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RICOMadnessHere’s another bogus claim that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin makes in the second amended complaint of his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 135-153He goes on to assert that one or more of the defendants tried to get him fired from his job at Justice Through Music Project through some sort of extortion scheme, and he alleges that’s a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1951, the federal extortion law and a predicate act for RICO.

Pretend for a moment that one of the defendants did try to get him fired. So what?

He has no such “property interest” under § 1951. That law defines extortion as “the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.” The Supreme Court has ruled that to be “property” under that statute, the thing obtained must be something tangible, something that one could “exercise, transfer or sell.”  Scheidler v. National Organization for Women, Inc., 537 U.S. 393, 405 (2003).  Because TDPK fails to explain what thing any of the defendants could have acquired as result of his being discharged, seeking to have him fired cannot be construed as extortion.


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  1. Perhaps I’m confused, but isn’t TDPK the one running JTMP? And if so, how would the defendants be able to do anything to make TDPK fire himself?

    • In Brett’s mind, there is a real problem here, since the continuing success of JTMP depended on donors, associates, etc. not realizing that he is an unrepentant, unreformed money launderer, forger, and conman. The continuing success of “charities” like JTMP is important because the bomber is in need of resume padding as well as company cars and funds to pay utility and rent on the house he signed over to his mother in order to conceal it from his bombing victim, etc etc. So Brett has lots of great reasons.

      And let no one forget the part about having Julia Scyphers murdered because she interfered in Brett’s pedophilic interests in Scyphers’ granddaughter. Which he started when the granddaughter was only 10 and Brett was 20. If more people knew that, Brett’s employment at his closely held “charities” could truly be in trouble.

    • There is an executive director, a Jeffrey Cohen, for both JTMP and VRUS.

      He signs the 990’s. Other than that, he does not appear to be particularly hands-on.

      • I’ve never learned much about that guy (Cohen). Has he ever been pressed to speak of his relationship with Kimberlin?

      • Not that I’m aware of, Onlooker. He’s a lawyer in Maryland. That’s pretty much all I can find on him, either.

  2. If I’m reading the various motions to dismiss correctly, it would seem that, at least so far, Kimberlain has failed to actually claim anything at all, and his 82 page complaint is a fairy tale.

    • It is almost as if he only filed it to harass and intimidate his critics, who he well knew broke no law and committed no tort against him.

      I think it was also hoped that by suing so many (20) defendants, some of them would view it as a nuisance suit and settle. This would have a snowball effect of funding more lawsuits. And letting him claim victory on settling. Not to mention the message it would send to people thinking about writing about him. I thought I remembered there was a Neal Rauhauser quote somewhere explaining this same rationale, but I could be mistaken.

      • Not sure about Neal, but Bill claimed that defendants were about to settle and turn against other defendants.

        How’d that work out, Bill?

      • In the post BSB linked to, commenter Jason did a great job of wading through the swamp of nonsense garbage that Neal produces to try to understand his motivations and plans. I assure you that task is both very annoying and actually difficult and time consuming. Meanwhile people like Neal Rauhauser are basically working on producing garbage fulltime so it is really hard to catch up. Jason if you’re still out there, thank you for chipping in.

        That post is from before I used to post around here, I think. I am still catching up and it’s kind of angering how laborious it can be and I don’t always have time for it. I believe it might even be an intentional tactic of Team Kimberlin, to have stay-at-home harassers like Bill Schmalfeldt and Matt Osborne pollute the discussion with huge volumes of useless garbage so that in order to figure out what they’re up to, those of us with jobs and/or families have to really struggle to keep up.

  3. So the federal extortion law holds that property is something that the person being extorted could “exercise, TRANSFER, or sell,” huh?

    Interesting. So that could be a piece of information, like a trade secret, a business strategy, insider trading type information or even personal data, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and such?


    • IANAL, but several lawyers have told me that threatening to accuse someone of a crime if he does not give you information that you are not legally entitled to meets the definition of extortion. Doing across state lines would make it a federal crime.

      • Maryland Code § 3-706. Extortion by written threat.

