10 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • We’re well past that point. That is over a month old news. Other stuff has happened since that. A quick breakdown. The Milwaukee DA office in charge of that made a document dump after federal Judge Randa gave them warnings from the bench to not to do it after he ruled there was no criminal wrong doing in this case. Then a few days later the special prosecutor in the case came out and made a statement that Scott Walker has/was never a target in the investigation, and he was never even issued a subpoena for it.

      They plan on dumping more in August from what I last read. Yep, these idiots don’t even care of contempt of court charges, and civil rights suits,and two judges telling them to knock it off in their rulings(The first judge(Peterson) tried to be nice in his ruling but the second one (Randa) put a smack down on them) To date this partisan hack political witch hunt has cost the Wisconsin taxpayers $350,000 . The civil right suits? I would imagine the taxpayer are flipping the bill for that also.

      That’s why I just LOL’ed when Cabin boy posted that link after the document dump. He had no clue that these idiots in the Milwaukee DA office were giving warnings back in May that all they were going to do is dig themselves deeper in the hole after the first ruling by Judge Peterson.

      In short? The only reason this was done, and the Wisconsin democrats continue to be “All IN” on this is that they knew that a major scandal was the only way they were beating Scott Walker in November. Well they pretty much failed, and failed miserable at that.

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