219 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • I actually think Bill is actually starting to believe this “I’m a lawyer” nonsense. And i guess that he is, in the same way that a six year old who ties a beach towel around his neck and jumps off the roof is Superman.

        But the child has enough self-awareness to more immediately understand his folly..

      • I rather liked “poppyhead” – it has a certain winsome sweetness to it that relieves the dreariness of most of Schmalfeldt’s discourse.

      • There should be nothing wrong with defining the proper means of communication. It vastly reduces the opportunity for mischief. Which is kind of the point. When two parties have a great deal of animosity toward each other, the temptation toward mischief is rather high.

        No “the spam catcher ate it” or “I sent the e-mail, I don’t know why he didn’t get it” or “Smoke signals are a perfectly valid means of communications. Look, I even have proof I sent them with this picture. It’s date stamped, I was well within my limits.” Or, “we discussed this on the phone, of course we didn’t record it, that would be wire tapping,” etc. With a receipt, you have proof that you at least sent SOMETHING, which also offers some protections for the sender. The receiver has a signed document, which makes it difficult for the sender to claim he sent something different. A letter would be something a relatively difficult to alter, at least relative to an e-mail, a physical record, a document that came with a government provided date stamp, and a means of actually signing in a way that the courts would recognize. It is certainly better.

        Nice try though. Truly. I mean it.

      • Lawyers designate the means of. Immunization all the time. Given BS’s history regarding the Internet, I viewed WJJH’s requests about communications as a kindness. It is harder to get into mischief when you have to print and mail versus hitting send.

    • So being a pro se makes Bill a Lawyer? Sure, why not… being a crackpot with a website makes him a journalist, faildoxing people makes him an investigative journalist, and getting banned from the daily kook makes him a “well-respected, retired journalist.” Why wouldn’t he now be an attorney now that he is pro se…

      • Speaking of the whole lawyer thing, words have certain meanings in the legal sense. For example, “vexatious” does not describe the gopher who is eating your carrots, or the efforts of a harassment victim to stop the harassment.

    • Then, we’ll find out if he made sure to also include the blog comments that almost all got consigned to the trash side of Hogewash’s moderation queue.

      • Say, you don’t suppose they’re STILL IN the trash pile, do you? Where they could be easily retrieved by our Gracious Host and reviewed for “threats” and “harsh words?” That would be an interesting development.

        And why would Mister Mayo be concerned about threats, anyway? It’s a long established fact that he doesn’t make threats.

        He makes PROMISES.

  1. PROMISES that he just cannot seem to keep! THREATS that he just cannot seem to carry out!

    But we all know one thing about the Elkridge Horror.

    He’s a crybaby, a SNITCH, a cuckolded caricature of a real man, a convicted harasser, a pathetic little coward who delights in terrorizing innocent people and then whimpering about his unproven medical conditions as an excuse for his felonious and despicable conduct.

    Please Bill, please!

    Dare to ride the dragon on high!

    • “using the stolen image of my face”

      Said the EXPERT on stealing, also it has to be of value – just sayin

  2. Certified Adjudicated Serial Harasser continues to not remain silent to the wonderment of several agencies and court districts

    • ““Now . . . you’re going to wind up being the Monica Lewinsky for Jeremy’s Bill Clinton unless you start telling the truth and start telling it quick. I’m done fucking around, and I am not going away. You’ve already had “the media’s” interest in this case explained to you. Now, do you wanna play dumb and lose your kids? Or do you wanna play smart and keep what you got? I am not making any threats. I am just trying to help you avoid a shit storm for some giggling fuck who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you. Do you really want to be dragged through the mud for THIS giggling shitwit. I’ll wait to hear from you. But I send what I have … EVERYTHING … to the Wisconsin Media tomorrow.”

      Egads! That doesn’t sound like any journalism I’ve ever read. If it’s journalism, the idea that he’d give his story away makes it exceptionally incompetent. Nor am I aware of a journalist who would use at least four profanities in one paragraph when dealing with a prospective source.

      On the other hand, it DOES sound a lot like extortion. Does anybody happen to know what the statute of limitations is for that in Wisconsin?

      • Dear Total Stranger With Children,


        DOOOOOM CLOCK!!! ELEVENTY!!1!!1!