        (b) Prohibited.- A person, with the intent to unlawfully extort money, property, or anything of value from another, may not knowingly send or deliver, or make for the purpose of being sent or delivered and part with the possession of, a writing threatening to:
        (1) accuse any person of a crime or of anything that, if true, would bring the person into contempt or disrepute; or
        (2) (i) cause physical injury to a person;
        (ii) inflict emotional distress on a person;
        (iii) cause economic damage to a person; or
        (iv) cause damage to the property of a person.
        (c) Penalty.- A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding $10,000 or both.

        18 U.S. Code § 873 – Blackmail
        Whoever, under a threat of informing, or as a consideration for not informing, against any violation of any law of the United States, demands or receives any money or other valuable thing, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

      • Esodia, much like society’s arbitrary rules about when a pre-teen is too young to go on unchaperoned romantic getaways with, all that legal stuff there is just too restrictive for Brett Kimberlin’s free spirit. And in both cases we might suppose his shipmates Bill Schmalfeldt and Neal Rauhauser feel the same way about such arbitrary rules being an unfair restriction on their creative and enterprising nature.

  4. I don’t have twitter, but if I did… #inoverhishead more like. I bet he actually thinks the lawsuit is over and it costs him nothing when it is dismissed…. #bitchSLAPPed

  5. I wonder WJJH, is there any uptick in obscene emails? I’ve noticed increased activity among some “handlers” and Neal socks. In other words, the crazy volume is ratcheting up.

    • I actually started a list of suspected Neal socks and got disgusted by wading through all the annoying crap. I’d be interested in seeing what you’ve come up with. If you think it may be sensitive or otherwise don’t want to show your work, maybe you can hit me up on twitter?

      • Onlooker,
        The Neal sock that is most special to my heart is @KittenChowder – because it’s the only one that follows my twitter account. Its interests include retweeting posts by other Neal socks, and also whatever Neal’s arguing about recently.
        And closely related, @AuntieTroll – in between copy/pasting innocuous looking inspirational quotes, it suddenly takes interest in Neal’s conflicts.
        Two that I think might have been discussed even here:
        @PatriotWhistle (not actually sure who’s running it) – before it started the constant huge flood of automated tweeting, this sock account suddenly got interested in the Team Kimberlin lies about the National Bloggers Club. It has been idle for months since but you’d have to wade through constant automated tweeting to know that.
        And in the same incident was @Joe4TruthTGDN
        Tedious? Annoying? Immature? Pathetic? All those words come to mind, and remember, Neal is working on projects like this fulltime.
        Of course there are many more automatically created accounts, automatically creating innocuous looking timelines of retweets and inspirational quotes (just like spambots do), waiting to be used to jump into some discussion and parrot the line of Neal or his clients. This is the actual outcome of all the stupid “intelligence grade” social media management Neal insinuates he has.

    • Other than the usual trash Bill hangs with there is a new account that has suddenly taken quite an interest in pushing Bill’s “I’m a good boy aren’t I daddy”? buttons. DemHipster. Seems to be aligned with Karoli, Bunny Boy, BU, etc. So another traveler in the cesspool that is Team Kimberlin. It seems that whenever Bill gets a bit nutty, and that is usually Wed, Thurs, Fri, and every other Tues, they all come rushing it to pat him on the head, assure him that he is their “good boy” and his legal genius is second to none and he should continue down whatever path he has set himself on because nothing bad could possible happen.

      It would be sad if Bill wasn’t such a huge douche bag who is bent on hurting as many people as he can for the sin of, gasp!!, disagreeing with him. Remember, PalatinePundit left a simple two sentence comment on Bill’s blog once and Bill set out on a course of doxing and calling his employer trying to get him fired, cheered on of course by the lovely folks of Team Kimberlin.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt!!

        The correlation of events has clearly turned against you and your fair weather friends. While you are stubborn to a fault, why do you persist in destroying what little you and (censored) have managed to amass in your little trailer?

        You stupidly signed on to the losing side, embracing a pedophile, bomber and murderer as your friend and wannabe fake attorney – with no bar license and occasional snickering ally to you. You are now facing a virtual tsunami of epic defeats leaving you with little more than a jar of Hellman’s, some cheap hot dogs and a fishing-bobber and, most importantly, your legacy – which is for all purposes, badly, badly shattered and smeared all over your dark, warm and sweaty-palmed room. You are going to lose a lot of money!

