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Judge Hazel may have just fired a shot across The Dread Pirate … oops … The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s bow.  This is from his most recent order in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 162-fn2That last sentence is a doozy. I looks as if the judge has figured out that TDPK has thrown a bunch of wild accusations around and that some of them landed on innocent bystanders. He’s giving TDPK the opportunity to dismiss those folks from the suit. I wonder if TDPK is smart enough to take the hint.

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  1. There is a different way to read Kimberlin’s statement and I’m pretty sure that’s how he intended it to be taken. Unfortunately, like Padawan Bill, he’s a poor writer and the judge interpreted it as most people would.


  2. I wonder if the defendants thought Kimberlin would dig himself such a deep hole, when they were wargaming scenarios back in 2013.

    I think we’ll have to wait for the book to come out before we know.

  3. So Judge Hazel does not actually care if the rules of his court are followed by Brett Kimberlin. That is a bad sign. (I think that probably means that nothing will come of the forgery motion – it has been three and a half months already, and the judge is saying 1) rules schmules and 2) this thing is going on for another four months – just to get through motions.) This of course prejudices the defendants who must prepare their MTDs in a time certain, while BK gets extra time. But, as I wrote , if the judge wants to get everything out of the way all at once, then he might buy off on it. That seems to be his rationale, at the expense of the defendants.

    The bit about dropping some defendants seems less chiding and more like helpful advice – kind of like Judge Grimm’s tutorial on how to serve Breitbart.


    • But Kimberlin gets just one reply to all the motions. One. That rather indicates a certain lack of patience with the ongoing shenanigans.

      • What I think it reflects is a couple of law clerks complaining to the judge about the amount of paperwork they have to wade through. So, Kimberlin has to respond in one motion instead of 10, and he has 3 months in which to do it? Nice. For him.

    • Judge Hazel followed in Judge Grimm’s footsteps by helpfully pointing out how TDPK could effect service on AoS. I mean, he stopped just short of writing the motion for him.

  4. Read another way, this could be the Judge’s charitable offer to allow BK the opportunity to voluntarily drop his suit before the bitchSLAPPing begins… It will only be BK’s fault if he didn’t take the hint…. Judge’s love giving that one last chance before they drop the hammer.

    • And, another interpretation is that the judge understands that Brett Kimberlin is claiming that the evil conspirators may have duped innocent victims into becoming unwitting parties to the conspiracy and he is challenging Brett Kimberlin implicit assumption that moral responsibility for that fact lies with the core defendants. Instead, he is telling Brett Kimberlin moral responsibility lies with Brett Kimberlin for failing to distinguish the innocent from the guilty before filing his suit.

      This claim by Brett Kimberlin should not be allowed to pass without notice. It goes to the very heart of the lawsuit. Nearly one year into his lawsuit he now claims he doesn’t really know which of the defendants, if any, have conspired against him. That is to say, he isn’t really sure there really is a RICO question. If the standard for surviving a mtd is rising above the speculative level Brett Kimberlin has just announced his RICO count is without merit.

      Perhaps Brett Kimberlin should be asked to elaborate on which defendants he thinks might have been “dragged into it,” and, which he is certain have not. In any case, whether they really conspired against him, or were duped into participating in a conspiracy, they allegedly did violate the KKK act, and retaliate again him in either case. At least that is what Brett Kimberlin is claiming.

  5. I don’t see how the judge in good conscious could let sit the various anti-SLAP motions. The point of SLAP laws is to assure that the press is not inhibited from publishing truthful statements by the threat of retaliatory litigation. Being currently sued does inhibit the press de facto. That is why it is public policy to rule on anti-SLAP motions asap, and to allow appeals of denial to be appealed before trial. To let an anti-SLAP motion sit for three months should be against public policy.

    • He will eventually decide that his purpose in life is to stop internet bullying, and doxing. And copyright infringement. Irony is lost on him.

      He will never come out against serial bombers, pedophiles or vexatious litigants.

  6. Well, Bill has come out against felons, people who live in their parent’s basements, people who marry foreign brides, short people, and a few other things that sound strangely like Kimberlin.

    His lack of awareness is staggering.

  7. I was cheesed off the judge concluded Ace of Spades was trying to “avoid service” when she’s done anything but…. and more ticked off when the judge almost blamed her and the defendants for a “deluge of documents” that rains down because Brett Kimberlin decided to bomb the universe with time and money and court-resource wasting bogosity.

    Ace is demanding, through an attorney who has made a point of this issue, that BK shouldn’t be able to demand a writer give up anonymity before BK demonstrates a claim with merit that requires it. Levy is about shielding the IDENTITY, and BK can get his ass out of gear and act accordingly.

    This sort of nonsense turns me Scroogy Scruggs for the day, furious the judge is missing the clear picture of mendaciousness on one side and one side only.

    • Some of these things should also be pointed out to the judge. For example, it wasn’t the defendants who decided to sue the universe and then whine about timing.

    • In fairness to the judge, the plaintiff asked for leave to conduct additional discovery to discover Ace’s identity. The judge turned that down and said, in effect, that the plaintiff was going to be allowed to serve Ace’s lawyer instead of getting to find out Ace’s identity. Ace’s anonymity remains protected from the plaintiff, at least for the time being.

