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On 1 July, Judge McGann granted a motion for summary judgment dismissing the Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance suit. That is a ruling on the merits that there were no undisputed facts in evidence and that as a matter of law TDPK could not show that Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, or I had intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon him.

That’s now a settled matter, and the ruling forecloses the possibility of TDPK being able to  make the same claim against us in another lawsuit, including the RICO Madness. The intentional infliction of emotional distress claims in the two suits are very similar. The column on the left is from the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. suit. The claim from the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness is on the right.BK SACs IIEDpopcorn4bkEven if the state summary judgment didn’t prevent TDPK from making an intentional infliction of emotional distress claim in the RICO Madness, his allegations are hopelessly defective—as I will point out in my motion to dismiss. Coming soon.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Schmalfeldt better not wait too long to hit up Kimberlin for his pay. After Kimberlin’s cases go down in flames neither one of them will have two nickels to rub together.

    • To a great extent, Kimberlin’s ill-gotten money doesn’t rightly belong to him in the first place. It is a double injustice if he disposes of that money by spending it on lawless, unjust harassment of the people who criticize his crimes and thuggery.

  2. I guess I really don’t understand why you or none of the other common defendants in the state and federal suits haven’t sought immediate dismissal in the federal case of those of Mr. Kimberlin’s claims presented in both actions. He can’t double dip. It seems like an absurd waste of court and litigant resources.

    On the other hand, his Maryland case appears to be reaching terminal velocity in the uncontrolled dive it is in. Look for a motion by Kimberlin to delay trial in 3…2…1…

    • I have a motion. I move for all of Kimberlin’s boosters and defenders to publicly apologize to the victims of Brett’s frivolous, vexatious litigants. They should also apologize for hurting the victims and for egging the terrorist on and tending to try to shield him from the public shame that is rightfully due for his actions.

      Examples of people who owe an apology to the victims would include:
      Kevin B. Zeese
      Karoli Kuns
      Matt Osborne
      William B. Ferguson III
      Bill Schmalfeldt

      By way of apology, they should begin actively aiding the victims to reach justice, regardless of any of the exposures those enablers cause to themselves for any criminal actions some of them might have been involved in when they decided to team up with the lawfare thug bomber pedophile Brett Kimberlin.

      • It is incumbent upon Brad Friedman to dissociate himself from Brett Kimberlin, Kimerlin’s actions, and Kimberlin’s “charities” including VRUS which he co-founded. He should additionally help Brett’s victims by using his inside knowledge of VRUS to uncover any evidence of fraud by the notorious money laundering forger, Brett Kimberlin.

      • Our gracious host made the following entirely valid point about Friedman’s VRUS:

        Considering the co-founder Brett Kimberlin’s history of fraud, forgery, money laundering, and killing people, it is absolutely incumbent upon Brad Friedman to diligently work to document any and all possible fraud. Brad Friedman should also denounce Brett’s attempted mis-use of his “charities” to aid in the labor that was involved in harassing his lawfare victims.

      • I would also appreciate Brad’s comment on Brett’s company car situation. And utility and rent and similar expenses paid by his “charities.” An example acceptable comment might look like this:

        “In consideration of Brett Kimberlin’s actions, I resign from VRUS and apologize to any innocent people involved if I may have in any way enabled what Kimberlin did.”

      • Zeese?
        U.S. Dept. of State?
        Streisand Foundation?

      • I’m not sure the State Department has enough credibility for their apology to be meaningful, but, yes, Barbra Streisand should actively and publicly work to undo any wrong that may have been done by giving money to Kimberlin’s “charity.” She should also state an apology to Brett’s victims, and work to fix any kind of fraud going on in Brett’s “charities.”

    • We are so far down the rabbit hole that some folks figure it is harassment to assert your right not to be harassed. Mr. Schmalfeldt really thinks that the 300 some-odd times he defied a peace order and the subsequent charges against him actually PROVE how much he is being harassed. The fact that Mr. Hoge defends himself against copyright infringement proves that the harassment continues.

      And of course Brett Kimberlin is suing because his reputation is destroyed — since now people know about the terrible things he has done. His reputation was so much better I suppose when people didn’t know he was a creepy serial bomber, perjurer and habitual litigant.

  3. One of the creepy things about certain members of Team K, Hi Neal!, is how weirdly fixated they get on people like Kate Gosselin (seriously?!), and now on some folks who pushed back on the Free Kate propaganda campaign. I don’t want to get too far into the weeds, but they seem to move from victim to victim over truly inane stuff.

    • From what I’m able to tell, Neal did recruit some shrill detractors of Kate Gosselin to aid in several wide-ranging harassment campaigns that he was involved in. However, many people who work with Neal on harassment seem unconcerned about Gosselin, and I don’t know of a case of Neal himself writing anything about her.

      Neal has since found himself in the crosshairs of BullyVille. BV has for some time shone a harsh spotlight on a few of the more unhinged harassers of Gosselin (it’s important to know that some of them did more than just crazy rants online – they attacked her in the real world). This might also be the more recent factor that connects Neal Rauhauser to Gosselin haters.

  4. So what happens if BK delivers whatever it is he decides to deliver for discovery at 12:05? He’s passive-aggressive that way.

  5. Looks like our Gentle Host picked up some certified copies at the Montgomery County Courthouse today. Wonder what those might be for? 😉

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