        You will spend eternity memorialized on the internet as an incredibly stupid buffoon, a cruel and intolerant bully, a stumbling, almost willing cuckold and one of the most incredibly inept pro-se practitioners of state and federal law ever encountered.

        Welcome to your eternity in hell. You are in fine company with the likes of Adolph Hitler, Tojo, Mao Tse-tung, Attila, and thousands of other cruel despots and tyrants. You have done your family proud! You have done yourself proud!

      • Army Vet,
        I agree that we could probably know @DemHipster by some other name – maybe even a bunch of other names – but I don’t have a solid opinion on whether Neal personally runs it.

        I myself have only ever had one twitter account. You almost certainly do not know me by another name but I did used to very occasionally post under blog articles about Brett Kimberlin until I realized I am not as brave as some of the people he is suing, and then I began posting as BKWatch instead. Anyway I do NOT participate in one discussion with two monikers. And do NOT send messages to any person from two different fake identities. That’s what sockpuppetry is.

      • Tao,

        How dare you compare Bill Schmalfeldt to Hilter and Moa Tse-tung. They were published writers. Bill Schmalfeldt had to resort to the vanity press.

  6. BK probably knows that this claim is a risible lie. Like I say, purposeful lying is purposeful. It has gotten him this far – almost a year into this case – simply on bullshit. It has cost people real money. He has used our tax dollars to fund this, so no real cost to him.

    Unless the judge awards attorney’s fees in conjunction with all of these, and then allows some Rule 11 sanctions afterward – the cost-benefit ratio for him remains positive.

    • One caveat, BK may be running some tax exempt “charities” I find no evidence of actual tax payer funds from the 990’s.

    • Dianna I believe there was “other” in the reports? There was something like $440k from the US Department of State. That comes from you and me.

      • Going back and looking, I could be wrong. There is actually no accounting of where there revenues come from. None at all.

      • If he was receiving government funding, it would have to be detailed on one line of the 990, and I’ve never seen a number on that line.

        I believe that he’s participated in a State Department program, not that he’s been paid to do so. It would not be unusual for that to be the case, and legitimate charities with similar interests and profiles would certainly use such participation as a means of showcasing their efforts.

        His income sources aren’t detailed, which annoys me, but is legal, given the form he’s using. Provided he avoids receiving 15% of his budget (or more) from any one source, he can go on as he has done as long as he can persuade any donor to keep supplying him with money.

      • Actually no way to tell, right? Of course, I am sure he would not file fraudulent documentation….

    • Is there any place that has a decent overview of the whole Bullyville situation? It is unbelievably convoluted.

      • Ditto.

        Neal seems to be the common denominator between BK, BS, the Bulyville stuff, Barrett Brown, the Jack Idema adversaries and, in the past year, some of the Kaitlin Hunt apologists and stalkers. One of those, @/Nicolebonet1, reminds me a lot of how @/catsrimportant used to operate. Heer/his/their job seems to be to make Jeanette Runyon’s life a living hell.

      • First on Retzlaff.
        Retzlaff is an apparently unreformed felon who caught some peoples’ attention because of his involvement in revenge porn and he posted some really alarming and disgusting things about real life women, online. If you want to see some examples, you can look at (unfortunately I would say this site is organized in a way that doesn’t spare your time too well)

        Someone, maybe BullyVille, noticed the posting pattern and outed him in hopes of helping his victims and deterring him from continuing such threatening posts. Retzlaff reacted by starting a blog that claims that BV is itself a revenge porn site.

        What does any of this have to do with Neal? Well, Neal himself has been in BullyVille’s sights since before Retzlaff, though I am not sure precisely why. It could have to do with the tremendous amount of disgusting harassment Neal involves himself in online. Anyway it is my opinion that Neal hoped to use Retzlaff as a cat’s paw against BV. Attracting and marshalling unscrupulous mobs of people is basically what Neal does for a living, which is why whenever you look into what he’s doing you find so much puerile internet drama.

        It’s probably backfiring on Neal. Which is fine by me.

      • In Brett’s case I suspect Brett Kimberlin paid Neal Rauhauser to help harass Brett’s enemies, but Brett’s finances may be too opaque to know for sure. I wonder whether some of the three and four letter agencies Hoge mentioned in an earlier post are wondering the same thing.

