Punching Back Twice As Hard

Last week, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed a motion seeking default in the Kimberlin v. Kimberlinunmasked copyright trolling lawsuit against the two individuals he claims are Kimberlin Unmasked. They have filed their opposition to his motion.

UPDATE—I’m pleased to see that the evidence of the fraudulent green cards seems to be mostly derived from Hogewash! posts. This makes three cases where documentary evidence of forgery and/or perjury by TDPK have been placed in front of the court.

UPDATE 2—Aaron Walker comments here.

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  1. At this point, it should be clear that Kimberlin wants to be caught, wants to be sanctioned and may even want to be imprisoned again. He is insane.

    • Hey, let’s hope that motion does it. This is the judge who was already annoyed with Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) and Velvet Revolution US (VRUS).

      Thomas and Malone reminded the judge of this on page 11, quoting this judge who took the time to look up some of Brett C. Kimberlin’s litigation history to show he wasn’t fooling this court.

      That “I’m just a poor pro se litigant, and your green cards frighten and confuse me” schtick isn’t going to play well with this particular court, imo. This was pretty much carved in stone by Thomas and Malone. 😀

    • The same thought occurred to me: does Kimberly subconsciously want to return to prison? Perhaps he hates himself so much that he is punishing himself — like O.J. did by committing a felony after his prior acquittal for murder. I have always thought that O.J. was punishing himself for murdering two people.

      However, in BK’s case, the most likely reason for his forgeries is that he thinks he is so much smarter than anyone else, that he can get away with anything.

      • I see it even simpler than that.

        He didn’t want to pay the extra $4.75 per service, and figured he could BS his way through it.

  2. BOOM!!!! just seems so inadequate… wow… way more than “twice” as hard! WTG, Thomas and Malone!!

  3. nicely done. the lawyer perfectionist in me cringes at a few “pro se” moments in the filing, but it got the point across and Brett might be facing another “show cause.” And titus already seemed pretty intolerant of Brett’s “I’m a stupid pro se routine.”

    Also I started to notice that some of this sounded familiar and… well, they paid Mike Smith a very sincere compliment, if you know what i mean. Will blog on this later.

  4. They specifically mentioned Brett Kimberlin’s parole was “revoked” in the past. Very nice touch, imo. Maybe that mention will put the idea into Judge Titus’ head, if it wasn’t there already from his own research that we know of. Who knows what else he looked up while he was at it? 😀

  5. This is just priceless. I would call this punching for the knockout. The unmitigated gall of Kimberlin in all of these cases just makes my head spin. Let’s hope that Titus’ patience with the poor, pitiful pro-se Kimberlin has completely run out.

  6. How many separate judges now have active cases in which Kimberlin has doctored green cards and other forgery of documents?

  7. He is an habitual forger. I guess he believes no one ever notices. Instead, knowing his proclivity to forgery, people look for the inevitable instances.

  8. While I like the overall response and think it should be as devastating as it appears, as the various cases have progressed to date, they have left me very cynical. I’m continuing to lose faith in the system and that the appropriate remedies will be forthcoming.

    Unfortunately, and reminiscent of Twitchy, I can imagine the judge saying: well, you obviously have notice now, he has your address from your response, he can properly serve you, etc. …. in essence – no harm, no foul.

    There’s also a few things in the response that cause me some potential concern that helps to reinforce my cynical observation above, but I’m not going to mention them in an ‘open’ comment.

    Unfortunately, I wish I had more faith in the system…

  9. Well, isn’t this just freaking MARVELOUS.

    Now I have gather up all of my clocks and watches an haul them in to the repair shop.

    Does anyone know where you’re supposed to fit BITCHSLAP o’clock on the dial?

    Probably gonna have to build a whole new chip for the digital market…

      • Favorite line: “And this is potentially serious because Brett filed a verified pleading, and therefore it is actually federal perjury.”

        As to their lifting from the work of others in their pleading, I believe plagiarism is not only acceptable when it comes to legal pleadings, but it should be encouraged. What better way to present argument, for instance, than to quote heavily Judge’s or lawyers who have addressed this issue. Obviously you should only emulate and copy from those who clearly know what they are doing – and ensure your citations are still good law, but copying style and verbiage to the extent possible in legal pleadings is smart. No need to reinvent the wheel, it isn’t academia, and who really cares that the wording isn’t 100% you as long as the point you make is correct. Its not like you can copy write pleadings anyway, they are public records.

  10. Jesus Jumping Christ on a pogo stick. That is such a brutal smackdown, I almost feel sorry for BK. The only thing that keeps me from feeling sorry for him is that he literally asked for it — and more.

    “Righteous fury” indeed.

  11. Someone has opened a Twitter account and is leaving comments and tweeting as “A Reader.” Not sure who is doing it or why, but I’m changing my name to the highly creative name of “A Reader #1.”

    • This looks like it would translate well into a screenplay.
      So, you hooked me from the beginning. My one recommendation is that you consider the use of the adjective “shining” to describe his blue coat at the beginning. It tripped me up because I imagined it lit up with blue lights.

      Off topic – I have a comment in the moderation cue where I explain that I am changing my name to A Reader #1 because someone has appropriated my name and behaving in a manner I don’t feel comfortable with.

  12. Again, Kimberlin sends the mail to pelev 6 moloul [moloud?] and l7uu tlqu-q. Kimberlin may have cut off the last letter of Lynn Thomas’ name in copying the exhibit, or he may have deliberately hidden yet another wrong letter.

