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For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven …

—Ecclesiastes 3:1

There’s a significant amount of legal machinations afoot in all sorts of cases. I am not in a position to comment upon everything right now. Gentle Reader, please be patient. All will come out at the proper time.

UPDATE—I’d like to ask the Gentle Readers to please refrain from asking about any settlement discussions in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright matter. Judge Sullivan’s Letter Order says,

The settlement conference process will be confidential and disclosure of confidential dispute resolution communications is prohibited. See 28 U.S.C. § 652(d); Local Rule 607.4.

Local Rule 607.4 reads in part:

The Court’s ADR process is confidential. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties and the Court, no disclosure shall be made to anyone, including the judicial officer to whom the case is assigned, of any dispute resolution communication that in any respect reveals the dispute resolution positions of the parties or advice or opinions of neutrals.

Therefore, I shall make no public comment concerning the settlement process.

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  1. That centipede should be very careful when walking, being shoeless and all. Never know what one may step in, eh? haha

    • I don’t know about Maryland, but blabbing about them, and there appears to have been an exchange of offers between BS and WJJH, can be indicative of bad faith on the part of the blabber. Particularly when the other party has asked that it not be discussed in public. But, then, you knew that, Jane!

      • In some jurisdictions it’s a sanctionable rule violation. I don’t know about this particular court, though.

        You’re right, of course, that it’s terribly “unclean” of the deranged cyberstalker, admittedly demented, serially adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt, at the very least.

        SWIDT, Grace? 😉

      • Jane – my understanding is that it is a sanctionable rule violation IF it is part of court-mediated or supervised negotiations. Don’t know about Maryland, though.

      • well that is no good… once again the html I typed was no good. it just disappears when I type it.

    • IANAL — Maryland or otherwise — however, the word that pops into my mind is… UNWISE.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has repeatedly claimed he is interested in settling this matter — yet, all of his actions indicate the exact opposite. He does not come across as an individual acting in good faith.

      I’ve never witnessed anyone SO hellbent on continually behaving in ways which serve against his own self-interest. Tis mind boggling.

      • Yes, but substantive (not procedural) Maryland law applies to state law claims, which appear in the counterclaim.

      • Actually, there’s a bit more to it than what I just posted, but I don’t want to educate certain people, IYKWIMAITYD.

      • The federal courts have their own procedural rules. I would wager that every court prohibits the considering of plea negotiations by Judges and Juries as offers of settlement can influence the trier of fact.

        While Maryland may have laws that affect whether plea negotiations may be made public (I have no clue, no desire to research it, would strongly suggest no-one rely on my opinion even if I had claimed to have researched it – as IANAML and am just come crackpot in the peanut gallery, but I HIGHLY doubt there is a law prohibiting publishing offers of settlement. Doing so, however, is likely to be viewed as acting in bad faith by reasonable folk and telegraphs to the other party to avoid further offers of settlement). IF Maryland did have such a law regarding non-disclosure of settlement offers, I doubt highly it would be considered substantive in nature. Again, I haven’t the foggiest notion about Maryland law and am not a Maryland lawyer.

        • 28 U.S.C. 562(d) says that Local Rule 607.4 applies”

          The Court’s ADR process is confidential. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties and the Court, no disclosure shall be made to anyone, including the judicial officer to whom the case is assigned, of any dispute resolution communication that in any respect reveals the dispute resolution positions of the parties or advice or opinions of neutrals. No such communication shall be admissible in any subsequent proceeding except as permitted by the Federal Rules of Evidence.

      • John, I looked at 28 USC 562. and I don’t see how it at all applies in this instance. Not sure that is applicable to the local rules.

        I did see the local rule, though, here.

        Local rules are local rules and they do speak for themselves. I still highly doubt Schmalfeldt has run afoul of anything beyond giving you incentive not to make further offers of settlement, but again I don’t have the first clue what I am talking about, IANAML.

  2. Jesus, this is going to be hysterical. Billy is going out of his way to damage himself as much as humanly possible.

    Also, he seems to be teeing himself up nicely for a new peace order.

  3. The funniest thing is seeing just what his reputation is worth when it comes to his idiotic counterclaim. And his public conduct even now is ruining any case that can be made for that. His very public enthusiasm for gay pornography alone is going to make for a fascinating argument.