        Before his activities made him radioactive to respectable people, Neal also got some work with some real congressional campaigns, I don’t really have details on this but I’m going to venture a guess that it didn’t end well because of his disgraceful harassment campaigns. I Wish I could answer better than that, but the point is that he’s gotten some business in the past.

        It is suspected by many that someone in the “Connect The Left” organization hired him to help dox and harass members of Unite Blue, for the super important sin of affiliating with the “wrong” online social networking hashtag for left leaning Americans. The tactics used in this pointless and senseless fight are why a number of people on the left hate Neal and his frequent associates.

      • How about a Venn Diagram then?

        Or maybe even some 8 X 10 glossy photos with lines and a paragraph on the back explaining what’s going on.

        Oh, and despite Bullyville being one of the good guys, the person who designed that web site should burn in hell for all eternity. It’s the bastard (grand)child of Geocities.

      • For sure the site design has aesthetic issues. The information about Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff might seem in context to those people who already know the subject matter, and a few of the more outrageous statements totally speak for themselves. However to most people,the posts seem like unorganized, uncategorized, out of context, info-dumps. Fixing this,though, would be laborious.

      • Katie it turned out this same question came up in another discussion and there came an answer that is basically the same as Stacy’s. skip to about 61:38 and there begins the explanation of Neal’s sock army and how some immature partner of hers seems to have led to Neal’s BV problem. This explanation continues until about 64:30, until it turns into a Kate Gosselin discussion, which the participants seem to acknowledge is a really stupid controversy.

      • Perry Mason I hope these explanations are actually kind of a relief to you. It sounds unbelievably convoluted. but it’s not. It’s just unbelievably stupid. Neal is just a snake oil salesman with no moral compass.

      • You couldn’t have put it any better. And thanks for all the work putting these links together.

      • I don’t give a hoot about Bullyville, Retzklaff, Kate with 8, Unite Blue, Anonymous or any of that drama infested left-wing or “a-political” hacker-dabbled lunacy. They are tracing the same terror strides taken by those we fight against. Why heck, they copy them! Especially when they’re adding Jay Leiderman to the pot and a few reformed Nealites. Leiderman is a leftwing bonfire activist. He despises the right. This was the lawyer Neal arranged for the case against Patrick Frey! He’s also now the registered agent of an Anonymous LLC. Haven’t we seen enough people get burned by the likes of these lawfare agents? Do we really need a link to the many articles written by The Other McCain, Patterico and so many others who share horror stories from having to deal with these people and their cookie-cutter spawns?

        I see no point or benefit wrangling up with a crowd that’s at best unconcerned with the lawsuit at hand here, and at worst, may have nefarious objectives in drawing you to their troughs.

        My apologies to Mr. Hoge if I’m out of line but there appears to be an attempt to weave these matters with yours that I sincerely believe are not in your interest. What’s more? It could be Neal himself doing it or one of his cronies. At this stage of the game, it’s just not wise or even a good story.

  7. FWIW I think a recent crazy popup persons activity is not what it seemed, was used to throw a little dust up onto the track of the teletype swat instigator.

  8. BKWatch, the liberals following that lawsuit should not be trusted. They attack conservatives like Hoge and McCain and I’ve watched them do it. When it comes to Neal’s enemies they are not onboard with those affected. Not when all I’ve seen from them is “teabagging” wisecracks and the same Neal-type abuse. I’ve seen you praise the Unite Blue crowd from what I presume is out of being anti-Neal. That’s the same Unite Blue crowd that goes after conservatives, especially conservatives like McCain that Neal messed with for political reasons long before anyone ever heard of Bullyville.

    Neal is a terrorist out to destroy conservative lives. He’s had a lot of liberal help trying. He should have been arrested a long time ago. He may have tangled with others for other reasons, but that’s what he is. Just because Neal had a fight with Unite Blue doesn’t mean that Unite Blue suddenly welcomes conservatives. On that point, their common ground with Neal will always be a hatred for conservatives and especially the Tea Party.

