Prevarication Du Jour

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ is now trying to spin a story of WordPress taking down 45 images and videos from Hogewash! because of a clerical error.wmsbroadcasting201407151248ZWordPress has a different take on the situation.WordPress201407141651ZThey say that they restored my material after TDPS™ admitted he had filed an erroneous DMCA takedown notice.

The Gentle Reader is free to believe either WordPress or TDPS™ as he chooses.

38 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. So do we have to apologise again?

    Gee Bill, we’re real sorry you can’t read plain english, and that you don’t realize the internetz are forever.

  2. Mmm… the WordPress email could be read to mean that they (i.e., WordPress) wrongly identified the URLs that were the target of the DMCA notice.

    Of course, it wouldn’t have been an issue if Mr. Schmalfeldt hadn’t included in his DMCA takedown notice 70 (!) extraneous URLs as part of a provably false accusation that was irrelevant to the DMCA issue.

    • They were the entirety of the notice, other than some mayonaise stains. Kinda hard to mis-interpret something like that. The URLs, the mayo might be all sorts of things… eww; where’e the lysol?

      • Tweets are not copyrightable because they Are considered in the same category as headlines as being too short to contain truly original thought. At least according to teh interwebz lawyers that I have been reading lately

  3. Yep, they are brain damaged all right. I don’t know how severely, but they dealt with Bill Schmalfeldt, and that had to have fried at least a few neurons.

    • Bet Bill didn’t file the proper copyright application or has the brains to overcome a fair use defense. Or do those laws only cover him. We’ll have to ask the Congress and law firm that live in his addled little head.

      • This is more evidence of his knee jerk reaction to threaten to sue anyone who QUOTES BILL SCHMALFELDT. And the tweet below? A flat out lie. First, when he has deleted hundreds of tweets, if not more. Second, Twitter has suspended many of his accounts for ToS violations. Finally, the constantly renaming of his Twitter account serves the purpose of making it difficult and time consuming to search his timeline because links are broken – and that is exactly why he does it.

      • Anything he needs it to mean given a variety of situations. In other words, it is childish and vague, so he can twist it to mean what he wants.

      • Why then yesterday morning were there 602 Tweets on BSs timberline and then in the evening only 500 and something? Doesn’t delete Tweets my a$$…

  4. BS is now prevaricating again. He says he never deletes tweets, just closes accounts. Sure.

    His current twitter account is wmsbroadcasting.

    Where are these tweets? see

    And how much do you think Hoge will have to pay for stealing the trademark?—
    WMS Radio Network (@wmsbroadcasting) July 02, 2014

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · 12m
    This idiot thinks that just because Hoge puts a “TM” after Cabin Boy, he owns the registered trademark.

    OK, smart boy, a video game company owns a trademark in something called “Cabin Boy”. Do they own “Cabin Boy Radio”?…
    WMS Radio Network (@wmsbroadcasting) July 02, 2014

    Well, A Reader, I would suggest you contact “Cabin Boy” and tell them to sue me. Nice deflection, though!—
    WMS Radio Network (@wmsbroadcasting) July 02, 2014

    This has been a very good day. And watching the Hogeists spin themselves into a tizzy has only made it better. Welcome to the Exhibit List!—
    WMS Radio Network (@wmsbroadcasting) July 02, 2014

  5. Dear WordPress, Mr. Hoge is violating my copyright by posting my material to his blog without permission. Oh, and here are 70 links to stuff by NASA.

    You make no sense Bill. You’re lying and you know it.

    • Cousin Bill,

      When you commit a crime, you should always arrange for plausible deniability.

      In the proximate case, you created deniable plausibility. That’s not helpful in avoiding the consequences of your criminal activity. Hence the mocking and snark.

      You should ask The Dread Pedo Kimberlin for instruction in the former, before you attempt another crime.

      Bless Your Heart,
      Cousin Roy

    • He meant for them to remove the NASA links. He’s been trying to do it for a while by one means or another, and bitching with his pals about the “faux credibility” (their premise) of a rocket scientist blogging about space and then gleefully wallowing in the satisfaction of the blog now appearing to be focused on legal affairs (words of solace and satisfaction among that crew, to that effect).

      It’s Bill whose idiotic ramblings border on monomania, and he and his handlers are anxious to deflect from his pathology. It’s a pattern, is it not?

    • Is this the same Bill Schmalfeldt that has been declaring for two weeks that the complaint will be imminently dismissed and everyone on earth will be added to his silly counter-claim?

      He’s schizophrenic, isn’t he?

    • I just looked at the thread and did not see those comments. Interesting how he leaves out any alleged examples. Also interesting is that what we say is irrelevant – Hoge has made no such claims, in contrast to BS who crows about his sure victory almost every day.

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  7. A simple question to Bill – Both Hogewash and Paul’s blogs are still up. What legal action have you taken against WordPress like you promised them you would? Did I get an answer? Nope. Wee Will jumps in to start talking about the NASA pics (not even close to what I was asking about) and Bill jumps in to call me “stupid”. Damn, these two have cornered the market on stupid. One can’t answer a simple question, the other can’t put down his chicken long enough to even read the question before making an ass out of himself with a irrelevant response. You would think after a while they would get tired of everyone pointing and laughing at them.

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