  4. Oh look, I hurt the disgusting cyber-freak’s ego. The feldtdown is going to start early today, it appears.


    “Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, [and dementia. Bill Schmalfeldt has at least two successful peace/restraining orders against him, multiple incidents of being cuckolded,] and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.”

    Added updates in [ ]

  5. And Bill’s motion for subpoenas has him mailing it to Mr. Hoge on SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014. Sorry, Bill, the post office is closed EVERYWHERE on Sunday, even in Elkridge.

    Good thing that your “I certify” is under the “I verify that the above statements are true and correct….”, huh?

    • That’s Oliver Wendell Jones at work.

      Also, I have a suggestion for Billy’s formal title – Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser and World Famous Ass Man Bill Schmalfeldt.

      I’m so helpful.

    • Notice that when John made a typo it was the legal end of the world according to the Blob? He makes a typo and YOU are the stupid one. Someone really need to sit him down and force him to listen to himself once in a while. I’ll be even he wouldn’t believe all the stupid crap he says.

      • I have zero doubt that the worst that could ever happen to cyberstalker and adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt would be self-awareness.

        What an awful thing to contemplate, even for someone so repugnant; could you even imagine waking up and being him?

      • I see that he (Bill Schmalfeldt) has called me an idiot for pointing out that he made a mistake (Hint for you, Mr. Schmalfeldt: a spelling mistake is a “typo”; getting the month wrong is a mistake) – all the while he is SCREAMING that the name calling must stop on this blog.

        Projection! It’s whats for dinner.

    • This was during the whole “BK owns the NBC and Bill is the new president (hey, whatever happened to that gig?) and they were going to make Ali and Hoge and McCain write what BK wanted them to write” phase.

    • All anyone would have to do is introduce into evidence the years’ worth of obscene, harassing, derogatory tweets and blog posts, plus photoshops and videos, that he’s written. No, BS shouldn’t blame others for his reputation – he worked hard for it. He earned it, he owns it.

      • No, he thinks since Matt and ChickenBoy stopped by to prod him on his little stupid journey that they are best buds. Of course ANYONE sent to prod him along his little stupid journey is his best bud. Goes back to his desperately craving that pat on the head and a “good boy” from anyone.

      • But, but, but… it was “sterling.”

        Bwahahahahaha! Nope. Couldn’t even manage to hit “post comment” before breaking out into a fit of laughter!

      • I suspect the sterling plate got worn off quite quickly once he ceased having to keep it shiny for the NIH.

    • It is crystal clear from his various tweets, blog posts, and comments left here (again in violation of Hoge’s do not contact request), that what BS wants is for people to stop posting anything about him, even if the comment consists of posting his own words. Quoting someone is not libel, neither are insults or opinions.

      • To be fair, quoting Bill’s own words is bound to be insulting to him if he ever realizes how….strange…they are to normal folk.

    • Wait a minute. Didn’t he just say on twitter a bit ago that he’d drop everything if both Hoge and Krendler wrote him checks for a half mil each? He has a very strange idea of “relatively inexpensive”.

    • Of course, that raises another point. Even assuming that all of his self-created drama really is damaging his health, Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser and World Famous Ass Man Bill Schmalfeldt.has repeatedly ignored medical advice to leave well enough alone. Instead, he wants dozens, maybe HUNDREDS of new cases to wear down his health.

      Does the phrase “contributory negligence” mean anything to anyone? I somehow doubt that a jury will buy “They forced me, Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man and Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast Bill Schmalfeldt, to ignore expert medical advice and sue the entire Internet!”

      • “…Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass and Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast Bill Schmalfeldt…”


        Some of us are convinced he’s not a man in the true sense of the word, even not considering the repeated cuckolding. In fact, many people would think a cyberstalking adjudicated harasser is more of a monster.

    • Soooo, Bill,
      How is it a good idea to post, in a public forum, evidence of your attempted contact with a man who has issued, directly to you by certified mail, a no contact order? This is the same man who, after overcoming a technical issue compounded by your lies, was granted a Protective Order with extension against you just a few months ago. How is that going to help you when a very patient man grows weary and once again troubles the commonwealth with the tedious errand of making you behave like a civilized person? Do you actually believe that you didn’t violate the previous PO hundreds of times? Do you really think that Hoge wants anything more than for you to go away? Do you really think your counterclaim will survive a summary dismissal, much less a jury trial that you demanded?

