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Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign will not be presented this evening. America’s fabulous Internet investigator has just received a new intriguing assignment and will not be available this evening. Johnny Atsign will return next Monday.

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    • It occurs to me that the photo editor at NASA would be very interested to know that BS filed a DMCA takedown notice that WordPress interpreted to mean he claimed ownership and/or agency over NASA photos. He, isn’t that felony? I mean, a “FELONY?” What was her name again?

  1. 1. BS tells the judge he has no intention of copyrighting his stuff because he rejects “the whole idea of suing someone for using inconsequential snippets from another person’s blog or Twitter account . . .
    2. BS files DMCA takedown notices, which are predicated on copyright ownership
    3. In a display of vicious vindictiveness, he includes a list of NASA-related posts in a threatening email to WordPress
    4. WordPress takes down the images
    5. BS realizes he has shot himself in the foot again
    6. His first reaction is to call Vet and Gryffon stupid
    7. His second is to post a comment on Hoge’s blog, in violation of the “do not contact” demand
    8. His third is to call Hoge a liar
    9. His fourth is to fall back on veiled and disturbing imagery involving a board, a nail, and Hoge
    10. His fifth is to seek comfort from his handlers
    10. In the midst of this, he contacts WordPress
    11. His sixth is to provide a mere snippet of an alleged email from WordPress, and to ask for an apology from us.

    • What is with the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s need to place a time limit on every damn thing?

      What a freaking weirdo he is.

      • I think that’s an understatement. His demands take precedent over everything else. And oopsie. Time is now up. Lolz. How much response did he get except the sounds of snickering and loud guffaws

    • I am sorry I didn’t do enough to bother and bedevil you causing your PD to accelerate and lead you into double secret PD Blues condition well before your slated time.

    • Hey Shaky about your apology;
      “Wish in one hand, Shit in the other, see which one gets filled first!”

      • LOL! My response for his demand for an apology can’t be posted on this blog….

        Ah, what the hell.

        [REDACTED, REDACTED REDACTED] and can [REDACTED REDACTED] up your [REDACTED REDACTED] and the horse you rode in on, Admiral [REDACTED].


  2. Another bit of Schmalfeldtian weirdness: commenting or emailing that he’s going to do something to make your life miserable, and signing it with the closing, “be well.”
    “I’m going to sue you! Be well.”
    “Your houses? Mine. Your wives. Mine, too. Be well.”
    “Nice chickens you have there. Be well.”
    “Ooo, a pony! Be well.”

  3. One of the main points of Independent Newspapers v Brodie:

    “Posters to internet message forums have a First Amendment right to retain their anonymity and not to be subject to frivolous suits for defamation brought solely to unmask their identity.”

    And since Bill is already on record as going after Paul to get him to reveal his name, I’d say Bill should consider a new approach.

      • It took her impersonating a local government official via email – that was the straw that broke the courts back, as it were.

        Keep in mind that it was four years between when she “frisched” herself with Jeff Goldstein, and when she finally lost her Internet access.

        Four long years of spewing insanity, hatred, and harassment across the Internet…

        She actually threatened one guy with chopping up and eating his kids. Quite believably, I might add!

        As long as she was just harassing the citizenry as herself, the local authorities regarded her as a semi-dangerous crank. One instance of impersonating a city councilwoman (iirc), and she got 4 years of probation.

        Some animals are more equal…

      • Keep in mind that Frisch wasn’t just verbally harassing people — she was assaulting people on the street!

        And yet it took annoying a politician for action to take place.

      • Oh boy, I had no idea the Deb Frisch saga was as epic as it is. I can definitely see the similarities between her and The Grief Zeppelin.

    • Amazing recovery, by the way. Going from he’s dying and his doctor and wife want him to stop tweeting and blogging, to a promise of continued retaliation.

      • Typical Bill. We’ve heard this song and dance before and his track record speaks for itself.


    What a sad, pathetic thing to say. We have no “blogs” or “twitter accounts”, so we have “nowhere to go”. Hey Bill, we DO have somewhere to go, it’s called our REAL LIVES. Just because your entire life consists of harassing people while pleasuring yourself in front of your computer doesn’t mean that is the normal state of being for humans. We post here, then go on with our lives.

    The more he tweets, the more pathetic he becomes.

  5. By the end of the week he’ll be whimpering about how he’s dying again. On the other hand, the badass act has lasted longer than usual this time around.

    Someone needs their medication adjusted again.

    • Another routine excuse that he falls back on after particularly bad streaks of misbehavior.

      • The fact that he chalks “victories” against criminal charges is especially pathetic. But you just know that he’ll be a homebound Chuck Norris again in no time!

    • Was the dance therapy really him in Japan filming a Godzilla film, then again there have been quakes in Oklahoma….

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