I let one of Bill Schamalfeldt’s attempted comments through last night in order to show the unhinged approach he is taking to the copyright matters. It’s 7:13 am as I type this, and he has attempted to make 9 comments here at Hogewash! since 7:00 am. Any further attempted comments from him will be sent directly to the Trash folder.

162 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. Yo, Cuz Bill:

    You seem fond of country-fied wisdom:

    “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

    Your melt down last night was both epic, and disturbing.

    You should be ashamed. But you are not.

    Have your physician take a look at your twitter feed, and then take his advice.

    Seriously, you are circling the drain.

    Get help. Stop.

    This will not end well for you, which is very sad.

    Yer Cousin,
    Roy G. Schmalfeldt

  2. Here’s an idea for you Bill (since I know you are obsessively sitting there hitting F5F5F5F5F5 like some deranged freak). How about you engage people on your own blog? You know, allow a free exchange of ideas. Allow people to question you without trying to destroy their lives. Can you be that civil? The fact that even your handlers… I mean friends won’t comment on your blog is a clear clue that you can’t. So instead you try to post your threats here in clear violation of John’s Do Not Contact order. You will never get it. You are not nice. Ever. To anyone. You have no friends for just that reason. No one can trust that you won’t turn on them the second you feel one tiny twinge of butt hurt from one of their comments.

    We get it, you think you are right about the copyright case. But holy crap just stop with the over the top rhetoric. You just make yourself look foolish. Remember all the shouting and predictions of doom you issued about ‘Cassidy’? Came back to bite you didn’t it? Have you stopped to think (Yeah, I know, stupid question) for one second that you might be wrong? Have you stopped to think of the consequences if you are….other then deleting yet another Twitter account and blog to memory hole the evidence as usual?

    TLDR: Bill, we get that you are a blowhard. Go do it somewhere else, like your own blog if you can actually get anyone to comment.

  3. I haven’t seen Hoge proclaiming that he’s going to win anything. He basically posts status reports, and maybe, once in a while, his feelings about a court action – he may be disappointed, encouraged, whatever. That isn’t hubris. That isn’t crowing about certain victory. As I and others have stated before, we are not privy to his evidence or his litigation strategy. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I wish him the best in enforcing his IP rights, however.

  4. BS has a new youtube video up. I viewed it. What came to mind was this quotation from RS McCain: “[O]ne of the most disturbing aspects of his personality is his frequent resort to language about feces, anal sodomy and coprophagy.”

  5. I see we’re back in “I AM YOUR DOOM, AND YOU SHALL BE RIVEN BEFORE ME!!!” mode.

    Any bets on when we see the next iteration of an “I’M AN OLD CRIPPLE AND YOU’RE MURDERING ME!!!” phase?

    I’m calling 7/25/14.

      • Minemyown, thanks for posting that. The checklist:

        Skim until Offended
        Disqualify that Opinion
        Attack, Attack, Attack
        Disregard Inconvenient facts
        Make Shit Up
        Resort to Moral Equivalency
        Concern Trolling
        When all else fails, Racism!

      • In this case change “When all else fails, Racism!” To “When all else fails, PARKINSON’S, YOU’RE MURDERING ME!!! !”

    • I don’t think anything short of a devastating ruling from the judge will bring the “killing me” phase. I think the “I am your doom” will be the norm through Nov. Of course, I’m the newbie.

      • Indeed you are, Michael. These things are apparently driven by the lunar cycle or forgotten medications, not by substantive Earthly reality.

        November isn’t the boss of Bill Schmalfeldt!

        • I understand what you’re saying Pablo, but right now Bill seems to be in a cycle of reinforcement. He’s gotten nothing that hurts his case, and even when given clear evidence of it, he ignores it. He’s pushed and pushed and pushed, and from his end has gotten nothing but further proof that he is right, despite everything to the contrary. With that kind of reinforcement cycle, I don’t believe a “woe is me” cycle is forthcoming. Something has to break him of his reinforcement, something even he can’t refute.

          He did go a little “woe is me” yesterday, talking about how he tried to hide from Hoge, but Hoge always found him. But instead of leading to the whole “woe is me” it ended up reinforcing his idea of victimhood and it feed into his reinforcement.