      I’m going to use a perjorative here, and I want my fellow Lickspittles© to know that I do not intend the racial epithet version, but rather the man-child dismissive:

      Boy, you ain’t worth nothing. You are a vile, mean, petty, sad excuse for whatever you imagine yourself to be. You are a blight on the Navy, a scourge on anyone who imagines themself an honest reporter or journalist. Your life has amounted to nothing and faced with adversity you fold; faced with opportunity you have chosen your own interests wrapped in the shroud of humanitarianism. You defile the idea of charity and selflessness by your disgusting abuse of your disease, and your self aggrandizing braggadocio for undergoing an experimental surgery. You deserve NO credit. I can only imagine your motives to be cynical and selfish. You are repulsive and deserve every percieved insult you interpret from comments on this and other blogs.

      But here’s the thing you pathetic worm. We are entitled to our opinions. We are allowed to quote you. We are allowed to state FACTS. Your countersuit is a joke. You will most likely end up in jail after Hoge asks to have the PO violations reinstated after this infantile display of bad faith.

      Go away, the adults are talking about your friend the pedophilic domestic terrorist, and what a titan he is compared to you.


      throws down microphone, walks calmly offstage.

    • Fatboi is in rare form again, I guess morons can type (not a typo) and attempt to tell others how to run their blogs? He is a special one…really special in his own mind!

    • I don’t think that Mr. Bigs understands that we’re just operating under the standards of journalism that he himself established. Just asking questions that he doesn’t want to answer or chooses to lie about. Y’know, as liars are wont to do.

      Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man, Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast and Two-Time Cuckold Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t like having his own rules used against him.

    • To me, “decent” is a loooooong step down from “sterling.”

      About the distance of a DailyKos diary, I think.

      Of course, even “decent” is a helluva stretch if you add to that the epic gerbilism (no that’s not a typo or a misspelling) he practiced on that Texas fellow.

  6. Yesterday, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt admitted that the comments concerning him on Hogewash! are “INSULTS.”

    Today, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt refers to comments concerning him on Hogewash! as “SCHOOL YARD TAUNTS.”

    Last I checked, “insults” and “school yard taunts” didn’t quite fit the definition of LIBEL, and certainly could not be adjudicated as such. Good grief. Like I stated earlier, I’ve never seen ANYONE work so diligently and so hard against their own self-interest as The Blob does.


    • Interesting that he admits he can’t sue Hoge over the commenters, but then he talks about adding $1K to his settlement demand for every comment he doesn’t like. Something I’m sure the judge who is mediating the settlement talks will agree with … NOT.

      • I know, right?

        I wonder if the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt understands the disconnect between —

        (1) BS can’t sue our Gentle Host for comments, BUT…
        (2) BS is going to TAKE ACTION against commenters.

        Take action against commenters for what exactly? Insults and school yard taunts?

        That boy just ain’t right in the head. –> (Cha-Ching! $1000.00!) *eyeroll*

      • Hoge is completely immune from our actions as long as we do not violate copyright or commit a federal crime in our comments. Hoge has absolutely no obligation to anyone to moderate the comments. And even when he chooses to moderate a particular comment, that in no way removes the immunity. Flat bottom line, Hoge is immune from liability for anything we say.

      • Why does he care? Seriously, stop reading! Go do something else! There’s thousands of free and very, very cheap books on Amazon, and the Kindle app is free. I’m sure he could do some housework, or something! Just…step away, and his life would improve, and (since he wouldn’t be saying anything) so would his reputation!

      • If Hoge chooses to tell me not to post certain kinds of comments, that is his perogative as host.

        But there is no shortage of venues in which to point out Cabin Boy’s filthy mind, diseased mouth, expressed fondness for pedophiles and general flaming incompetence.

      • DOOMCLOCK!!!

        Tick Tock Tick Tock….

        Past 2030 here….

        How is that working out for you, Bagdad Blobasaurus?

        You see how you demanded something, it didn’t happen, and we laugh at your sorry butt?