  8. Well, I really Schmalfelted this thread up. Two posts stuck in moderation. Sorry John.

      • John’s probably busy pulling the wings off of flies or frying ants with a magnifying glass.

        I just hope he doesn’t have access to the Space Power Facility. It’s 100 x 122 ft., so even Bill would fit.

      • Sorry, for the non-space geeks out there, the SPF is the world’s largest vacuum chamber. (insert picture of Aunt Marge blowing up like a balloon from Harry Potter)

  9. BS plans to continue to litigate his case via ex parte letters to the judge, instead of through motions.

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting
    I will send a copy of the correspondence I’ve received today to the Judge in the Civil Case.
    8:11 AM – 19 Jul 2014

    • It’s always entertaining. You come for the crazy, but you stay for the outright, all-caps, psychotic breaks!

  10. WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · 1h

    @antvq16 Every contact was made for the lawful purpose of discussing a settlement. YOU, HOWEVER, CEASE ALL CONTACT AT ONCE!

    So Bill, tell us how this post to Hogewash was “Attempting to contact him BY ANY MEANS for the LAWFUL PURPOSE OF DISCUSSING A SETTLEMENT”:

    Bill Schmalfeldt on 15 July, 2014 at 21:05 said:

    Keep ‘em coming, Hoge. Every one Screencapped. Every one shown to the judge to show how vexatious, vindictive and stupid you are, You’ve had it explained to you why your case us doomed to fail. But you’ve got that old Bunker Mentality going. The Russians are kicking in your doors and you are still predicting victory.

    Every defamatory comment written by lickspittles from this point on will cost you $1,000 in the settlement. Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Punk?

    Discussing a settlement Bill, really?


    Bill, why do you brazenly lie when you know we all know the actual truth? For example, we all know the truth about Hoge agreeing to dismiss the 366 charges in mediation. You didn’t win anything there except some misplace pity. And there are multiple examples upthread proving that you lied when you said all your contact with Hoge was made for the lawful purpose of discussing a settlement. Why do you do this? Do you think people forget what you say?

    Seriously, you have some severe mental health issues and maybe you shouldn’t be tweeting all this crap.

    • Do you remember when BS tweeted and blogged details about the PO mediation agreement and negotiations? Not a good track record, I think.

      • Trying to spin successfully whimpering that facing a trial would end his life as a VICTORY certainly requires some balls.

        I somehow doubt that Young William will be afforded the same measure of mercy in the future. He set his own very bad precedent.

      • There are a bunch of “excellent” arguments I hope he repeats in court, because the other side can only repeat so many for him. And I hope his “excellent” friend Brett Kimberlin doesn’t make too much of a scene with his laughter from the galley when the judge has to explain things to BS.

    • Of course it’s about money, and making our Gentle Host “suffer” via his wallet. BS has repeatedly made his intentions and demands crystal clear.

      And, I just shake my head at how the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt talks about $830.00 like it’s meeeeellions. ELEVENTY!!1!!1!

      The Blob apparently doesn’t understand that many individuals opted to make good choices in their lives — secured a good education, work hard at lucrative positions, make sound investments, save for a rainy day, etc. — and, don’t necessarily think of $830 as a whole lot of money. ELEVENTY!!1!!1! Certainly not to the degree the Blob does anyhoo. *smh*

      I’m sure our Gentle Host would prefer not to have to spend his hard-earned money in this fashion, but Heaven knows — paying out the necessary amount of cash to attempt to stop the theft of intellectual property, and prevent further, unrelenting, personal harassment courtesy of a creeptastic cyberfreak — is worth its weight in gold.

      Just my .02, of course.

      • As I remember it, the whole point of Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man, Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast and Two-Time Cuckold Champion (Heavyweight Division) Bill Schmalfeldt’s DMCA counter-notice regarding his deservedly unread books was that it would cost John “thousands” to sue. He was gleefully pretty sure it wouldn’t happen, too.

        As it happens, Young William has a gift for strategic miscalculation unseen since Saddam Hussein last walked among us. Actually, that’s not true. Saddam actually won and held chunks of Iran and all of Kuwait for a time, whereas Bill just spends all day yelling into a vacuum.

        Poor Gail.

  12. Hey Bill, have you had you little discussion about being a vexatious, vindictive crazy person with your best buddy Kimberlin?

    If no, why not?

    How can you support someone who has filed so many suits (over 100 by his own admission), and lost almost all of them?

  13. Bill, I assure you Paul Krendler is not a gutless coward. He as warned you time and time again you will not be happy when you find out who he is. Be smart and take him at his word, I would. Mr. Hoge has and time and time again had you whining for mercy and you have yet to learn your lesson. I expect Paul to do the same. Bill being a keyboard warrior will not save you from your fate. You should leave well enough alone and focus on your radio stations. Be assured Oedipal Troll, I will always be relentless in the use of the #HoCoMD hashtag.
    An one more thing you ‘Filthy Oedipal Troll’, tell your #FreeKate pedophile apologists friends that I am neither Lynn Thomas or Kimberlin Unmasked. Nor am I a sock for any member of Team Lickspittle.
    Always Practicing Sogo Budo

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