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  1. Mr. Hoge,

    A humble question, if you please…

    What can I do for YOU today to help ensure that you get into even deeper trouble than you are already in?

    I’m willing to make phone calls to your employer. I could contact Lucasfilm oops, I mean Disney about your constant and repeated theft of their copyrighted material.

    I would even pull a random name, address and phone number from the web if you need to provide some extra-judicial information to someone.

    Whatever you need. I am your devoted servant,


  2. I’m with Krendler. As your devoted parasite, perhaps I may assist in some small way? Oh, I know! I shall, once again, quote someone who hates to be quoted!

    Earlier today, I noted that a person who is being sued for copyright infringement had tweeted one of Hoge’s blog entries sixteen times since last night. In responding to my comment on Hogewash!, the alleged infringer tweeted the post again, making it 17 times:


    According the the “COPYRIGHT BLACKLIST,” set forth under Hoge’s “Fine Print” (see above) for his blog, the alleged infringer is one of a group of people who are precluded from reproducing material under this blog’s TOS:

    “To the maximum extent allowed by law, permission to reproduce copyrighted material from Hogewash! in any form whatsoever is hereby denied to the following individuals, organizations, or persons associated with those organizations. This ban includes use by any of these persons while using a pseudonym.”

    The alleged infringer made the following representation to a federal court on page 3 of his July 3, 2014 Reply to Hoge’s Motion to Strike My Motion to Dismiss:

    “Defendant will comply with Plaintiff’s new, adjusted and improvised Terms of Service.”


  3. Bill can’t keep up. He is too busy being a 12 year old telling me to go have sex with chickens. Both he and Wee Willy. I guess when facts are not on your side you have to do something. They always revert to the disgusting and vile. Must be ingrained in their souls.

    BTW, what is it with the Team Kimberlin folks and their sex fetishes? Man ass, chickens, little girls. I’m glad my family doesn’t live near any of them.

    Hey Roy, was Bill like this as a kid? I can’t believe he got this vile in just the past few years. Must have been something growing in him for quite a while.

  4. “I may not be able to charge Hoge for the things his commenters say, but I sure as HELL can use comments to display a pattern of harassment.”

    Comments, on someone else’s blog, that you know about because you choose to come here and read them. That’s what you consider a form of legal harassment?


  5. Looks like Bill is inadvertently admitting to lying about the tweet he made (now deleted) telling us that he alerted NASA about all the pictures that are on this site, and BOY WAS JOHN IN TROUBLE!.

    Uh, not so much. In a flailing diatribe over at Running Wolf where he continues to claim you can’t copyright anything that has a copyrighted picture in it (goodby picture books!), he spoke to a nice lady at NASA who told him that he was right (of course), but in the middle of that, he admitted something else:

    I just spoke to a lovely young lady at the NASA photo office. She is forwarding my question to Bert Ulrich in the legal office. She said, “Sure, you can use our photos on the blog.” And, Hoge’s credit line is just fine.


    Liars must lie.

    Bill, YET AGAIN, opens the door directly into his face.

  6. Over at Michael’s blog, Michael is engaged in the daunting task of educating BS on the nuances of copyright law. BS is correct, to a point, but absolutely refuses to acknowledge that Michael, other commenters, EPWJ and Hoge (in his pleadings) are also correct: other regulations modify the statutes that BS is citing. It is also noteworthy that BS is doing this TODAY, after days of tweeting, blogging, and correspondence that Hoge has committed federal crimes by virtue of his copyright application. Wouldn’t it have been wiser, as a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, to research the subject and conduct interviews BEFORE making public accusations of criminal activity?

    • “Wouldn’t it have been wiser,” I can’t believe you just wrote that when speaking about Bill. You should be flogged.

    • After days and days of begging The Readers here (SWIDT? haha), for help and not getting it, poor repugnant thing went back to Michael’s where, IIRC, he flounced off in a huff last time he was there. hahahaha

      Look at it this way: Though I’m sure Michael is very patiently explaining the absolute truth to the idiot, he’ll never understand it. He just doesn’t have the mental capacity. The Show goes on! hahaha

  7. Bill is saying that unless you have a “special arrangement” with NASA, you cannot copyright a blog, book, or movie that contains NASA pictures in them.

    A staggeringly stupid thing to say. But that’s Bill, always living down to expectations.

  8. Here’s a DVD that came out in 2001 that caused quite a kerfuffle when it was released in conjunction with a special on the Fox Network. It was a poorly done hoax video by a videographer with a tenuous grasp of reality. His crazyness eventually got him popped in the head by Buzz Aldrin when he called Buzz a liar and a coward (gee, sound like anyone we know?). Anyway, the DVD is chock full of copyrighted NASA video and still pictures. How did he manage to get a copyright when NASA would have been happy to shut him down?


    What do you say Bill? There’s lots more where this one came from….

    • Notice:

      Yes, NASA has only ONE photo editor, and they answer all their own phone calls.

    • Can you say public domain?