  7. On the other hand, I do think the court or jury will have little sympathy for a man who tweets this to someone who has never contacted him, in response to a one word comment, “Breathtaking,” on a NASA post:

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    Comments by dumbasses like you, “A Reader” got Hoge YELLED AT by the Judge! You think he’s HAPPY about that, you drooling fool?

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    Get a Twitter account. Do SOMETHING other than suck the dingleberries out of Hoge’s beard, you fucking brownnosing want-wit! GET A LIFE!!!

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    You live to SERVE and PRAISE the MIGHTY HOGE, “A Reader”! No blog of your own, no Twitter account. You’re a fucking TAPEWORM!

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    I think that’s what I’ll call you from now on, “A Reader.” From now on, your name is “Tapeworm.” You latch on to Hoge’s small intestines…

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    …and feed off of whatever he eats. You add NOTHING. You’re a detestable parasite, an ugly, segmented, egg-laying TAPEWORM!

  8. I am truly puzzled why BS objects to being called a “deranged cyberstalker.” After all, when Ken White of Popehat used that term, BS called it “delicious satire.” Not just “satire,” but “delicious” satire:

    “Bill Schmalfeldt • Aug 7, 2013 @5:09 am

    Delicious satire, sir. I see many of your readers are taking it seriously however. Ah, such is the problem with satire. At any rate, I have unprotected my Twitter stream at @radiowms because I know that pent up anger and hatred can only lead to explosions, such as the madness at Aurora and Tucson. So, have at me and leave poor Mr. Popehat alone. I, for one, appreciate his deft touch and satirical writing, and I adjure his readers to learn about the full rainbow of colors and stop seeing things as black or white.

    Have a wonderful day.”

    It’s also interesting that he’s INVITING people to contact him directly.

    • No, the cyberstalking adjudicated harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt, is just that desperate for attention. ANY attention. Remember when he described his typical day in a series of tweets? It would have been pitiful if it wasn’t so deserved; seemingly intentionally earned rejection.

      According to him, his day usually includes no human contact off the web except for a few sentences from his caretaker and he claimed she shares meals with him. (You can believe that if you wish.) That’s why I’ve written many times that the reason he seems unable to stay away from our gracious host is that without us, he has nothing, by his own description. This. Is. His. Entire. Life.

      Of course, he doesn’t stop to think about his own actions that have alienated virtually everyone with whom he’s ever had contact… including his own children… and also led to him being repeatedly cuckolded. Yeah, it’s literally everyone else, not his own words and actions that cause the cyberstalking adjudicated harasser to be so roundly rejected.

    • Bill truly fears Ken White, probably more than anyone on the internet, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

      But he fears Ken, big time.

  9. Gus Bailey wrote:
    opin·ion noun \ə-ˈpin-yən\
    : a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing
    ~Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

    Oh. Kinda like if someone is of the OPINION that based on words, actions, and behaviors…

    … the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt comes across as a complete and utter SOCIOPATH.

    A belief, judgment, and way of thinking like that? Heh.

    • No, that would be defensible reporting. I.e. the truth is its own defense. I was refering to something more like:

      Bill Schmalfeldt is a disgusting excuse for a human being who apparently has severe fixation and reality issues. Oh, and his writing, even the non-pornographic stuff, is creepy and makes me want to spray my computer with Lysol.


    I think I’m actually falling in love with the abject lack of insight about everything displayed by Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man, Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast and Two-Time Cuckold Champion (Heavyweight Division) Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Of COURSE all of the vile, stupid and counter-productive things that he’s said, done, written and repeatedly lied about are going to be introduced into evidence! I seriously don’t think that the crazy bastard truly understands that his counter-claim MAKES his character the main issue.

    If he’s alleging that people are saying terrible, terrible things about him, it follows that a judge and/or jury is going to want to know why they’re being said and whether they have any basis in fact. If he wants to play Saint Scmalfeldt of the Holy Trailer Park, I fear that he’s in for a dreadful surprise.

    • “Saint Schmalfeldt of the Holy Trailer Park…”

      SO stolen. 😉

      (Please don’t sue or taze me, bro)

      • Have fun with it. As Saint Paul of the First Church of Krendler teaches us, “Fun is all we have.”

      • I’ve been wondering if Kyle was ever going to give Betty her pony back? Didn’t Paul take control of the time machine recently?

