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  1. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear in dealing with Brett’s filings is that he fundamentally doesn’t “get” law. Its like he can understand the notes, but he can’t get the rhythm, to use a metaphor he might understand. He can shout some legal-sounding words, but he doesn’t get fundamentally the substance of what he talks about.


    Anyway, backer’s is very good and will play off some of what i am writing very well. my draft ain’t final, yet, but to keep using the metaphor, we have the basic melody and rhythm, and there is just some specific notes to obsess over. which probably doesn’t work in my music metaphor, but oh well… so my plan isn’t quite in stone but it ain’t changing much and it will play very well with all of those. a harmony, if you will.

    • Good point, and apart from law, he also has a hard time with other basic things,
      adults should not have romance with little girls
      false imprisonment is a disgusting crime
      false police reports are a disgusting crime

      It is right and just for the rest of us to keep pressuring on this point until we see improvement. This benevolent pressure may even be partially working because he seems to have dropped his old tactic of trying to contract a hitman to shoot people he is mad at. Maybe we can get him to drop some of the other unjust behavior. I hope all others reading this will help too (using ethical and just means only). If you don’t know what you can do, you can definitely contribute at http://bombersuesbloggers.com/

      Suggestion: you can also just pick the injustice that angers you the most, and post about it asking for it to be reconciled, until the injustice is fixed. Because Brett never repents for any of his crimes, even his very old crimes are fodder for such treatment. The one I always think about is his treatment of Sandra DeLong in the mid 1990s right before he got thrown back in jail.

    • I agree about the rhythm. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in that regard, BS does better than BK.

  2. Note the request that the court declare him a vexatious litigant. First time I’ve seen that (but I may have missed it in other motions. )

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