          I suppose the missing tweets might break the reinforcement, but from the past few weeks, I doubt it. In fact, the missing tweets may be a sign of an impending “woe is me” phase. After all, since filing his motions, he’s been on a super “high” of doom. I even remember, (I’m sure someone has the tweet) him talking about how invigorated he feels now, how focused and energized the whole thing is making him (clearly I’m paraphrasing.) That certainly won’t help his “intentional infliction of emotional distress” claim. So while I don’t believe a true “woe is me” is upon us, in fact I felt his last “woe is me” major meltdown was a legal tactic far more than a true “woe is me” situation, it may be he is setting the stage for one.

      • Your reasoning makes perfect sense, Michael. That’s why it’s not terribly useful as a predictor of TDPS’s next moves.

  6. Speaking of unhinged, where did all of Mr. “I don’t delete tweets” tweets go? Yesterday I seem to recall there being somewhere around 700, yet right now there are only 359.

    Bill, are you still sticking by your “I don’t delete tweets” assertion?

      • I can just hear the wheels going around in his little head: “With everybody talking about how I’m constantly deleting tweets, this would be the perfect time to do the last thing they’d expect; DELETE TWEETS!” “PERFECT”

      • I’m a twitter newcomer, despite my multi-year long twitter account I never got into it until recently. I didn’t even know how to delete a tweet till I looked it up today. According to twitter, there is no way to delete tweets one at a time. Is that true? Is there any third party mass delete thing?

    • Amazingly, the tweets about how deleting tweets isn’t his style survived.

      The irony in the boy is strong.

      • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt voluntarily signed up for a third-party service that will automatically delete his tweets that are 7+ days old. The “not my style” tweet was made yesterday — July 15.

        I’ve never understood the purpose behind utilizing such services — well, that is… unless a tweep would have something to hide and/or be embarrassed about concerning their tweeting history. Any other reasons escape me.

        With that said, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar (per always). When he claimed (read: lied) yesterday he doesn’t delete tweets — as it’s not his style — he was fully aware of the fact he was employing a tweet-deleting service on his Twitter account. Yet, he still felt it necessary to huff-and-puff and threaten Michael for Michael pointing out in a blog post that the Blob most certainly deletes his tweets.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is his own special brand of cray-cray. *smh*

      • I’d like to point out that it wasn’t my post. It was a fully protected, Section 230 post from a third party who chose to be anonymous. As such, his threats yesterday were even funnier.

    • He doesn’t delete tweets.
      He beats on them and molests them until they can’t take it anymore and either end it all themselves or run away from home.

    • First, it’s “I’ve changed accounts. Those others, they disappeared. I don’t delete tweets.. not my style.”
      Next it’s “Oh wait, I have an app that deletes week old tweets.”
      Finally it’s, “Why do you people stalk my timeline? Who cares if I delete tweets?”

      What style exactly is it that first, denial, then acknowledge it happens, and claim you have a problem if it happens? I know there is a term for this, I just can’t place my finger on it…

  7. There were 661 at 9pm last night, of which I have a screencap. When Billy finally tuckered himself out, there were about 720.

    He’s on a memory-holing frenzy, not 24 hours after threatening to sue Michael Malone for suggesting that he does just that.

    • Of course he deleted tweets. He’s always deleted tweets. He’s lying. He knows it and we know it. It’s why nobody takes him seriously. It’s why people mock his threats. He’s a liar. He lies about everything. Just like his buddy BK. They both lie about things that are easy to prove. It’s who they are. It’s they’re nature. They only know how to lie. And lies have a way of catching up with you.

      • Or it could be that his tweets are cuckolding him with another tweeter. Probably on Hoge’s orders!


      • It would appear that Michael is now something significantly wider than a cunt-hair away from being sued.

        There’s Oliver Wendell Jones at work again!

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    • It’s not deleted, it did that weird Twitter thing where it moved from his timeline to his Tweets and Replies. I’ve never understood that. I wonder if the four part email did that too?

        • I did at first, but I’d just read that on his timeline. When I went right back, it wasn’t in his timeline, so I started to reply with “holy cow!” Then I realized that maybe it was in that other section, which makes no sense to me. So I checked before I posted, since it is possible I wasn’t the only one to see that behavior.

