Another Rube Self-Indentifies

Thomas Frank writes at Salon, calling Barack Obama “an ineffective and gutless” president.

Perhaps there will be an architectural solution for this problem. For example, the Obama museum’s designers could make the exhibit on the movement into a kind of blind alley that physically reminds visitors of the basic doctrine of the Democratic Party’s leadership faction: that liberals have nowhere else to go.

Read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Another Rube Self-Indentifies

  1. Humans are wired to believe in higher powers. When the Left rejected God they replaced Him with (e.g.) Gaia the Mother Earth, with Karl Marx as their eschatologist. They cannot disbelieve that the Right is the embodiment of evil. The linked author is disappointed in Obama not because Obama represents a flawed philosophy, but because Obama made no progress towards the cosmically ordained future sunny uplands of a society at once diverse yet without economic inequality.

    As the shape of the future cannot be questioned, the only remaining possibility is that the putative vanguard of the proletariat wasn’t up to the task. So the search for a new Pied Piper begins anew.

  2. Read the Salon article. Propose that the Obama Presidential Library, if ever constructed, be designed according to the rules of minimalist architecture. Wide expanses of soulless, obdurate concrete. “Nothing to see here, folks. That way to see the one-of-a-kind Egress.” Joe Biden could be the Saturday afternoon docent.

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