      • I have an appointment to use it next month to go back and “persuade” Bill not to write all those tweets that were never deleted, remember?

        But if a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo, does a hurricane hit a trailer park in Maryland?

        Only time (travel) will tell.

    • I sent that pony so far back it became the source of all ponies. If Betty wants her pony she might as well pick any modern pony as its practically the same thing.
      I loves me some paradox.

    • Legally none require moderation. Bill has no authority to request them be moderated, and no legal threat to use against Hoge if he refuses. Hoge enjoys a rather clear immunity in that regard.

      Nevertheless, I’m also interested in what posts of Hoge’s does Bill find libelous, and what specific comments he has issues with. He is expecting Hoge to moderate, is he not? What shall he moderate? Give us the standard to which Bill wants comments on Hogewash to be held.

      But you won’t get that out of Bill. Bill already knows he won’t be able to live up to the standard. Look at what he wrote about A Reader, completely off topic.

      • And he wrote it in reply to an on-topic comment I left on one of Hoge’s astronomy posts. And what did you do to deserve being called “hillbilly?” You don’t call him derogatory names.

    • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt simply wants Hogewash! commenters to cease making ANY statements regarding him. Period. Dot. End of sentence.

      He is constantly spewing his “moderate the comments” nonsense, but it all boils down to him wanting others to stop talking about him altogether — on a blog — that no one forces him to read.

      Shutuppery at its finest. And, much like his excellent friend — the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin — the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is committed to using lawfare to acquire his end game… he doesn’t want anyone discussing the truth about him.

      Too bad, Blob.

      • So, would it bother him to have it pointed out that he dox’d a baby? Or that he was kicked off a very widely read blog because he posted what is generally considered a vulgar anal rape fantasy? Or that he called for the rape (yeah, yeah “It would be awful”) of his percieved enemy’s wife?

      • It is true that he wants people to stop talking about him, but that isn’t the whole truth. Rather than shut up about him for the wrong reasons, he’d definitely prefer people continue talking. The arguments, the insults, the division into enemies and allies, this is his war. He is fighting a war against Hoge, conservatives, and anyone else who makes his rather extensive enemies list. That, and his camaraderie with others doing the same give him meaning, value, and purpose. it isn’t that he wants people to shut up about him.

        The fight itself is important. The only thing more important than the fight, is victory. He wants to be acknowledged as the one who MADE people shut up. In part to prove he’s better than them, though he fears that is not the case, in part to prove his value to his allies. Getting people to shut up would also be his contribution to the fight for (well, against) civilization. All he needs to do is make people he disagrees with shut up. What could be simpler? A little bullying, some legal threats, and surely they would agree. Thus, making it easier for other people he disagrees with to be shut up.

        So there you are. That is why he can’t back off and say nothing, which would reduce the chatter about him on the internet to almost nothing within a few weeks. That wouldn’t be victory, because though no one would be talking about him, people would still be ABLE to talk about him, and certainly not afraid to do so. That could only be seen as a defeat.

        As for our side? We fight too, for the right to talk freely. Not about anyone in particular, we’d mostly prefer to stop paying attention to these individuals. But then, it’s deeply ingrained in the American character that when someone insists you can’t talk about something or someone, that you reply, “I most certainly can.” And then do.

  11. Bill in a series of tweets says, “If I were to profile his average reader, I would surmise that he or she is uneducated, uncultured, not-very-well-read, no real world awareness”.

    Uneducated? Yep, that’s Bill. Uncultured? The gay porn producer, poop, scrotum, and man ass obsessed Bill sure is. Not well read? Hard to tell, but I know he understands very little of what he reads based on his declarations of GLORIOUS VICTORY in the PO case before getting his ass handed to him. And no real world awareness? Yep, Bill again. Can’t figure out why people don’t like him much when he is a miserable, vile creep who tries to dox, get people fired, calls woman c**nts and worse, harasses the families of dead children, threatens people over liking a simple Facebook post, has earned a PO, extension of the PO and several Restraining orders due to his creepy harassment. Yep, nothing says lacks awareness then just mentioning Bill.

    • Cabin Boy actually pretending to gauge the intelligence and sophistication of Hoge’s readers … well, the irony just burns doesn’t it?