    • I never said anything in favor of Unite Blue, I just said that Rauhauser was involved in a harassment campaign against them. While Unite Blue doesn’t fit my personal politics either, no one can be in favor of the tactics used by Neal Rauhauser, Matt “Shoq” Edelstein, Matt Osborne, and Karoli Kuns – who used tactics ranging from irresposible to, in Neal’s case, also illegal. Those same names pop up to defend Brett Kimberlin and attack his critics. Are their tactics bad when used against people on the political right, but OK when used against the left? Surely not. And we should rightly condemn any leftist who said, “Brett’s lawfare victims are dirty RWNJs so they deserve whatever they get.”

      There’s little I can say to dispute your assertion that only a very few on the left are lifting a finger to help Brett Kimberlin’s victims, and so far they’re greatly outnumbered by the ones who actively helped Brett. This is a shame and I wish it would improve. It is less likely to improve if potential leftist allies were to read what you just wrote. I don’t think I can fix it myself either, but I suggest one thing that would help is to encourage goodwill on both sides by not engaging in schadenfreude when people “the other side” are harmed by nasty attacks. You could go even further and take the victims’ side at least with respect to the attack. I am not suggesting you should change your underlying politics. I do think the outlook you espoused above tends to commit people to being enemies locked in mortal combat, rather than compatriots who just disagree. The difference is that compatriots who just disagree are willing to give each other some benefit of the doubt, and to come to each others’ aid in need.

      One silver lining to Neal’s previous harassment is that it attracted a lot of research and interest on the part of the victims, and we can still benefit from their work today. I can’t imagine eschewing some of the research just because the people doing that work do not agree with your politics.

      Additionally I’m not sure BV is a liberal. Where did you see that he is?

      • There is no work the left has done on Neal R or Brett K that I haven’t already read here, The Other McCain, Patterico, The Crying Wolfe, Gulag Bound, Aaron Worthing or various other conservative blogs, who have all done a much better and thorough job without plagiarizing the other! Unite Blue plagiarizes what it wants from them while plagiarizing smears against Mr. McCain, Patterico and many others that Neal R. has written before. The bottom line is that the law will catch up with Neal R eventually regardless how much the left tries to terrorize those who sign complaints against Neal R just because they are conservatives and justify it by gathering a support audience based on lies. The law will catch up with all of them.

        This is not my first rodeo with goodwill liars.

        As for Bullyville being liberal or not? As far as I know he has disowned being a party of either but his actions show that he has bullied conservatives, therefore, he gets no support from me regardless if he goes after bad guys in addition to going after good guys. You suggest we play in a playground with them where we conservatives play by rules they never do. I see absolutely no advantage to this legal suit by entering that scum pond. I recommend all true conservatives block them for their own good.

        Some “good guys”. Kimberlin suing conservatives is “silly”, can’t be bothered. Neal R’s warrants are silly, attack the ones who issued them. Go after their family. The sky is the limit. Plagiarize all the bad stuff Neal R. said. Give it a #p2 hashtag. Repeat names of those who were swatted or you want to be swatted. I think I have enough to call the police myself and ask why these people haven’t been stopped. It is absolutely not free speech. It’s harassment.

        It’s odd BKWatch. I don’t see you standing up to any of this so kindly refrain from questioning my facts. I have seen plenty, thank you very much.

        Just Do It ✈ ‏@Captien_007
        @ZiLeOHai what’s hilarious is that he actually thinks @BullyVille lawsuit had ANYTHING to do with Kimberlin or his silly RICO suit.

        ZZZZZZ ‏@ZiLeOHai Jul 8
        Rauhauser Complaint Against Patrick Frey; Deleted Scribd 2012 – #p2 #UniteBlue

        ZZZZZZ @ZiLeOHai  ·  Jun 28

        @CattyIdiot @SDzzz You mean I’m not going to be arrested by cops from New Jersey?

        Did I mention this is not my first rodeo with goodwill liars?

      • I think some of this post is sarcastic and some is not, but I can’t read minds enough to parse it into a straightforward argument. Next you point to three separate out of context posts to support your point without also explaining what your point even is or what each post is supposed to prove. I know my own posts are not always the best written, but yours is futile to try to respond to. I guess that’s probably the end of that. If you have a specific assertion to make I could respond to that. In the meantime, I sincerely hope you’ll consider that not everyone who disagrees with you on politics, nor everyone who merely CITES someone who disagrees with you on politics, must be an enemy. I have to say this discussion confirmed my own view that politics itself is often the problem.

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