        I’m not threatening you. I’m just trying to help you.

        Be well. Aloha.


        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt

        Bill Schmalfeldt is a freaking sociopath.

      • McCain quoted Cabin Boy admitting he threatened the woman. I don’t need to believe McCain; I just have to verify the quote is accurate.

        Which I have.

  3. In his own words, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt admits that his attempt to SCARE someone into telling the truth (by threatening to take a woman’s children away from her) is one of his “investigative reporting” tricks.

    I’d wager it was only a matter of time (or, the wrong response), before Baghdad Blob opted to employ more of his “investigative-reporting tricks” by contacting numerous Alphabet Agencies spewing falsehoods regarding this poor woman and her children — JUST as he did with the poor Stranahan family when they refused to answer questions to satisfy his morbid curiosity and his stalking, harassing ways?

    And, he dares to call himself a “journalist.” What a sick freak.

    • Speaking of which, he STILL hasn’t explained why he never called CPS on his Master when he found out Kimby had a convicted Pedo living with his young daughters in the basement. I guess it’s OK with Bill for a convicted Pedo to live in close proximity to someones young daughters as long as that someone tells him “Good Boy” every once in a while.

      • All pedos are equal, but some pedos are more equal than others?

        Bunny Boy didn’t appear to have an issue with Gillette living in close proximity to young girls either — being as the convicted CP freak didn’t have “enough” child porn in his possession, or some “moral equivalency” crap like that.

        These sick freaks somehow do manage to all find each other, and hang around and support each other, don’t they? *smh*

    • I would say that he has the soul is a pervert, but it’s hardly clear that he has a soul at all.

    • Is there any reason to think the multiple-times-adjudicated-harasser-in-multiple-states, Bill Schmalfeldt, didn’t do all in his pathetic power to interfere with the custody of that innocent bystander’s totally innocent children?

      I mean, the admitted repeatedly cuckolded (who knows for sure how many times? Certainly not Bill Schmalfeldt!!), and admittedly untrustworthy due to his admitted dementia, William M. Schmalfeldt, does have a track record of attempting such things. Lucky for those children he’s such a #failure.

      • Often times it simply takes one, bogus phone call to a CPS agency to prompt them to start crawling into every crevice of someone’s life, and the lives of their children and family.

        It is an evil act beyond all explanation to mess with a family in that manner.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt boasts of such activity being in his “investigative reporting” bag of tricks.

        Bill Schmalfeldt is an evil, evil creature.

    • I hadn’t actually considered this before, but is possible that the counterclaim is actually performance art? It was one of the most thoroughly entertaining things I’ve ever read, and I still giggle when I think about it, but it can’t actually be serious, can it? Who would do that to themselves?

    • Face it Mr Schmalfeldt. You only give folks extra reasons to recall the Kos anal rape fantasy, and the ridiculous demands which you now claim were journalism. Anal Rape Fantasy Author, Cyberstalker, Friend of Serial Bomber, Adjudicated Harasser… These are the kinder things which are said about you. The Hoge/Walker/Stranahan stuff has only made your reputation more widespread. It just gave more people reason to write about you.

      • I vaguely remember him writing about his firing from Examiner. com, where he explained that his style of journalism was to make himself a central part of the story.

        Well, Bill’s the central part of a story now, and he can’t stop whimpering about it.

        Maybe he just wasn’t cut out for journalism.

      • Making self a central part of the story = unethical under society of professional journalism’s code – and that of every other accredited school of journalism, major network and mainstream print news outlet.

  4. Ahhhhhhh! Right on schedule!

    Ace ACME “lawyer” starts trolling for ANY fact that he can use in his defense as he begins to realize what a terrible hole he has dug for himself. Painted himself into a corner, did he?

    Fear pee having soaked his Depends, it is now running onto the floor and out underneath his decrepite trailer necessitating yet another Howard County Hazardous Materials Cleanup effort.

    Quick, Bill, grab the mayo and hot dogs! Head for that “special room” where you can plot your legal strategy with your fishing equipment (“Oh, Bobbers! Does that feel good, Sweetie?!”). It’s that warm, dark, dank and sweaty palmed place! (“Oh, the mayo helps make it so slick, Bobbers”).

