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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin feigns fear of Aaron Walker and me. This is from paragraph 76 of his second amended complaint in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 135-76
TDPK strikes me as a bit disingenuous with his worry about people who own firearms. After all, his authorized biography Citizen K tells of how he possessed several AR15s, a silenced pistol, a shotgun, and other weapons back in his drug dealing days. He was barred from possessing any firearm back then because of a previous felony conviction.

RANGE_PHOTOI, OTOH, am a law-abiding gun owner, and, although my 66 year old eyes ain’t what they used to be, I’m still a reasonable shot. The target on the left was shot rapid fire with a .45 at 50 feet.

I’ve never threatened anyone on Team Kimberlin with violence. However, anyone who wishes to threaten me or my family may draw whatever conclusion he will based on what he knows about me.

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    • And the world is a little better place with Brett knowing that his victims can defend themselves.

      We all know Brett had Julia Scyphers shot for keeping him away from her teenaged granddaughter. Did you know Brett also tried to hire a jailmate to kill prosecutor Bernard Pylitt, along with a list of other people? (story from ).

      Brett previously got Joe Majko, a troubled young burglar, to threaten the government’s key witness in the drug dealing trial that got Brett his teenaged perjury conviction (Citizen K p. 47, also see 317)

      Jack Thar was also a prosecuting attorney who worked on some of the efforts to put Kimberlin in jail. He stated, “The day Brett Kimberlin gets out of prison is the day I carry a gun.” (p. 277)

      So there’s no doubt that Brett’s nasty old criminal habits are hampered by people who are able to defend themselves.

      Real threats are of course bad, but Brett only insinuates that they even ever exist. When claiming to cite one with specificity, he points to a man who never threatened him. Well, Brett’s bluff has been called by Hoge’s post here. Brett Kimberlin is a constant liar and absolutely must not be trusted.

  1. In other words – I’m a convicted bomber and drug felon who is suspected of at least one murder and who tried to have at least several other people killed. I can’t imagine why people want to be cautious around me.

    • In my mind I always picture he knows very well the truth of what you said. But maybe judges aren’t used to encountering someone who argues in such bad faith on literally every single point. Brett Kimberlin really is one of a kind and the judge will have to strain to realize just HOW incredibly far Brett is from the usual garbage that reaches the court.

      I didn’t “get” just how totally and thoroughly outrageous Brett’s conduct is until I had a chance to really sit down and read. Since I wasn’t reading blogs of Kimberlin’s lawfare victims for the beginning, what really helped was reading Citizen K. I was already totally appalled at what he was doing before I even considered getting the book. Then I read it and it just kept getting worse and worse. Frankly I had the same thought process change with Bill Schmalfeldt but he rates much lower on my priority list due to the less ambitious nature of his crimes and the lower level of competence at performing them.

    • He’s afraid of armed men but not unarmed children and grandmothers, that’s why.

  2. Mr. Hoge, I wish my father and you could spend some time at the range together. Dad had the 70’s record on El Presidente. Dad was a fine shot. I think you two would have been fast friends.

  3. I would think a claim of ‘Hoge and Walker threatened to shoot me on their blogs’ would be easily proven, if true, by stating on what date and time the statements appeared on which sites and quoting the offending remarks. I might wonder why BK didn’t do that if I didn’t already believe he made it up out of whole cloth.

  4. I think he missed the target then ran up there (breathlessly like he did to the court reporter) and made all those holes with his middle finger…. (well I know I’ve done it come’on now guys we’ve all done it)

    tunelessly whistles and skulks off….

  5. I’ve been visiting this site since at least last October. This is the first picture of a firearm I’ve seen other than the photo of you-know-who and his wouldn’t-believe-it-if-you-didn’t-see-it trigger discipline. So, yeah. “Constantly”? Not so much.

  6. Nice shooting!

    Yeah, Brett Coleman Kimberlin is big on lies and innuendo.

    He’d probably freak if he saw my gun room (yup, an entire room), or my gunsmithing/reloading shop.

    I build my own firearms, you see. Recent projects include single-shot drop-breech .22 pistols (every part made from bar stock, including the barrels, by me), an in-progress build of a semi-automatic M1919A6 conversion, and an in-progress varmint rifle buildup in .20 Practical, aka .20-223.

    Past projects include a dozen or so M1 Garands, some M1903 and M1903A3 rifles built from NOS parts, several FAL rifles built on DSA receivers, bunches of Mauser 1898 based rifles, and a few semi-auto M14 variants. Plenty of S&W revolver work (my first love in handguns), as well as M1911 customization.

    Oh, and reloading, too, to keep them all fed.

    Nothing sinister or illegal about any of it.

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