14 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Mutation?

  1. F5! F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5!F5! It must really suck to spend at least 50-60 hrs a week(that is on the light side) waiting to pounce on readers comments on a blog you’re not welcomed on. Seriously who does that crap? Who would want to live such a pathetic life to pull crap like that?

    Prepare for failed dox ,subpoena ,lawsuits, blogs,extortion and rash of other petty threats,and make believe phone calls,evlenty!!!11!!!! Howard,Lynn,Jeremy,Chris,Jerry,Joe,Eric,Mike,Doc,Paul,Areader, Robin,Library girl, Kim, Kyle and the rest of you palsy walsies. I’s gots flow charts, hearsay, everything on the intertoobz is for reels. Eyes just noes it! Well cuz Hogeists, Lickspittles , Fan fiction! Now you want to play dumb and lose your kids, Or do you wanna play smart and keep what you gots? I want it all Doug. Eyes dont knows that I’s been played again by Matt ,Howard and Fletcher dem dar rest of the Knots. Just like they spanked me in 2011 and 2013. They would never lead me around and lies to mah again for the points and laughs or would they? Um wait what? Now who wants to eat some turds, Grab a spoon! You see it all fits so nicely,Sean, Richard,Carl, Howard. Lisa DERP! Because A+B+C’s and 1’s- 2’s- 3’s. Now throw its all the floorz or you takes the blame.

    Now you wants to convenience mah?


    5.P.M. Easter,

    Ok ? great

    Peace my new best friend .

    • https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/488487010299281408

      Bill, we’re laughing AT you, not with you.

      Frankly, you’ve left us with slim pickings after:

      -your magic phone calls.
      -your “I never delete tweets” lie.
      -your failure to address your NASA copyright screwup.
      -more anal references, REALLY?
      -accusing Malone of multiple crimes, with no evidence.
      -right on time, yet ANOTHER new blog, with exactly the same material as the old ones.
      -and on, and on, and on…….

      And this was just the past few days!

      How are we to keep up mocking you, when you do such a good job of it yourself?

      (FINALLY! Something you do well.)

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