    These errors cannot simply be explained by poor penmanship. Brett Kimberlin consistently uses a “q” for an “a” except in “Malone” in which he uses an “o” for an “a.”

  13. The sloppy writing is very deliberate. Even viewed in the light most favorable to him, which I do not view it, he had previously had mail related to his ongoing suits misdirected because of his poor penmanship, is very aware of *this*, and should be taking special care to form letters with precision or to obtain use of an assistant or a printing device to form letters correctly.

  14. 1. His service was defective under Maryland rules
    2. He could not have established proper service even if the package had been signed for and kept
    3. He checked the restricted delivery box, having been made aware, if he was ignorant before, that restricted delivery is required by Maryland rules; is an extra postal service requiring a fee in addition to certified mail, return receipt requested (most likely after the fact of mailing, having been warned by a court not to do this and promising never to do it again), and that his checking the box does not make an item of mail restricted delivery if the post office did not send it that way and he failed to pay for it.
    4. He checked that box in order to persuade the court he had followed Maryland rules, which he did not.

    He won’t be rewarded with a default. He might be rewarded with another chance to effect service or chance to ask the court to declare the defendants served – other courts have put up with his bullshit on the premise that individuals he wishes to sue know he is trying to serve papers on them, and treat them as though they have an obligation to accept defective service or to make effective service easier than it is under Maryland rules.

    I have little fear the judge will order a default but some fear the judge will listen to Kimberlin whining about how he doesn’t understand the difference between certified mail and certified mail with restricted delivery, or how the post office simply failed to charge him or effect the instructions he gave them. The post office does photograph the front of packages, it is available in criminal investigations, and a picture of the card on the package is not going to have a checked box. He had better be careful lying about that.

    • other than the obviousness of dragging out all his suits as long as he can to cost the defendants time and money, I can’t help but wonder if he is really just thumbing his nose at the court or is he seriously trying to get himself prosecuted for his acts of fraud? Prosecution he’ll then spin to the effect that the RWNJ’s are trying to shut him down and please donate to JTMP etc to help fight the right..


      • He miscalculates if he has any little fantasy about that (and I don’t doubt he does have wild fantasies about being some kind of martyr-hero – he always has had). It will be the courts shutting him down, for one – and his perjury is the sort that put anyone off: not only self-serving but shabby.

      • Obviously I think the latter. Its impossible to make any more rational explanation for deliberately forging a false green card after being repeatedly caught in the act.

        The only other explanation is that he is mentally ill and in the midst of a breakdown.

      • All reasonable theories, of course, but I thought of another: Maybe it’s a pathological “don’t tell me no” thing. Perhaps he intends to keep doing it until he doesn’t get caught, hahahaha. I’d bet that each time he did it again, he was confident no one would check this time. hahaha

      • I think there are several other members of Team Kimberlin that have serious Daddy issues. That and sexual perversion seem to be the glue that holds that group together.

      • I think one must be really careful in making tricky guesses about Brett Kimberlin’s thoughts and motivations. Although I’m trying my hand at it, anyway:

        One thing about Brett: he does not give up easily. Think twice before assuming he’s capitulating on anything. That doesn’t mean his backup strategy is anything a sensible person would choose, it just means he has one. And when he has to, he will devise a new one to replace it. Always.

        Brett has always relied on credulous dupes to help him get away with his worst deeds. While he was in prison in the 1980s, he had what were basically fan clubs that he used for several purposes. One purpose was, of course, advocating nonsensical conspiracy theories arguing he was innocent (this is before he discovered partisan politics and Dan Quayle). Another purpose of the fan club was to help him launder some of his money. Another purpose was access to women. I believe Brett plans to do what he always does, which is to rely on current and new supporters, since a few people will be credulous enough to be duped and help get him what he wants.

        If I had to zero in on an issue that might be important, I would say it’s his framing of the service/forgery issues. He has framed it as just a “checkmark” and we need devastating response to that, and not just one for the judge, but a soundbite one to use as a weapon against Brett’s public supporters. Because when Brett Kimberlin can’t advocate for himself alone, he will find others to help do it, and they need either arguments to convince them, or, cover so that casual onlookers will believe that the helpers are actually sincere.

        I hope I’m being way too paranoid in worrying about the possibility of Brett continuing to have supporters, and especially I hope he never gains any new ones.

        I would like to add, it does not just fall on the people Brett is suing to come up with a “soundbite to use as a weapon against Brett supporters.” All of us can, and should, try to help do that. Wherever there is someone who is giving aid to criminality, we should be offering facts and logic. And, where appropriate, shame upon those who support criminality. Brett’s lawfare defendants are fighting for all of us so we should have their backs in public… using honest and just tactics only, of course.

  15. If he’d had any doubts about restricted delivery and what it entails AFTER the judge gave him a what-for – any confusion at all remaining (allowing very generously for him to have been confused on what it entails, not the subsequent altering of documents) wasn’t it incumbent upon him to look it up and do it right? USPS makes all this information available online to aid customers (e.g., https://about.usps.com/publications/pub370/pub370_013.htm ).

  16. You know, this repeated alteration/forgery/perjury/whatever seems to me to be a terrific reason Brett Kimberlin should be barred from ever pleading pro se again.

      • No question about it, Leroy. Also no question that he shouldn’t be allowed to continue harassing or to file anything from jail without a lawyer. Hopefully, he’s done enough to not only get a lengthy sentence, but also enough to stop the lawfare while incarcerated. Prevent Pro se Prison Pleadings Pronto!

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