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Sure enough, there’s dirty work afoot.

However, I can’t report on the details of the amazingly stupid stunt that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin pulled yesterday. First, I don’t have all the information necessary, and, second, the fact that I don’t relates to the abject stupidity of his action.

All I can say for now is that TDPK must have finally figured out how desperate his situation really is.

Investment Tip: Buy popcorn futures.

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  1. Swiping some lines from ‘Animal House’…

    Kimberlin: “I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

    Rauhauser: “We’re just the guys to do it!”

  2. Hudson: double secret comes to mind.

    Joking aside, this is once again Brett trying to get people to do unethical things. Previously he has demanded that my lawyers not share his communications with me, even though they are ethically required to, even if i might mock him and hurt his feelings. Now he asks the judge the violate the cannons of judicial conduct by engaging in an ex parte communication. He does not get to choose when people are served and if he didn’t want us to see his dumb motions, he shouldn’t be filing them.

    This, ironically after he spread my sealed document all over the internet.

    • I’m not sure what you’re referring to about asking the judge for something. But you reminded me of Brett Kimberlin whining about the “get the popcorn” comments. If Brett Kimberlin doesn’t want an audience deriving entertainment from his terrible and stupid behavior, he should cease the terrible and stupid behavior.

    • So he asked permission to communicate directly with the judge without copying the parties? Good luck with that…

    • Well, there can be no doubt that Kimberlin and hangers-on appreciate petty, abusive, underhanded revenge. At least, this is the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from their past behavior. But it sounds more like this post is about Acme Law stinking up the court system with more time-wasting, vexatious overstepping of boundaries. Which is another thing Kimberlin is known for.

  3. This whole TDPK crew seems to feel entitled to certain special privileges because of their political leanings. Ex-parte communications are their sole domain simply because of their “uniqueness” and position in life. Within these ex-parte communications are the unique views of enhanced treatment by virtue of social position as best expressed by Judge Smails in “Caddyshack”. It is typical of liberals.

  4. The Pedo Bear video pushed him over the edge, perhaps. It sure as hell got Cousin Bill’s attention.

    Hi, Cuz! Pro tip:

    If you don’t want people to think you are a Pedo, then don’t pal around with people who are known (or suspected) Pedos.

    The Original Roy G. Schmalfeldt

    • Internet Archive is way behind on this. If BK is going nutty in the RICO case, too, he must be planning to go out in a blaze of glory. lashing out at everything.

      SERIOUS YOU GUYS: Blaze of glory: People who feel like things are out of their control tend to act on things they can control. I seriously, seriously hope that my spidey sense is wrong. Praying for vulnerable people.

      Matthew 18:6

      • I suspect the folks who have been involved in this know to be safe. Kimberlin is a convicted serial bomber who plotted the death of a prosecutor.
        Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to use “diddler” and “sawed off” in that sentence w/out making it too long.

    • Whoa. 164 is just the beginning. 166, which showed up on PACER after I posted the previous comment, is also a doozy. TDPK is totally off the rails.

  5. My guess – the filings against Ostronic. Once again BK is moving for sanctions against him for being a lawyer.

    So, did BK maybe go round to visit someone in the courthouse to talk about it?

    I have long suspected that there is a member of TK inside the Montgomery County District Court.

  6. Something is afoot. The handlers are out in force and whipping up the easily manipulated.

  7. As usual, @StephenSheiko has the scoop. If you’re not following him, you should be. Even if you don’t use twitter, you can read his tweets. Too many to post them all but will give you the idea in a separate entry so this doesn’t get lost in moderation. 🙂

    • Time to file a motion for sanctions. Highlight every service of process impropriety, reference court orders telling him to knock it off, and his continued misbehavior.

      • And contempt – maybe both civil and criminal, unless the latter would jeopardize a separate criminal proceeding due to double jeopardy or something.

      • But there already is a motion for sanctions out there. Almost 4 months, now. Nothing done about it. That is why he feels entitled to do whatever he wants.

        Remember, his strategy is to cost his opponents as much as he can while costing himself as little as he can. So any tactic that he gets away with is one that he will pursue.

        He asked Judge Hazel for favors which mostly Judge Hazel granted. He did not abide by the case management order. He did not file a motion, that would require noticing all of the defendants, who would then be allowed to respond. Instead he asked and received. What he got was to his advantage and prejudiced all of the defendants who are abiding by the rules. So of course he is continuing to follow that course.

      • A motion by Twitchy. I’m saying a motion by the others who are continuing to be prejudiced by behavior like this. Everything you stated would be highlighted again for the court. He is not the only pro se defendant.

      • The other defendants would have to go Rule 11, which has been forbidden until after the trial is over.

      • Earl – federal courts have sanctioning authority under other provisions, not just Rule 11. I will say no more.

      • Yeah. Personally, I think the defendants should do monkey see monkey do. Not do a motion for sanctions, but rather just send a letter. They should bypass the case management order and just start filing stuff. And anything the judge denies, or throws out for not complying with the order, send another letter objecting, and reference his last letter order.

        But then, I am not being sued, so easy to say.

    • Monkey see, monkey do. Don’t be surprised to see others repeat this behavior.

  8. It just occurred to me that our host may be planning future posts on these docs. I’m sorry if I goofed in posting these links and I won’t post the others.

  9. Does anybody see a point where at least ONE of the jurists in charge of these cases will hold Kimberlin responsible for all the perjury and fraudulent paperwork? Considering how blatant all these incidents are, does anybody else have the authority or right to file charges.

    This almost seems like a really bad novel. I know if I ever decide to commit a crime, I’m moving to Maryland, registering as a Democrat and representing myself pro se. At this point it seems like a license to get away with anything.

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