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Here are some other intriguing answers provided by The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to my Requests for Admissions in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit.Admissions 40_43There’s computer forensic information linking TDPK to both the Breitbart Unmasked accounts. He was photographed outside of Bobby McKey’s on 14 March, 2013. There is eyewitness testimony placing him at CPAC this year.

Notice that he doesn’t deny any of these as he should if they weren’t true. Objecting because of irrelevance is a tacit admission that the statements are true.

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  1. Isn’t a defense to the printed suspicions about him being involved in swatting, his creepy obsessions, stalking, of a group of people, which would raise suspicion and threat level with anyone? (Llikely) active disinformation spreading through BU (plus any statements about never posting on the web – IIRC, he did this under oath) put his veracity and trustworthiness and unchanged criminal nature on display for fair comment).

  2. The sanction will be that he cannot present anything related to those questions at trial. But they have nothing to do with his case. And not sure exactly how the defendants would even raise them in trial.

    It seems pathological, though, because he could have answered no (or “Deny”) to all of those with no expectation of any negative consequences, even if there is proof otherwise. Getting dinged for perjury in a civil trial that he is not the target of is not very likely. The Maryland court already has demonstrated to him that they won’t even ding him for forgery.

    Ultimately, though, this goes along with how he plays this game. He expects that he will pay no price for this. And he disadvantages the defendants, costing them time and money.

    • I can see half a dozen ways each could be brought forward; is it true that he becomes a fairly obvious suspect for an activity like swatting, or that he has demonstrated a paranoid reaction about the motives of his detractors, and colluded with unsavory people to “root it out” or shut it up? The sanction can change, BTW. This shows a continued obstructionism in a case he brought forward…where his activities, relationships, and motives are exactly what is to be weighed, it’s what he is trying to defend. He could be sanctioned by having his answers compelled or case dropped.

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