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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin responded to my requests for admissions as a part of discovery in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. Some of his responses are … shall we say … interesting. The format a request for admissions is such that the response to each statement should be either “admit” or “deny.” Any other response must have a detailed explanation of why a simple answer can’t be given.

Consider these—Admissions 30_33Objection because of irrelevance is not an allowable response. Irrelevance is an reason why one doesn’t want to answer not a reason why one can’t.

It’s also a stupid answer to each of those questions. TDPK’s parole status is a matter of public record obtainable by a Freedom of Information Act Request to the U. S. Parole Commission. The status of the judgment due to Mrs. DeLong is a matter of public record. So is the matter of his parole revocation and the reasons for it.

Clearly, if any of the statements were false, TDPK would be expected to deny them. What does he think dodging statements of easily verifiable facts will do to his credibility in front of a jury?


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  1. Now now. He used the power of his mind and nothing verifies those questions any more. Don’t make him hold his breath until his face turns blue….ok…maybe you should disregard that last sentence.

  2. Forget for the moment this is in the context of litigation and consider how childish these responses are. It appears BK simply refuses to face the reality and consequences of his own actions.

    • I had a similar thought. Even read completely out of context, the replies are ridiculous. I can’t imagine how any of his supporters and defenders could read this material without feeling shame.

      I hope to see these facts reported more widely because that would increase the pressure on his supporters. They all owe apologies to the victims.

    • Shuler could have been the defacto blogger hero that could have both fueled the speculation of his targets and the poster boy of prior restraint abuse, had he acted responsibly. I believe the prior restraint placed on Shuler could have been a much bigger deal than the Aaron Walker prior restraint issue, since he wasn’t just told to stop posting, but to remove posts. But instead of following the court order and pursuing through the courts his case, he double down on stupid and got himself arrested. And while I don’t believe he resisted arrest, he was nevertheless required by the court to perform certain actions.

      Instead of obeying court orders and fighting them properly, he finds the courts don’t apply to him and doubled down on stupid. Remind you of anyone?

  3. Sometimes I think Kimberlin doesn’t care about his credibility, judging from the decisions he makes. All of these lawsuits have done absolutely nothing for him except make him look worse and litigious over butthurt.

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