    “Wait! I’m soaked! Where’s the Depends?”

    Dare to ride the Dragon on high, Bill.


  5. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/490888072649654273

    Quite different from “BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMENT,” innit?

    There are a few possibilities that could explain the discrepancies in positions over he last 24 hours;

    A) Schizophrenia
    B) Massive short-term memory loss
    C) Anger and impulse control issues
    D) Good, old-fashioned lying.
    E) Ignorance of just about everything.
    F) Panic.

    Why do I have a feeling that William will lose, and go on to appeal based on incompetent representation?

    • Since no one is talking with Fatboi, he just make up sh*t to make himself feel better…I didn’t think idiots could talk with themselves!

    • So now he’s Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man, Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast, Two-Time Cuckold Champion (Heavyweight Division) and Nutless Coward Bill Schmalfeld!

      Confession,dear boy. It’s good for the soul.

      • It is a delight to see how agile he can be for a fat man. Although, I was given to believe that those people were supposed to be jolly.

        However, if you look at what he actually wrote to that woman, he obviously expected her to believe that he would initiate a process that would end with her children being taken away. Whether he actually planned to follow through is immaterial, both civilly and criminally.

    • Bill, nobody here is discussing the case. What happens, happens. All we are doing is documenting all of your lies and unprofessional conduct.

      Kinda like “Bill Schmalfeldt’s Greatest Hits”.

      • Hmmm. I wonder what a search of Google cache will turn up? I bet all of his old blogs (they are many for they are legion) are still recoverable.

        Oh, the wondrous things I suspect that we’ll learn about William’s “reputation” there! The rants, the threats, the demands and self-important proclamations. I do wonder how far back those go?

        Journalism, you know.

      • No one ever discusses Hoge’s claims because they don’t want to inadvertently give aid to BS, but BS is always begging that someone comment on it.

    • Takes one to know one, right, William?

      I’m actually coming to the honest opinion that Schmalfeldt is a lunatic. A certifiable maniac. He publicly displays delusions of both grandeur and persecution, which you don’t see every day. More disturbing is that those with mental illness often try to hide the symptoms from those around them. Mr. Bigs actually glories in his in front of anyone that will watch.

      While I find that endlessly entertaining, poor Gail must find it incredibly disturbing. And I would imagine that his long-suffering physician has just given up in the hopes that it gets him out of the office quickly.

    • NOR MENTION that due to years worth of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s very own words, actions, and behaviors — that the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt presents himself as a complete and utter sociopath.

      Do that… and, a certain Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser finds it necessary to threaten to use lawfare against those expressing a very well-founded opinion.


    “Can’t explain why Bill is an idiot”

    is equal to

    “Won’t explain why Bill is an idiot.”

    But take heart! Whether you “can’t” or “won’t,” he’s still an idiot.

  7. God help me, but I’m seriously considering travelling all the way to Maryland, with all the tediousness that entails, just to see this counterclaim trial. Seeing William being almost sexually humiliated in public, with absolutely no escape available to him, will be worth all the trouble and more!

    “All we have is fun!” Father Paul of the First Church of Krendler

    • The most joyous part is going to be watching William do his “I’m a helpless old cripple” routine, and watching his face as some of his more belligerent “journalism” is read back to him. In all likelihood, you’ll have a majority female jury, which will make seeing some of the exhibits I assume will be entered hysterical.

      I’m fairly confident that he’s not the only one with “boxes” of material. I also assume that there will be limitless affidavits and “character” witnesses.

      Indeed, “All we have is fun.”

      Oh, and what happened to two-thirds of the Internet being added to the Second Amended Counterclaim?

  8. Why would the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s thoughts go immediately to violence? Could it have anything to do with the actions of those he considers “excellent” friends, and their fondness for violence? Or, is he simply conjuring up the memories he holds so dear of ALL of those bar fights he found himself engaged in as a teenager? *smh*

    Paul Krendler has NEVER threatened, nor spoken, of violence from what I’ve seen.

