13 thoughts on “So, Who Was Correct?

    • Guilty the first time. Amazingly, it was the BK suits against AW that helped me learn how wrong I was. Read about those from Popehat, which lead me to Patterico, which lead me to some real irritation about the challenge to my viewpoints, followed by me examining my viewpoints and beliefs, followed by me voting Romney.

  1. People were so quick to judge Romney. They should have actually listened to him. He had some good ideas and unlike our current President, had actual real world experience in running something.

  2. Having lived through Romney, i completely disagree. He managed to drive Mass into the ground while barely being in the state.

  3. The contrast between them was so stark, that I still can’t understand how anyone could vote for Obama. His comments were just bizarre, stupid platitudes that could only sound “deep” to people who thought that Jack Handey was a renowned philosopher.

    • Lots of people, including supposedly “educated” people truly believe that Republicans care only about the rich and “big business”, just want to stick it to the little guy, and hate anyone who isn’t a WASP. I’m still trying to convince my parents that if JFK were to suddenly reappear, he’s find his politics were to the right of most of the current Republican establishment.

  4. People who voted for Romney voted with their brains.
    People who voted for Obama voted with their wishful thinking.

    • And their lady parts. Don’t forget how they were told to vote with their lady parts.

      Though how they could work the touch screens like that is beyond even my fertile imagination.

  5. Of course Romney was correct…but Obama promised free stuff and idiots (of which there are millions in this country) always vote for free stuff…


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