One Year Ago Today

Now that the blog has been around for three years, I thought I’d begin taking an occasional look back at previous years postings.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

My friend Peter Ingemi (aka DaTechGuy) contacted Bill Schmalfeldt concerning a pornographic image that Schmalfeldt had posted that had my face photoshopped into the picture. The image of my face had been lifted from a video that was part of DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to Bloggers. Peter requested that his copyrighted image not be used, and Bill Schmalfeldt agreed to take down the picture.

Credit where credit’s due, and praise where praise is due. Bill Schmalfeldt did the right thing by agreeing to take down the infringing image, and he took it down from his Radio WMS website.

However, he has left two instances of the picture up on Twitter and another instance at hogewash dot net. If Bill Schmalfeldt is a man of his word, those should be removed as well.

* * *

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

29 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today

  1. Oh, let’s everyone call Cousin Bill by his favorite nickname today, “Bwilly”. It seems he thinks only a single person can use a particular nickname…

    He’s a white whale, all right, just not a *great* white whale.

    Morning, Cousin Bwilly! Looks like you missed an opportunity for turtle soup, yesterday! Hope your day is filled with joy, sunshine, and fluffy kittens!

  2. Announcement! There is a confirmed unadjudicated rumor that Aaron has a large font.

    That is all

      • Deceptive editing to further one’s case also reappears. Notably absent is the point of the whole retweet – a message from a certain blog that says something like, “right click disabled, please respect copyrghts.” Ironic because the person who left that message is being sued for infringement. And at BU, someone left a comment saying that commenters here are breaking the law because they ridicule BK.

      • Just spend a few minutes over at BU and you’ll realize you’re not dealing with the sharpest knives in the drawer. Their collective IQ might not even reach 100.

      • Especially since the deadbeat currently running the place makes cracks about someone filing bankruptcy when they can’t even move out of their mom’s basement. SMH, the self awareness factor of that whole crew is less then zero.

  3. I think it is erong to continue to consider the TK folks as stupid and or ignorant. They are not. They don’t say the things they do because they don’t know better, they say them because they have an intent for their words. It is why I have the “Purposeful lying is purposeful” meme.

    BK did not include res judicata in his filing because he doesn’t know what it means, and doesn’t know that it doesn’t apply. He did it specifically to tweak Mr. Hoge, and to rally his base.

    The same with all of BS’s blathering. He doesn’t believe the things he says – the actual truth doesn’t matter. He is BK’s stalking horse, and a virtual suicide bomber.

    I am not saying they are certified sooper geniuses either – but they have an intent – a malicious intent – and everything they do is intended to further that. The shenanigans are merely handwaving and distraction. They want to keep the engaged busy – go ahead, spend your time researching and arguing this or that thing. It doesn’t matter to them, because they either already know the truth or falsity of a thing or they don’t care, and no amount of evidence or rhetoric will change what they say, because they aren’t trying to present a truth – they are trying to keep the engaged busy. They want to hearten their fans with official and truish sounding things. Here, take this talking point and run with it. And they want to disgust the unengaged. If they can make the whole thing seem so sordid and tawdry that no reasonable person would be interested in spending enough time to pick out the good from the bad, that is good for them.

    • I think it’s both. Some are easily manipulated and believe they’re part of the inner circle and they’re not. Interesting how, out of the blue, our resident harasser contacts an impersonation/defamation account to ask who was behind a couple twitter accounts, including the account of the party/parties who appropriated my old handle. And WHO should this impersonation account say is behind the accounts our harasser asked about? Why, the person that BK believes is KU, the person who filed the recent motion in opposition in the copyright case. I do not believe in so many coincidences, and I also think it’s very probable that those being manipulated don’t even know it. I’ve also stated before that there is some alliance or strange overlap between BK supporters and Free Kate supporters. I think @/NicoleBonet1 is a sock for Neal and/or the harem of feeble-minded women he attracts.

      • As if on cue, the harasser is engaging in his usual obscene misogyny.

      • Purposeful lying is purposeful. So let’s say there are members of set TK, TK0-TKn. Let’s take a random member, let’s call it TKn, and have it create a twitter account named like a member of a different set. Let’s call this THr. So THr (who is really THn) posts something on twitter that enrages TK0. Set member TK1 engages THr and asks, hey, THr, who is really behind the post that you made that was so enraging. THr says, well you know, it was TH0 and TH1, and you can believe me because I appear to be from set TH.

        So, TK0 rushes breathlessly to court claiming to have been informed (note the passive voice with attendant lack of subject) that TH0 and TH1 are saying bad things about him make it stop Daddy!

        I suspect that our resident dead President could expound on the concept of purposeful lying being purposeful – about the hows and whys of deceit. How you often have to maintain contradictory stories in your head, not because you are crazy, but because it is necessary to stay one step ahead.

        Speaking of our illustrious dead President, happy to hear that the rumors of his demise are exagerrated, but while it is indeed fortunate to move down the hall a bit from death’s door, it has deprived us of a promised deathbed confessional. I wonder if maybe we might get the confessional without the need for the bed.

      • Understood. Of course, TK0 will not get said subpoena, but I won’t say why. Loose lips and all.

      • Earl: The real Nixon confessional or the parody account operators confessional? The former is under seal and the latter is very public and oft repeated.
        “Psalm 50: My sin is ever before me” is repeated daily by me (the entire Psalm that is …)

      • Paul, as I recall, you were going to release something on your deathbed about your days being a part of TK. Some good inside scoop about BS and the rest. Did that ever get out?

  4. Yawn. Same old, same old. Outrage, threats of impending doomzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally were fair, honest and reliable reporters of current events by comparison.

      And their predictions far more reliable …

  5. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, FRCP, are so easy, that the class covering them is a semester long in law school. The Rules remind me of this scene from Star Trek:

    Fizzbin – The Rules of the Game
    Kirk: The name of the game is called… Fizzbin. Each player gets 6 cards, except for the player on the dealer’s right, who gets 7.
    Thug: On the right.
    Kirk: Yeah. The second card is turned up, except on Tuesdays.
    Thug: Tuesday.
    Kirk: Ohh! Look what you’ve got- 2 jacks. You got a half-fizzbin already.
    Thug: I need another jack?
    Kirk: No. If you got another jack, why you’d have a shralk.
    Thug: A shralk?
    Kirk: Yes, you’d be disqualified. No, what you need now is either a king and a deuce, except at night, of course, when you’d need a queen and a four.
    Thug: Except at night.
    Kirk: Right. Oh, look at that, you’ve got another jack! How lucky you are! How wonderful for you! Now if you didn’t get another jack, if you had gotten a king, why then you’d get another card except when it’s dark , when you’d have to give it back.
    Thug: If it were dark on Tuesday.
    Kirk: Yes, but what you’re after is a royal fizzbin, but the odds of getting a royal fizzbin are astron – Spock, what are the odds on getting a royal fizzbin?
    Spock: I have never computed them, Captain.
    Kirk: Well, they’re astronomical, believe me. Now, for the last card, we’ll call it a kronk. You got that?
    Thug: What?
    (chaos ensues)

    ~ A Piece of the Action

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