    Sweaty-palmed, happy place time again, Blob? *gack*


    • No Bill, nobody here has ever wished to cause you any physical harm, ever. You’re the one with the violent (and false) fantasies. We do, however, very much enjoy the Schmaldenfreude of laughing at you when you step on your crank, open the door into your face or crap you diapers during another Feldtdown.

      We aren’t laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

      • John, you’ve had him on the stand before and he still filed his counterclaim he way he did?

        You hypnotized him, didn’t you? He can’t possibly be so ignorant of his own life experience to have done this of his own free will?

        On the other hand, Paul’s cartoon William at the stove makes so much more sense now.

    • Does he have a life? At all? I mean, he’s copying and commenting on every comment here! It’s ludicrous!

      Go sit out on your porch and smell some fresh air! let your dogs run around your feet! For pity’s sake, you have no perspective left!

      • Here is one of his tweets that describes his life very well:


        In his sad, pathetic world, if you don’t have a blog or a twitter handle, you have nothing. The idea that we should get up from the computer and live our lives is a totally foreign concept to him. (Or that we have other places on the internet we would go)

        No offense John, but if you shut down your blog tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter a bit in the grand scheme of my life. Actually, my wife would probably send you a thank you note, considering the length of the “honey-do” list she has for me.

    • What worries does Brett Kimberlin have? If we are to take his own accounts at face value, he is a pariah in his neighborhood, his daughter was pariah at her old school, and, judging by his having a body guard, he lives in fear of being assassinated by one of those neighbors. As you draw more and more publicity to your yourself, it would seem self-evident that your fellow park members will form the same opinion of Brett Kimberlin that his neighbors have.

      In case you forgot, you seem to have admitted inviting Brett Kimberlin into your neighborhood. I doubt that will go over well in your trailer park. But, you don’t have anything to worry about. Go ahead and keep telling yourself you have nothing to worry about. Brett Kimberlin has an elaborate home security system, and, an armed bodyguard. You have a semi-automatic weapon.

    • So Bill is saying that Hoge can’t prove Bill’s allegations? Why would Hoge want to prove Bill’s allegations? Not that he has to, ’cause that’s not how trials in this country work, but I’d think Hoge would be producing evidence to disprove Bill’s claims.

      And yes, I know what Bill thinks he’s really saying. But it’s so much fun to play with Word Crimes (a great new Weird Al video, by the way), and yet more reasons why Twitter isn’t the best place to try one’s legal cases.

      • Allegation: noun
        a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made WITHOUT proof.

        If he really has proof why use the word ALLEGATION?

    • You have already admitted to Hoge’s Allegations, he has to prove nothing. You have to prove fair use as a defense. You need a lawyer worse than my dog needs a bone.

  9. What I find funny is that he has the balls to still call himself a journalist. I have more national awards to my endeavors than he’s even contemplated. He has no concept of journalism.

    Admittedly a whole lot of the MSM has a similar lack of professionalism.

  10. BS is a stalking horse for BK. Note that BK used the fact of the attempted mediation in the case with BS as a talking point in his discussion of the RICO case.

    Game playing with the fat, useless punk should stop.

    Set phasers on ignore.

  11. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/490941021878890497

    I cannot put into words how my heart leaps at the possibility that you may actually believe that, Inspector Ignorance.

    Why haven’t you tracked me down yet with all your mad doxination skillz, Ambassador Asswipe?

    Why hasn’t Hoge folded yet and thrown me under the bus, O Duke of Depends?

    Why haven’t I expressed an iota of fear, or even annoyance at the prospect of being identified, Archduke AnalFetish?

    Because you’re gonna find me, and pay all the fees, and do all the work, and when you finally see that name…

    You’re gonna crap your pants.

    And then you will be faced with one of two choices:

    1. Abject humiliation at your own hands; or
    2. Delivery of service, followed by a nice trip to Maryland for me, a meeting at the courthouse where I proceed to Drink. Your. Milkshake. I DRINK IT UP!! And then, finally, at my hands, the inevitable abject humiliation for you.

    Recall your own words, Freddy Fro-Yo: “What happens to you now is entirely your own doing.”

    You fucked up, Wizard of Worthlessness.

    Two different routes to the same destination. Have a great trip.

    Be well. Have a great day. Aloha, you stinking waste of carbon.

