — the heart breaks.

    A good and decent man left this world, and all of those he loved, far too soon.

    There are times that even prayer may seem utterly insufficient. But, pray we must. Continued prayers for our Lord’s peace and comfort for those Michael, unfortunately, had to leave behind.

    Again… the heart just breaks.

  4. He seemed like a fun-loving guy with an open mind and good judgement. He also showed a great deal of strength when faced with internet clowns. He’ll be missed. Love to the family.

    If his family finds Hogewash, I hope they know Mr. Malone’s writings were appreciated. Your grief is shared.

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