28 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. That seems pretty solid.

    Too bad that they have to remind the court that it has ignored the forgery matter. Nicely folded in to the rest of the response. It has only been four months.

  2. Was language as forceful used before? I was gratified to have it pointed out that the clerk had refused to issue a Twitchy summons (and Brett Kimberlin’s inner forger decided to ” pro se” himself one with a little electronic white-out).

  3. A legal question for other legal minds out there. TDPK has alleged damage to one of his money laundering businesses as a result of the RICO violation. But since the real party in interest isn’t a plaintiff, dismissal is proper.

    Is there any way defendants could force the RPI to appear in this suit? I can’t think of anything offhand.

  4. I had to laugh – “82 page fable..” There were some others but that one struck me as particularly funny.

    • “To call the allegations of count IX “boilerplate” is to insult boilerplate” was a personal favorite of mine.

      • Mine, too. I did snicker at the “82-page fable” comment, as well.

        This probably left a mark, too:

        There is no way to read the SAC as alleging that Mrs. Malkin or Twitchy acted with the specific purpose to interfere with his foundation employment of his nebulous career as a “musician.”

        Ouch. LOL!

  5. That was brutal.

    It also should have received a better proof-reading than it did, but that’s because my inner copy editor hasn’t come out to play for a while.

  6. Regarding the discovery countdown clock on this site, doesn’t TDPK have until 5 pm Eastern time to produce discovery? The clock seems to be counting down toward sometime in mid-morning instead.

  7. About now, I suspect Kimberlin would love to find a way out of this lawsuit. I see nothing but negatives for him on the horizon. Michael Smith destroyed his SAC, and let’s face it, it was a pretty sad SAC to begin with.

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