    • “Oafs who lie under oath” — like his buddy Kimberlin?

      (And when has anyone he’s attacked lied under oath? Project much, Cabin Boy?)

    • How would you know if they are using “phony names”?

      Is this another example of Schmalfeldtian “logic”?

      • Failded Dox’ing 101 of poor Bwilly. He’s flinging poop again to see what sticks. Old tactic of his. Looks like he was busy refreshing this blog every 2 seconds this weekend,meanwhile the rest of us with lives where off enjoying our families and friends again.

  12. Don’t you people get it? If you use a nickname or a pseudonym you are a coward. If you threaten a completely innocent woman on the internet with losing her children you are an “intrepid investigating reporter”.

    Bill, your pathetic bloviating is giving me gas, why don’t you run away with you tail between your legs, like you do every nite, a little early? Give everybody a break.

    • Yeah. I can’t imagine why people would want to use nicknames or pseudonyms on social media.

      It’s not like there are any Deranged Cyberstalkers and Adjudicated Harassers running around on the intertoobz behaving like creeptastic cyberfreaks — d0xing and threatening and harassing and stalking women and children and others who wish to remain anonymous and keep their personal information to themselves.


  13. Poor, poor Gail. By the time Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man, Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast, Two-Time Cuckold Champion (Heavyweight Division) and Nutless Coward Bill Schmalfeld’s finally finished, she’ll have nothing left.

    I doubt that William has bothered to set aside the money to pay costs in this case, let alone prepare for what I assume will come after.

    Worse, William thinks that having his assets in Gail’s name protects them. It doesn’t.

    Poor, poor Gail.

  14. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/490993517397684225

    And that’s where the fun starts! I don’t personally know enough about U.S copyright law to comment, either way. But I have read your glorious counterclaim, in which you managed to misspell your own name. And what you have to demonstrate is so contrary to years of evidence to the contrary, that you’re going to twist in the wind.

    And after that case is disposed of, I have a feeling that things are going to get really bad for you.

    Poor, poor Gail. I’m sure that she’s a nice woman and doesn’t deserve what you’re going to do to her life.

    • He does seem to have any number of things that need hiding. The second part of this farce is about his reputation and character, after all.

      If you think watching him dance on Twitter is fun, wait until he gets on a witnes stand.

    • Yeah, cause Bill never wrote horrible lies about Lee’s wife, never faildoxed someone, again, and decided that photoshopping a picture of the man’s wife on a giant cactus penis was JORNULISM!@!!! Never wrote a vile, disgusting story about our host and dragged his wife into it. Oh no Bill let’s not bring wives into shall we? You started it. You decided to attack people’s wives and families unprovoked, but now you whine like a baby when someone mentions yours. Here’s a deal for you. You write a personal apology to every wife you insulted, publish them, and NEVER delete them. Then maybe people will leave yours out of it. Until then you are nothing but a lying hypocrite as usual.

    • I’m going to take the liberty, and speak for the majority of commenters here on Hogewash!…

      We don’t need the Gentle Host of this blog to protect us — from ANYthing. To begin with — there is nothing to be protected from.

      If the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt had the “goods” on any one of us with regard to libelous statements posted in the comment sections of Hogewash! — does anyone believe the blathering Blob wouldn’t have vomited the “proof” all over his joke of a blog and his Twitter timeline by now?

      I’d wager the majority of us, if not all of us, are perfectly capable of taking care of, and protecting, ourselves… especially against NOTHING.


      • For quite a few of us that vary scenario has been acted out and his revelations have been shown to have the strength and resilience of wet bran muffins.
        I continue to believe that his track record off into the future will continue to be naught over bumpty squat.

    • Will you look at that? No fewer than four unsecured network connections connections in the immediate vicinity of where I am right now!

      Then there are anonymizers. Do you suppose that your precious federal judge is going to spend days, weeks or months going down the rabbit hole of IPs from the middle of the Indian Ocean, William?

      Then there’s the possibility that a number of commenters aren’t subject to the authority of your judge at all. That number might be zero, or it might be 90%.

      How much would you like to spend finding out?