          I really don’t understand how all your tweets aren’t in your timeline. That makes no sense.

      • Just in case, I checked the tweets and reply and while there are more things in there than his timeline, it only goes back to July 10th. So it isn’t a case of twitter weirdness, the tweets are clearly missing.

      • If the first thing in your tweet is the @ in someone else’s handle, Twitter sees it as a reply and it won’t show in the main TL.

    • Bill, I just don’t think “BAT-SHIT CRAZY” is a good setting for you. How about “QUIET INSANE OLD MAN WHO TALKS TO HIMSELF”? I think that’s a good one for you.

    • Thereby tacitly admitting that he indeed has something to hide.

      But “DEFAMATION!” Or something.

      God, I can’t help but love the mind of Associate Justice Jones at work! It cuckolds him with such frequency.

  9. Q: How do you stop a crazy man from spouting his insanity all over the internet?

    A: Green! Because ripe cheese has no bones and you need more than four pancakes to cover the doghouse.

  10. So now witness the Great Schmalfeldt who says “I NEVER delete tweets” admitting he has installed software to…..delete his tweets. What a liar. A coward. A giant gasbag of bloviating mendacity.

    Hey Bill, simple question. Why tell everyone you never delete tweets, threaten another blogger over saying you delete tweets, then go and delete most of your tweets? You are that addled now or just that huge of a f’ing coward that you can’t face up to all the lies you’ve told? Oh and Bill? You have ALWAYS deleted tweets. As you saw on Michael’s blog, people have the tweets you swear you didn’t delete but did. Proof again of what a liar you are.


  11. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/489486076747476992

    Thereby admitting that he allows hostile, non-lawyer bloggers to do his legal research for him. I’m sure there’s no way THAT could go wrong.

    But it is stunning how he ignores the misunderstanding about deleting tweets to the “stalker” meme. I’d say that’s very “Single White Female” of Bill but I’m afraid I’d wake up to him blowing me.

    • Wow… um, doesn’t this disprove his “guffaw” tweet of yesterday? Something about he supposedly knew all of this at the hearing (but forgot to bring it up??) but now he’s being tipped off by a blogger at a later date?

      Well, I suppose that explains the mass deletions, at least. Can’t have his timelines messed up with his own words, right? hahaha

      • Just like last week, he’s admitted that he’s too stupid, addled, lazy or nuts to do his own legal research, so he looks for people here to do it for him. Last week, it was A Reader, this week it’s Michael.

        Of course, it would be fantastic if those arguments failed in court.

        “But, Your Honor! Hoge’s friends told me …. Waitaminute … Hoge’s. Friends. Told. Me …. HOOOOOGGGGGGGEEEE!”

      • ROTFLMAO! It would be worth it to drive to MD to watch that. That typical Schmalfeldt smirk slowly fade into the “IT STOPS NOW” scowl as the realization dawns on him. John sitting there playing with a toy lightsaber (the real one left at the metal detector). The judge furiously banging her gavel once Willy starts his Monkey Dance.

        And all the while, Kimberlin, sitting in the back row, giggling insanely like a little schoolgirl (oops, bad example).

  12. For a guy who isn’t sure about how many children he sired, Bill sure seems convinced about a lot of other things.

  13. Next question Bill. Do you now admit to deleting the tweets between February and March (by yourself or with a program) that you are presently alleging were never there publicly in the first place?

    Think hard Willy, ’cause there’s some important tweets that you tried to memory hole in that time frame (that we all know exist elsewhere).

    ANSWER NOW! You have until 7:39:27PM Australian Central Standard Time to answer. (which, since I think has already passed, YOU OWN ME NOW!)

  14. I’m not a lawyer, but I think the sanction for destroying material subject to discovery could be a summary judgement. Or worse.

    I wonder if any of those tweets could be evidence in any other hearings ….

    • I also think what Billy did there is called an “admission against interest.”

      The stupid is becoming a force unto itself.

