Too Close for Comfort

Video Credit: NASA

UPDATE—A personal note: I contributed to the design of components of the Burst Alert Telescope instrument on Swift. My contributions include the ultra-quiet power regulators for the detectors in the instrument, the variable high-voltage supply for the detectors, and the pulse-width-modulation regulator for the thermal control system of the BAT. The same PWM regulator was also used in other locations on the satellite.

7 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort

  1. It has to be gratifying to see your work zoom around in space doing exactly what you designed it to do.

  2. Liar! Bill said you are “quantum mechanic”. So where do you attach a quark to that, and what size wrench do you use? And if you look at the quark before you work on it, does it change the direction you need to tighten it?

    Let”s see how much of a mechanic you really are…./

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