In Re RICO Madness

As you can see from the letter that Paul Alan Levy has sent to Judge Hazel, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has made some sort of filing in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, and he is asking that it be sealed. As Mr. Levy notes, TDPK has not served copies of his filing on any of the pro se defendants.

As I wrote earlier, this is a sign of abject stupidity.

The Gentle Reader may wish to consider stocking up on Jujubes and Raisinettes as well as popcorn.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain weighs in here.

UPDATE 2—rsm20140724

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  1. Have you considered that Brett’s strategy might be to be deliberately childish and outrageous to provoke as many filings as possible? Then, the clerks and judges, irritated by the childishness, outrageousness, and high number of filings, will say “OK! OK!” and give in to many of Brett’s demands.

    Brett’s voice in his letters is strident, angry, and could be mistaken for sincere. The judge may just figure he’s sincerely mistaken, and since he doesn’t want to assume bad faith, will give him leeway and skip opportunities to smack him like he deserves.

    • IANAL, but IMNSHO the defendants should never miss an opportunity in their filings to remind the Court that TDPK is no ordinary pro se litigant:

      I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money and for what.
      (Brett Kimberlin, email to Patrick Frey, 11 October 2010)

      [Attorney Donald V.] Morano was fascinated by Kimberlin’s intensity and single-mindedness and what seemed “an encyclopedic knowledge of the cases.” He was quick and prolific, Morano immediately saw, and his gift for mimicry lent his writing a professional gloss. When it came to analysis, “Brett would twist the ruling to make it fit what he wanted the result to be. But we worked on it.”
      (Mark Singer, Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin. New York: Knopf, 1996, p. 195)

      • Plus, he’s a paralegal. Oh, and the phrase, “justice delayed is justice denied” regarding sanctions for forgeries, etc., should make an appearance.

  2. I saw on twitter that he lied about attempting mailed service with restricted delivery . Is that so?

  3. What is necessary to establish a pattern of bad faith on Kimberlin’s part? Judge Hazel practically accused AOS as a service-evader, when all that was deliberately evaded was revelation of his person contact information to a dangerous felon on scanty grounds.

    • THIS^^^ should be stressed – beyond 1st amendment concerns which are valid and very important – the fact is that Brett Kimberlin has been convicted of violent felonies and is known to carry weapons despite being prevented by a prior felony conviction. He has a documented history of being dangerous and cost at least one man his life, remains the only suspect in the murder of a grandmother, and plotted to have a prosecutor murdered!

      • All of which should figure in various motions in order to impeach his credibility.

  4. At a review meeting in France for a Chinese project, our Chinese guests gave us a gift of an old Chinese text (“Pupil Rules”) with an English translation. Thumbing through it, I saw the following passage:

    “If your mistake is not done on purpose, it is only an error. If it is done on purpose, it is evil. If you correct your mistake and do not repeat it, you no longer have the mistake. If you try to cover it up, you will be doubly wrong.” – Li Yuxiu

  5. I just headed over to Breitbart Unmasked to read the latest, and someone is leaving comments there, too, as “A Reader.” Not me, so glad I changed my handle. Just an FYI to folks.

      • I’ll say. First, if the person is a Hoge, etc., supporter, it’s very bad form to appropriate someone else’s handle. If it isn’t, and if this is just more Neal-style shenanigans, everyone keep that in mind. By the way, I don’t comment on other blogs as a rule, a recent exception being Krendler’s blog to distinguish myself from the other A Reader.

      • If this person keeps it up, I may change my handle to “Teenage Poon.”

      • Jane – it may appear that way, but there are some troll accounts out there that are probably Neal socks that surface from time to time, pretending to be conservative and “patriots,” and who seem to troll only conservatives. Like I said, if it’s an anti-Kiimberlin person, bad form.

      • A Reader #1 – if you change your name, he’ll never leave you alone! hahaha

        Yes, aware of the sox, but good reminder, thanks. I have no way to know if that’s one or not, but could be someone that doesn’t read the comments, just the posts; or could be nefarious.

        However, the twitter person did post the pedo bear video that has Brett’s panties in such a bunch. They also claimed the video was made by someone from gamer/hacker forums, not any of the defendants, iirc. Most of their twitter is about gaming, comiccon type things.

      • Jane, I see it as an attempt at social engineering.
        It’s Neal or his ilk, and no friend of this blog would have appropriated that handle. A Reader (the original) drew down the rabid ire of what-sit and focus on A Reader’s statement that he/she had no twitter account. Whoever decided to fill the breech is playing a part in order to create a board to throw beanbags at (you saw little manufactured drama yesterday) and use to draw in opponents.
        BK and friends have a history of similar false-flag socks.

      • Something to keep in mind is what I do on this blog: I quote certain parties, repeatedly, and let their own words speak for them. If they didn’t hate that, they wouldn’t react so strongly. Color me completely skeptical about this new Reader and the youtube video, which AMAZINGLY made it into BK filings and riled up a catspaw.

  6. “[H]is response included vulgarity that I prefer not to place in the public record.”

    • I think that is a mistake, as the vulgarity no doubt shows TDPK’s contempt for the court and it’s rules.

      • I agree. Don’t protect him from himself with well-intentioned but misguided Rules of Gentlemanly Behavior.

  7. Stock up on two items: South Carolina HOT Ginger Ale and Venison Chili. Sustenance is needed!

  8. “Mr. Hoge, you are in violation of the preliminary injunction.”

    “What preliminary injunction?”

    “The one I can’t tell you about. Now, do you have a final request before the firing squad comes in? A last cigarette, perhaps?”


    • Equally hilarious is TDPK’s attempt to “order” counsel not to give their clients the documents that he sends them. I think that Louis the Sixteenth was less delusional about his grandeur…

  9. Uh oh. Bill just opened himself up to another lawsuit. Should be more careful what you write on websites Bill, yours or others.

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  11. Why this fool hasn’t been sanctioned yet is beyond me.

    I’d be disbarred and bankrupt if I tried this shit in a court.

  12. Aside from Brett Kimberlin’s actions being immoral, unethical, and stupid, were they not also a direct violation of the seal he requested? Paul Levy’s letter seems to indicate that Brett Kimberlin sent a copy of the sealed motion to a person who was neither a party to the lawsuit, nor counsel to a party in the lawsuit. Brett Kimberlin seems to acknowledge this fact when he writes about his decision to not send copies to the “unrepresented defendants.”

    I think this fact should be pointed out to the Judge, as well as Brett Kimberlin’s past history of, apparently, leaking sealed documents that were sealed at his insistence.

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