    • Seems rather like an Urdu tribesman who reads and speaks only Urdu attempting to assess the content of a doctoral dissertation on the principles of Quantum Mechanics Theory published in English, doesn’t it? What value could be assigned to the assessment of said Urdu tribesman?
      Rather ludicrous of the ignorant tribesman to attempt something beyond his ability to understand much less evaluate.

  12. There is a reason why BS makes all this noise, and does it in the most disgusting way possible. First, his rudeness invites rudeness in return. He can say “look what they are saying.” Also, it turns off any outsider who looks in only briefly. Oh why are these grown people so busy saying “lick my taint?” For him, the worse the better (also what a terrorist thinks. Like I said, he is a metaphorical suicide bomber. He has nothing to lose going on a self-destructive rant.) If he makes it appear childish, then a grownups reaction is to treat the parties like children – I don’t care whose fault it is, I don’t care who did it first, I don’t care who did it worst, I want you to knock it off, now!

    • Earl, I find your lack of faith disturbing. 🙂
      We Lickspittles© are much more creative and highbrow. I personnaly like the comparison between Bill’s common sense and marshmallows. I furthermore hold Michael up as the quintessential “Reasonable Person” (even if he was the mole 🙂 ), and as such believe that any non-casual observer will quickly and rightly determine that Bill is a disgusting lump and we are simply indignant racontuers responding to his pestilent affrontery.

      • When Mr. Michael ‘Mole’ Malone (M3) first arrived, he very much had the pox on both their houses view.
        Reality eventually won out, and now M3 is seems to be the next enemy on the list.


    A perfect example.

    When “discussing” people who’ve made him look like an ass, Bill always brings out the nasty stuff, with plenty of anal “humor”. Yet Bill is so afraid of Ken White he has to pathetically pretend he doesn’t even remember who he is. Which is stupid because people are constantly throwing Ken’s very apt description of Bill in his face:

    It’s easier to reconcile when you realize this: Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.

      • Oh, my! I had completely forgotten about that, Pablo. Yep. Pretty hilarious that the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt wanted a “right-wing WINGNUT” like Ken White (@popehat) representing him — murder fantasies be damned. *smh*

        Ken White wrote:

        “Moreover, I think my ability to be an effective advocate for Mr. Schmalfeldt is compromised, and could be questioned, because he has posted a fantasy about me being murdered, apparently because he is angry that I offered pro bono assistance to Patrick Frey in a First Amendment suit. Though I think his murder fantasy ultimately did not constitute a true threat that could be subject to criminal or civil sanction, I think his intent was to threaten me over my pro bono work on behalf of someone he doesn’t like, and that he would have been very happy if someone had murdered me in reaction to him encouraging them to do so and posting my office address. That may not have been a likely result of his post, given his limited (in every sense of the word) readership, but it was a possibility, and one I suspect he relished. That would make it unreasonably difficult for me to be effective on his behalf.”

        Yeah. Can’t imagine why a strong and determined, First Amendment advocate — such as Ken White — had little-to-no desire to represent a sociopath who composes murder fantasies (Nice knees you have there, Ken. Sure would be a shame if someone took a tire iron to ’em.), and routinely engages in the anti- First Amendment practice of shutuppery against enemies the Blob, and his excellent friend — the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin — have created because… butthurt.

        It boggles the mind. /sarc

    • Maybe he likes it? I’ve heard (don’t ask where) there are X-Y chromosomals* who have such low self-esteem that they have leared to crave abuse as their only source of validation.
      *Can’t really say “Men” now can we?

  14. Gus Bailey wrote: “So, would it bother him to have it pointed out that he dox’d a baby? Or that he was kicked off a very widely read blog because he posted what is generally considered a vulgar anal rape fantasy? Or that he called for the rape (yeah, yeah “It would be awful”) of his percieved enemy’s wife?”

    Oooooh. Now you’ve gone and done it, Gus. That comment has to be worth at least 3Gs.

    Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

    BTW — Anyone know what a brand new double wide is running these days? I’d wager a certain Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser is “breathlessly” anticipating “movin’ on up” here soon.

