7 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. “I dunno Brian, let’s go over to the Mad Twitterer’s timeline and see what he’s been up to. He’s been unusually quiet the past few days, maybe he’s going to try and put on a good face for the judge.”

    “Oh look, he’s got yet another new website! Let’s click on over and see. (click) Maybe he really is turning over a new leaf to impress the jud………….

    WEBSITE TITLE: “Parkinson’s Disease is F*cking Hilarious, Right?”

    “Ugh, what was I thinking? Yet another pity party/conspiracy website. That’ll teach you to be optimistic, Brain.”

  2. Not a good start, his first allegation is that he “faked” his surgery. Now, there have been some intemperate things said here, but I’ve never seen that said.

    Good start Bill!

      • Here is what he said:

        ONE OF MY MANY FAKERIES: I underwent experimental deep brain stimulation surgery in 2007 just to FOOL a bunch of stupid right wing fascists into thinking I REALLY had PD! Hah!

        Words fail me.

      • Actually, reading your reply, there might be a misunderstanding. I’m pointing out that he is saying we are accusing him of making things up. It should read “his first allegation is that we said that he “faked” his surgery.”

        Essentially the same stupidity though. I just wanted to be accurate.

  3. I used to make that sort of accusation of him. Mostly because it drives him round the twist. Don’t really see why I’m bound to be truthful when he puts it on the rack on a daily basis.
    Sometimes I still harbor doubts about his PD, mostly because of the high variability of afftect he displays and the convenienc of the level of affect when he needs cover to dive behind. His proofs are a couple of photos which have very little provenance behind them; and x-ray that could be anybody, a newsletter photo that says he was part of a test group (he might have been control might not, and it was at a time when he might have has a job where he could have affected what got published at the NIH), and his infamous in hosptial picture that purports to show his surgery scars (maybe he hit a door frame or fell, how would I know). So he’s got PD, whoop te doo. Still drives him bonkers.

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