16 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • Technically, in a civil proceeding, I don’t know that it is breaking the law in a criminal sense, but it is in violation of the FRCP.

  1. Tomorrow should be interesting, once the magnitude of Bill’s recent screwups become clear to him. I predict a sudden downturn in his health.

    • I no longer believe there are downturns to his health. I believe they crop up strategically when he realizes how he screwed up and is trying to get time to figure a way out.

      A normal person rests and recovers. Bill seems to moan about everything on twitter with as much vomitus twitticus as he does when he’s winning.

      • Why should you believe that he is telling the truth about his health when he is proven to lie about everything else?

        Indeed, why should you not automatically believe exactly the opposite of anything he says?

      • With all the recent discussion of “intentional infliction of emotional distress,” Bill may think he has something up his sleeve here.

        Another remark. Some people rarely warn Bill when he’s doing something stupid, while some other people warn him very often. Several of the rare-warners who come to mind are people who have had to deal with him the longest. That’s a thought with an implied suggestion, at least worth weighing.

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