    • Hey Grace, what was the nifty word for the type of lie whereby you call for an esteemed lawyer to be assaulted by prefacing the graphic description of the assault with “It would be just awful if…”? I like that word, but I can’t remember it. I also like the word pecuniary, but that’s a totally different fetish.

      • Schmalfeldtian? Heh.

        And, IIRC… ’twas a “It would be just awful if… ” call for an esteemed lawyer AND an esteemed Deputy District Attorney to be assaulted.

        I’d wager that little, sweaty-palmed, happy place screed of his didn’t much help to preserve that “sterling” reputation of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt either. *smh*

      • Yeah, that was it. Thanks, A Reader. To bad he doesnt have keyboard aphasia. Hey, sorta the opposite of what AW deals with. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

    • That isn’t writing, it’s just copying. He’d need permission from us, generally speaking, which he wouldn’t get. And taking the comments from someone else’s website? Probably a very bad idea.

      But that, honestly, seems to be the only kind of idea he ever has!

    • And, since when is Ken White (@popehat) a right-winger WINGNUT?

      Imagine that… another LIE courtesy of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

  15. And then:

    Because by commenting here we are forcing poor Bill’s hand, bless his heart.

    He really needs to find a new hobby, to make his doctor happy, because all of this was supposed to be killing him, wasn’t it? Maybe he should look into taking some online college classes or something so he doesn’t have to feel as insignificant next to people like Mr. Hoge.

    • A: How on earht is that indicative of good faith?
      B: Why do you assume his doctor cares? I mean, his doctor has obviously been around him for more than ten minutes. He has an obligation to administer to his medical needs but not really to care about something that far removed from humanity.

    • Not to mention — for his poor, old, failing health — it wouldn’t hurt the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt to push himself away from his damn computer, and go out for a walk or something.

      Sitting on one’s backside all day long, consuming calories, and allowing muscles to atrophy due to lack of movement and exercise, does not a healthy person make.

      Yet another reason I have zero sympathy for his “Oh, woe is me and my health and I’m dying and their killing me!” schtick. What the hell is he doing for his health?

      Newsflash: F5F5F5F5F5 does not equal exercise.

      • True. I have a knee that buckles at inopportune times (such as when going down stairs) and I still manage to exercise and have lost nearly 20 pounds in the last two months. I’m sure Bill could get some benefit from one of those little peddle machines that you can put under your desk and use while you are reading your email or watching TV. And there’s plenty of stuff for the various game systems, such as the Wii, which could be used by someone with issues like his.

      • You strike me as a nice person. Again, the reason for his constant demeaning comments toward you is a mystery.

      • Thank you A Reader. I try to be nice though Lord knows Bill makes it difficult. I suspect Bill is demeaning to me, as he is to most women, because he doesn’t really like women. Armchair psychologist here, but I have read more than most layfolks, and Bill would seem to have some rather repressed homosexual tendencies, what with his fixation on anything anal, as well as gay sex. And as far as anyone who is obviously more intelligent, better educated, and/or with a more successful family life, Bill would seem to have such poor self-esteem, due to lack of any real accomplishments, at least in the last few years, that he has to cut them down so he doesn’t feel as small.

  16. You have a point about his doctor. The thing is that if Bill does keep going in such a way as to accelerate his decline, the doctor is the one who has to try to fix (or at least ameliorate) the mess his patient has caused by being non-compliant, although there are ways for doctors to fire non-compliant patients.

    • My father’s cardiologist told my dad that, if he didn’t quit smoking, he wouldn’t treat him. My dad quit. That’s probably why he lived a solid fifteen years longer. BS should listen to his doctor.

  17. So how the hell are we supposed to not say things if Bill won’t tell us what the verboten words are?

    With the amount of bitching and whining he’s done, you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem.

    • If he’d even come flat out and say what we all suspect, which is that he wants noone here to ever comment about him, never mind actually use his name. One might have a smidgen more respect for him if he’d at least be honest about that.

      • I think we’ve all figured that out already. 🙂

        Bill does seem to be very a much a “Free speech for me, but not for thee” type.

      • It has been said many times that this all boils down to “shutuppery” of the evil RWNJ’s.

        Goal would be served best if they could indeed get the blogs removed.

        Short of that they want to diminish the effectiveness of the blogs. Either by getting the blogs to quit writing about them or by silencing/driving away the commenters.