      • If a non-American internet provider received a request for customer information from a U.S court in a criminal case, they would play ball, assuming that the crime also falls under that country’s criminal statutes. That’s how MegaUpload went down, although it’s far from certain that that case survives the present challenge in New Zealand.

        But in a foreign civil counterclaim? I don’t think so, even with a judge’s signature. Why do you suppose that all of those online poker sites continue to operate, William.

        However, the internet provider’s legal department, in the course of their due diligence, would most assuredly google the name “Bill Schmalfeldt.”

        Whatever do you think would happen then?

        That is but one of the benefits of poisoning your own well with your conduct, William.

    • I dunno… that sounds like a threat, possibly extortion.

      Over/under on Cabin Boy declaring he doesn’t issue threats?

      Or was that yesterday’s line?

  15. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/490997054907219968

    Allow this to be a formal request of Bill Schmalfeldt to please alert me to any alleged libelous statements I have made on this blog and, after due diligence, if the comment is deemed to be libelous, I will ask the owner of this blog to remove the comment and in its place I will write a sincere apology.

    This is not a joke. This is a formal request.

      • Neither do:

        Name calling.

        All of which the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has accused comments on Hogewash! of being.

        After REPEATEDLY being asked to post proof of LIBEL…


    • I second that, although I presume that our host removes anything he deems libelous, or too revealing of his legal strategy on his own.

      • Of that I have no doubt. But it is worth asking Bill to post his examples in order to prove he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  16. Again with all the namecalling Bill. I thought you wanted it to stop. Shouldn’t you lead by example?

    And what’s with the Native American speak? Are you making fun of how they talk? Sounds kind of racist to me.

  17. And once again Bill is asked to provide proof of libel on this blog, and he disappears.

    • IIRC he falls back on the “they-hate-me-but-don’t-know-me” rant just before he trots out his “they-are-killing-me” rant.

    • I don’t know Charles Manson, and he has done me no harm.

      Yeah. Not a fan.

      That goes for pretty much any sociopath who gets their kicks by harming good and decent people in a plethora of different ways.

      And, no. I’m not calling the Blob Charles Manson — Manson is simply the first sociopath who popped into my head.

      So, nope. Still no LIBEL.

      • But would you be overly surprised if William suddenly carved a swastika in his forehead and started muttering about taking out the piggies?

        And is that your final answer?

    • BS does not seem to understand litigation. First, he requested a jury trial, so the judge does not make a determination of guilt, despite his inappropriate ex parte correspondence. Second, in both civil and criminal cases, you have to produce what you have during discovery. This is not a Star Chamber proceeding.

      • Blob seems to be operating under the delusion that “ex parte” is Latin for “Whassamatter, snookums? Tell Mommy what’s bothering you.”

  18. I can’t resist any further. This is my official prediction of what William’s Twitter feed will look like for the next four months.

    “There are no Lickspittle infidels in Elkridge. Never!

    “They tried to bring a small number of vexatious lawsuits and peace orders in through the District Court but they were surrounded and most of their infidels had their throats cut.

    “We made them drink poison last night [Sunday] and Bill Schmalfeldt’s soldiers and his great forces gave the Hogeists a lesson which will not be forgotten by history. Truly.

    “On this occasion, I am not going to mention the number of the infidels who were doxed and the number of destroyed motions. The operation continues.

    “I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that they have started to commit suicide under the walls of Elkridge We will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly.

    “We defeated them yesterday. God willing, I will provide you with more information. I swear by God, I swear by God, those who are staying in Westminster and Hogewash! have thrown these mercenaries in a crematorium.”

  19. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/491027640711917568

    No, you don’t jump through hoops for us, William. You dance!

    It’s as if you’re a morbidly obese Jennifer Beals and we’re the only hope you have left of escaping the horrid and dark Pittsburgh steel mill that’s slowly crushing your will to live. So you get up bright and early every day, showing us some shoulder and leg to entice us, and you dance!

    And you know what, William? You’re always going to dance for us, night and day, until we finally tire of the sideshow.

    Face it, you need us. Because we’re all that you have left. We’re the only people left that will have anything at all to do with you. If you had any self-awareness at all, that would hurt.