  15. What do I need to do to add to Willy’s settlement demand? I won’t rest until it’s over $100,000.

      • I’ll go Cassidy. It was fun to listen to his Master Kimby chuckle at him when the judge schooled him on it. (Even though the proven liar says the judge ignored Cassidy)

    • He’ll probably be adding comments at Michael’s blog to our host’s total before the day is over, so no worries about getting it up to over $100k. hahahaha

      • If I’m not mistaken, Blob took offense to the judge wearing a bow tie as our Gentle Host is known to don them from time-to-time himself.

        Maybe the “Case of the Bow Ties” relates back to Team Themis or some such conspiracy nonsense. Heh.

      • That, bluntly, is insane. That’s not a news-flash, around here, but is clear evidence that contact with reality has been lost.

  16. This one should be good for a few thousand. A direct quote from a blog post by BS, which he has since deleted. BS, starting on Feb. 7, right after Hoge had the outstanding charges dropped pursuant to the mediation agreement, used Twitter and his blog as a platform to threaten some form of retaliation. I’m sure WJJH has the screen cap:

    “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased. I have news that I am sitting on until early next week. It is not good news for Hoge and his co-defendants. (I’ll tell you this much. I won’t say if it’s the state case, the RICO case, or both. Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation.)
    And I can’t fucking WAIT until I can write about it without risking the outcome.
    And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.
    Remember where you read it.
    Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.”

    • Best one ever was when he threatened the dentist he was trying to dox that he was going to report him to the state dental association for writing a fake book review on Amazon.

      I’m sure that tweet has been saved somewhere.

  17. As an aside… It appears Wee Willy (The Rabid and Vile Team Kimberlin Anklebiter) has JUST realized our Gentle Host changed his Hogewash! TOS (Can you say, “Sloooooooooow.”), and has commemorated his very dim, lightbulb moment with a new post at his waste-of-bandwidth blog (Hell no. I won’t link to it) begging our Gentle Host to sue him.

    I’d wager Wee Willy would have very little time to effectively deal with a lawsuit were one to transpire… due to all of his time being committed to his chicken hobby and all.

    • Lord, forgive me, but whenever he pops up, I think “Spiccoli” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    • I can’t figure out which one is the bigger idiot. Ferguson and Schmalfeldt were made for each other.

      • The other handler, harada-no-hime, is a sock. I picture this middle aged guy with a paunch, sitting and scratching his gut as he tweets sotto voce to BS.

      • Gut? Nah, he is definitely scratching something lower if he is dealing with Schmally…..or playing with his chicken if you know what I mean

      • I concur that harada_no_hime is probably a special purpose account with a goal of egging on Bill. Whoever runs it is most likely someone we know already by another name. And Bill doesn’t realize it.

  18. Another direct BS quote. For an exhibit, you understand:
    “Any time I’ve been in a bar fight, I’m generally the guy standing. I can’t do it physically any more, but if you dipshits really want to go to court with me, BRING IT. And send me pictures of your homes, because they will be mine. And your wives. They’ll be mine, too. Everything you own. Mine. Anything else you want to talk about, dickface?”

  19. Given Billy’s confirmed destruction of potential evidence, this might be a grand time for John to propose a reasonable settlement.

    1) Schmally pays John $5,000 in cash.

    2) John doesn’t demand production of the tweets that Crazy Billy willfully and knowingly destroyed.

        • God, the sobbing that must be going on in Elkridge right now would be beautiful to behold.

          “I was THIS CLOSE! THIS CLOSE, goddammit! I was like the Russians, ready to kick in the door of Hoge’s bunker. I made a video and everything!

          Oh, god, what if I lose in public. Brett won’t stop laughing at me. And the money! Oh, Jesus, the money! Can you re-finance against a double wide? Will I have to sell Gail to Syrians to satisfy Hoge’s settlement. Who’ll clean my bigs and buy me mayonnaise then?

          But don’t think I don’t know who’s responsible for this! It’s Hoge! He tricked me into destroying evidence while I was being a dipshit braggart! HHOOOOOOOOGGGGGGEEEEEEE!”

      • First guess: HOOOOOOOGE! (Apologies to Paul Krendler!)

        Second guess: He’s collapsed in a puddle of spittle and sweat at his keyboard, panting with exhaustion, still gasping, “HOOooooggggge!” in a fading wheeze.

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