11 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Bill Schmalfelt recently stated in a twitter entry, “I have really lost a lot of faith in the basic ‘goodness’ of people since this all began.”

    Isn’t Bill Schmalfeldt the “man” who threatened a Wisconsin woman with the loss of her children if she didn’t submit to his will?

    Didn’t Bill Schmalfeldt attempt that monstrous action long before “this all began”? It seems he never had an understanding of “goodness” to begin with.

    When Bill Schmalfeldt recognizes the evil of that action and issues a public apology to that woman, he can then begin to understand what goodness actually is.

    • That’s a really interesting point, that BS owes that woman an apology. Maybe that’s a goal that ardent BS watchers should start aiming for.

      • Every single one of us has the capacity for evil or for “goodness”. All it takes is personal decisions to do one or the other. (Schmalfeldt’s line made me think of Judge Smails’ line in the movie Caddyshack.)

        If Bill Schamlfeldt truly wishes “goodness”, he’ll break ties with the sociopathic felon Brett Kimberlin, who set off a bomb at a high school football game and then showed no remorse. That was absolute evil. As far as we know Schmalfeldt has never done anything like that. If Schmalfeldt has any hope for his own happiness, he has to make a conscientious personal decision to halt his association with evil.

      • Whoa brah, Judge Smails sentenced boy younger than you to the gas chamber. He didn’t wanna do it, but felt he owed it to them.

  2. Bill actually has the unmitigated gall to tweet:

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · 31m

    You’ve been getting incorrect info. I never did any such thing.

    What a lying POS.

    Don’t worry Bill. By tomorrow morning there will be at least a couple of screencaps of you doing just that.

    • Here we go. From McCain’s blog:

      This refers to a threatening Facebook message that Bill Schmalfeldt sent to a Wisconsin woman in 2011:

      “Now . . . you’re going to wind up being the Monica Lewinsky for Jeremy’s Bill Clinton unless you start telling the truth and start telling it quick. I’m done fucking around, and I am not going away. You’ve already had “the media’s” interest in this case explained to you. Now, do you wanna play dumb and lose your kids? Or do you wanna play smart and keep what you got? I am not making any threats. I am just trying to help you avoid a shit storm for some giggling fuck who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you. Do you really want to be dragged through the mud for THIS giggling shitwit. I’ll wait to hear from you. But I send what I have … EVERYTHING … to the Wisconsin Media tomorrow.”


  3. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/490661566119809024

    You tried to post this at Hogewash:

    Bill Schmalfeldt on 15 July, 2014 at 21:05 said:

    Keep ‘em coming, Hoge. Every one Screencapped. Every one shown to the judge to show how vexatious, vindictive and stupid you are, You’ve had it explained to you why your case us doomed to fail. But you’ve got that old Bunker Mentality going. The Russians are kicking in your doors and you are still predicting victory.

    Every defamatory comment written by lickspittles from this point on will cost you $1,000 in the settlement. Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Punk?

    So Bill, do you want to explain how that is “contacting him about a SETTLEMENT”?

    You ignored multiple examples posted in the previous thread, be a man and answer the questions.

    • Another gem was the one where he called Hoge a “useless piece of carbon.” Doesn’t sound like a polite email for the purpose of settlement to me.

    • Ah, there it is!
      Again, just my two cents, but I think an objection is in order concerning the constant stream of ex parte communications, plus deception by omission regarding exhibits.

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