  20. again a solid day of impeachment by volume,

    desperately holding onto a comment by the judge;

    a guy is totally ruining any semblance of jurisprudence by going against the tremendous tide of time worn judicial wisdom by refusing all day long to use the heavily adjudicated defensive right to remain silent,(granted I’m no Oliver Wendall Jones, nor was I a minor aide in the PR department for the NIH), so what the hell do I know with my decades of experience watching meltdowns, individuals beclowned all over the internet to be shared with all future clowns on the left and a few on the right.

    What a legacy some leave behind for their piers and family to access.

    The strange thing is the fact that these delusions of intelligence, is poor fitting clothes actually think the scored points when in the sad reality is that the system is designed really to protect the rights of all against the rights of the one. They mistake denials as victories when its judicial restraint to prevent total enslavement of freedoms to one branch of government

    Really all I think is these guys are more or less freedom vandals like occupy – they are under NO delusions that anything they are doing is right – they feel that throwing bricks through the private lives of others is some kind of low level guttural response to the emptiness of their lives

    • the strange thing is the fact that – these delusions of intelligence – in poor fitting clothes, actually think they scored points

      (pardon the missed keys)

    • 91 tweets in 14 hours not counting how many replies – one every 10 or less minutes for FOURTEEN HOURS – adding in 20 or 30 replies 120 replies lowering to one every 7 minutes
      average 10 words – 1200 word essay with at least 2 dozen screen captures

      estimated November Trial Date looming – call it 100 days from now – 120,000 plus words and 100 to 200 pages of meaningless and self impeaching screen caps

      What could go wrong…

      • I think I actually understand the silly bastard.

        In my opinion, he actually knows that he’s slamming the car door on his dick for our amusement. And I think in some deep, dark recess of his soul, William also knows that it isn’t going to end well for him. But he can’t stop himself.

        Let’s assume for a moment that the earth reverses its axis, Bill wins, and this place gets shut down. It’ll never happen, but let’s pretend.

        As EPWJ noted, St. William of the Holy Trailer Park spent fourteen whole hours here today. If I were a wagering man, I’d bet that John was only here for about 20 minutes, and it’s his blog!

        How do you suppose he’s going to fill that time once we’re gone? Decent society won’t have anything t do with him that doesn’t involve general scorn and well-deserved outrage.

        Sure, he might try losing himself in re-runs of Three’s Company, but he’ll realize soon enough that the kids at the Regal Beagle aren’t going to accept him, either. It will be, on the outside, three weeks before he starts shopping for a sturdier shower curtain rod.

        Riddle me this. Do you honestly believe that anyone would miss him? I know he thinks that he’s the Skipper to Kimberlin’s Gilligan, but he gets so manic that he forgets just how quickly Gilligan let the island after he abandoned his initial lawsuit against the Internet.

        He mercifully had the peace order violations against him dropped, and he came back. And he’ll come back after he loses this round, too. He’s in a place where he can’t go a full day without hearing the ominous crunch of the car door hitting him where he used to live. It no longer matters how much damage he inflicts on himself. If you offered him a thousand dollars to go a full day without mentioning this place, he wouldn’t make to 5 PM without howling about the Hogeists.

        He’ll keep coming back because he’s got nowhere else to go.

  21. Oh, Bill. You sad little piggy.

    Yes, your name is out there, along with a couple dozen aliases & transparent pseudonyms, 30 or so various abandoned blogs and about 50 Twitter handles (not counting radio stations).

    Mine is out there, too.

    You just don’t know where to look.

    Because you are as sharp as a wooden marble.

  22. So now he steals Krendler’s BitStrip idea.

    Bill hasn’t a creative bone in his body.

      • The feldtdown is coming. Wait for it … wait for it.

        Today is going to be special. I can just feel it!

      • It’s what he’s always done. All that invective he spews was what hurt his little feelings when someone from his past said it to him.

        I suspect that’s been his entire life.

        I mean, seriously – Bill Schmalfeldt posts on the internet, so that no one can ever forget, that he’s been repeatedly cuckolded. If that’s what he wants everyone to know about himself… well, it speaks volumes about his “accomplishments.”

  23. Jane, I’m frankly shocked that William hasn’t yet written an 800 word essay about how many men he tasted whilst kissing his first two wives.

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