      In general, images created by NASA, a U.S. governmental agency, are not claimed to be covered by copyright because federal law removes copyright protection from works of the U.S. government.[1] NASA’s official policy clarifies that images created by NASA are not covered by copyright by stating that “NASA still images; audio files; video; and computer files used in the rendition of 3-dimensional models . . . generally are not copyrighted” and “NASA material may be reproduced and distributed without further permission from NASA.”[2]

    • Why would the judge care? NASA’s nonexistent copyright is not at issue, nor is anything else Blob might see fit to tattle about that doesn’t damage him. Hoge could be a serial killer, and he’d still enjoy the same copyright protections he does now. You’d think that having such a litigious perjuring, diddling, terrorist murderer friend like Blob’s bestie he’d understand that by now.

  9. And, as usual, Bill’s exciting story is beginning to fall apart:

    Reproduction Guidelines for Use of NASA Images and Emblems

    NASA images generally are not copyrighted. You may use NASA imagery, video and audio material for educational or informational purposes, including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits and Internet Web pages. This general permission does not include the NASA insignia logo (the blue “meatball” insignia), the NASA logotype (the red “worm” logo) and the NASA seal. These images may not be used by persons who are not NASA employees or on products (including Web pages) that are not NASA sponsored.

    If the NASA material is to be used for commercial purposes, especially including advertisements, it must not explicitly or implicitly convey NASA’s endorsement of commercial goods or services. If a NASA image includes an identifiable person, using the image for commercial purposes may infringe that person’s right of privacy or publicity, and permission should be obtained from the person.

    Any questions regarding application of any NASA image or emblem should be directed to:

    Bert Ulrich
    Public Services Division

    NASA Headquarters
    Code POS
    Washington, DC 20546

    Good job to the Hogeists who actually did, you know, actual research. (unlike me).

      • It’s a shame he quit posting, at the rate he was going, he’d have been patched straight thru to the ISS to ask them. (You know, if you want the answer, go straight to the top).

      • And the icing on the cake?
        1. As I stated a few days ago, Hoge’s TOS expressly exclude the copyrights of others. Those TOS were also submitted to the copyright office. Therefore, all materials submitted to the USPTO are subject to those terms.

        2. Circular 92, section 201(c):

        (c) Contributions to Collective Works. — Copyright in each separate contribution to a collective work is distinct from copyright in the collective work as a whole, and vests initially in the author of the contribution. In the absence of an express transfer of the copyright or of any rights under it, the owner of copyright in the collective work is presumed to have acquired only the privilege of reproducing and distributing the contribution as part of that particular collective work, any revision of that collective work, and any later collective work in the same series.

    • “I don’t even talk that much on them. But because they’re mine, they suck. Got it. VERY grown up.”

      No, I tried listening to them. They, like 85% of Internet radio, suck. And for the same reason.

      You add no value, and I can listen to the same music, when I want, using a $15 MP3 player.

      Your value proposition is broken.

      You’d do better doing 6 hours of commentary a day, occasionally taking calls.

      I might not listen, because I honestly think you are a loon, but there are plenty of other loons that want that “echo-chamber” effect.

      My honest assessment. I hope you find it useful and thought provoking.

      Best Wishes,
      Roy G. Schmalfeldt

      • They weren’t wasted. They were proving his non-point. Nothing works better before a Federal Judge than points of irrelevance. Haven’t you read his twitter timeline? He’s already packing up to move into your house, Roy.

    • BS doesn’t want us commenting on Hoge’s site. OK, noted.

      BS also wants us to forget about Brett Kimberlin.

      I’ll definitely act accordingly based on what BS does and doesn’t like.

  10. A curious thought has just struck me:

    Has Bill EVER met or interacted with someone that he honestly understood was more intelligent than him?

    I’ll bet he never has. He must be smarter than both his wife and his doctors because he continues to ignore their advice to the detriment of his health.

    There can’t be anyone who understands law better than he does, particularly copyright and criminal law. I’m sure that the moment he sees a contract he doesn’t like, he’ll become the World’s Foremost Expert on why that standard boilerplate contract doesn’t say what it actually says.

    I’m sure his investment advice and knowledge of the financial world is unparalleled. We already know that due to false DMCA notices in the last three months, he’s going to be cheated out of Pulitzer Prizes and National Book Awards.

    Put him in the Orioles’ dugout and he’d manage them to at least 4 World Series titles in a row. I’m sure all the great military leaders throughout history would have benefited from his strategic wisdom.

    He can probably split atoms with a tweezers and a razor blade, design and build full scale suspension bridges with nothing but duct tape, toothpicks, tongue depressors and WD-40.

    My guess is that when he has x-rays, CAT scans or MRIs done, he reads the results for himself. He’s no rocket scientist, no brain surgeon nor a quantum mechanic, but only because he hasn’t read the relevant material. He’s indigent, you know – he probably can’t afford the books.

    If it didn’t seem do cartoonish and unrealistic, I’m sure he’d create a suit of Irom Man armor, and then build a car that runs on methane. He might not be able to drive it, but he’d sure be able to fuel it. If he could stand up for 30 minutes at a time he could be a multiple game Jeopardy! champion like Palatine Pundit.

    Just ask him. He doesn’t live in a trailer because he can’t afford better, he’s obviously reasoned that it’s the best, most efficient and environmentally sound lifestyle!

    He’s so much better than us. I’m in awe.

    But I think I have him beat at sarcasm.

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