        It seems they are very desperate at this point.

      • Oh, Fletcher, now you’ve DONE it! That probably was actual libel — I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a class action suit filed against you by progressives from coast to coast!

        Clearly, I subscribe to Ken White’s description of his political beliefs, or lack thereof. 😉

      • But five seconds after we ceased to speak of him, he’d begin screaming for attention, again.

  18. EGADS! Tis 8:30pm! DOOOOOM TIME!

    Just popping in and checking to see what has become of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s “Dire Warning of Terrible Consequences” (h/t: Stacy McCain), and what has befallen upon Hogewash!, our Gentle Host, and my fellow commenters.

    Wait. What? *yawn*

    • The crickets are still happily chirping away. Other than that the silence is deafening.

    • The revolting, creeptastic, cyberstalking adjudicated harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt, hasn’t tweeted much since Perry pointed out that the best salesman Lysol ever had has a great fear of Ken (not a right winger by any stretch of sane imagination) White, of the libertarian/left/anarchist/etc. legal blog,; but that’s probably a coincidence. 😉

      No need to go back and look. That really was one super long run-on sentence.

  19. I do think CB is all of the things stated above, but I do believe we are missing an important element here. Jealousy. I think jealousy plays a huge part in CB’s actions and who he flings his vile towards. His blog(s) have the numbers they do from us waiting to view the next installment. His Twitter account has followers, but you should take a look at his followers, they’re of no consequence to him or there to help him, just to egg him on.

    CB is suffering, not only from his non-witty and vile personality, he’s jealous of anyone who seems to have a real life. His thinking that if you don’t have a blog or a Twitter account, it puts you beneath him, and is purely because he likes to make himself feel important. He has to do this since nobody else will.

    CB is very jealous of out host since he has a consistent following of people who are actually concerned for his well being.

    CB is a green with envy, petty little JEALOUS boy. Someone didn’t help him past this in his youth. Just my opinion of course.

  20. “If Hoge is serious about wanting a settlement, he can show me by deleting the taunts and making it clear to his readers that the name-calling is over.”

    Mean-spirited little nobodies

    So Bill, is the name-calling over? These are your words just from today. “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    So you’re a liar AND a hypocrite.

    • Well… when a certain Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass Man, Celebrated Gay Pornography Enthusiast, Creeptastic Cyberfreak has provided so darn much material through the years…

      … the mockery continues.

      SWIDT? 😉

      • ISWYDT – you are Just. Too. Good. 😀

        I still think the word ‘man’ should be omitted. I mean, how many times can one be cuckolded and still qualify to carry a “man card”? I’m considering setting up a keyboard shortcut for something like this:

        …Deranged Cyberstalker, Repeatedly Adjudicated Harasser, World Famous Ass, Gay Pornography Enthusiast, Repeatedly Cuckolded, Creeptastic CyberFreak, William M. Schmalfeldt, who admits he has dementia and that his words can’t be trusted; the same Bill Schmalfeldt who was banned from the Daily Kos for posting a vile anal rape fantasy (we hope it was only fantasy!), as well known for his misogyny as for his homophobia and his crude language, aka Matthew Lillefelt, aka dozens of twitter handles.

        But I’m just not sure — isn’t he also a closet racist? Wouldn’t want to leave that out, if true.

        Or am I confusing him with his good friend, Brett Kimberlin, of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP), aka “The Speedway Bomber” due to his terrorizing an Indiana town with his bombing spree that ended up costing a man his life; who is the only suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers per his authorized autobiography Citizen K by Mark Singer?

        Reports show that Brett Kimberlin’s likely motive for the bombings was to distract from the murder investigation, which was purported to have been arranged so as to regain access to Mrs. Scyphers young granddaughter who was only 10 years old when he first took an “interest” in her. Of course, his wife was barely 16 when they married, while Brett Kimberlin was in his 40’s, so it’s not just the one “interest” in his life.

        I do recall Mark Singer’s book indicated Brett C. Kimberlin using vile racial epithets, etc. and repeating Brett Coleman Kimberlin’s claims to have deliberately sabotaging military equipment he was assigned to inspect while he was in prison for the bombings, etc.

        I could find it on Google, I’m sure, but I’m so lazy today. 😉

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